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    Picture by Orend 2006

    'Sakramentos' is a fag gang on a game called Mobstar - [[1]]. It's a group of about 9 or 10 faggots who have nothing better to do with their horrible weed smoking lives. They took over the whole game and decided to let asslickers who want lead ( to make bullets, to shoot peoplez ) beg them to join their shitty crews in hope of a few more pixelfuls of shit. The game is purely based on wanting moar pixels of "bullets", "money" and "popularity" so the player's can inflate their ego's moar. When someone in a sakra crew gets killed the topic will be R.I.P. HEAVELIONS/HELLIONS/TORTUGA - Rip. ImaFag MMXXXXVII -- ___ --. The new account name will then be ImaFag MMXXXXVIIIIIIIIIIIIIII so the assholes can recognise their hos faster. FakraMentos literally means Raep the shit out of Mentos.

    How To Recognise A Fakrafag

    • They have at least 50 paying accounts on Mobstar.
    • They like looking at young children's PM's begging to join their crew with pix.
    • They will have 50 spelling mistakes because they're all dutch faggots.
    • They will have previous meeting pix i.e.
    • They like watching lemonparty.org and meatspin.
    • Their history is full of pictures of guns and gaia.com.
    • They also play Mobstar and Mobstar
    • They don't understand rule 34
    • They don't like honest people
    • They thought buttraep was a type of fruit.
    • They like to edit pages on ED, thinking this will be the cause of great lulz but really


    • Their egos barely fit in the same room as their computer.

    Anti-Sakra Crews

    They love to suck up to the sakra people so their shitty crews can come back and after that they'll deny they sucked dick.

    Random Hate

    • Pride
    • Tha Admins
    • Elss ( p.s. she got hyves )
    • Joeri
    • Nath - He's fucking HAWT (omfg, fucking womb plastering addict who likes to generate teh lulz)
    • All the DC slutz (except de buitenlandse allochtoon)
    • Passionists
    • Frustrated emofags
    • ScaryDude (He's gay) of the Mobstar Daily. Fucking batshit insane fag tried to take my credit. Get 'im.

    note: swindler is a 20 year old boy who's trying to be a cool admin.

    Famous Players

    • Mods; They never give bans for shitty reasons, e.g. Posting pix and/or talking in caps. Most of them have fun in the forum but Elss in particular likes to chat around abit.
    • Kazzie; She's 17 a slut. Hates Jeroen. TITS or GTFO.
    • Joeri; Favorite phrase - "Joeri in da shop". You get the impression.
    • Nikkiej; She likes pirate porn.
    • Dominat0r aka Simon; German, sperman.
    • Deadly killer aka Mark; Had a battle with Simon "Who will reach the 100 = C first" Simon Won ^^. Ask Lex why he fucked up simon his name
    • Dries aka Blaog; Onze Vlaamse frieten etende jupiler drinking Belg^^.
    • Napoleon Dynamite; Currently on account number XXVII. No life.
    • Rene; Likes to create n00bcrews when he's retired. Doesn't like to type too much due to cum-over-keyboard syndrome.
    • Nath; The maker of this article. Currently avoiding death threats. Fucking HAWT.
    • RF4; Some spoiled spamwhore who likes to fuck some noobz 10 times a day and is permahorny to keep his noobz happy. (p.s. he got an overdose of sperm everyday, so watch out)
    • Jelle; Big christian cowboy who likes going to church and watching pirate porn with his girlfriend. Avoid at all costs. +
    • Joel; Hates Jeroen. Likes to Pimp Mob* together with Jurr
    • Jurr; N00bish player,Hates Jeroen pimps Mob* together With Joël
    • Midas; Just a good player, one of the few people I've got respect for (he likes to edit ED)
    • Sandy/Sandra; Bitch, slut, nigga, fuck shit. Ya rly.
    • Boss Capo/ Josh Da Goodfella; He knows Why
    • Wrecker; Also known as Rectal Wrecker, a real admin abuser. He is also famous for having images with shitty spelling-mistakes in his profile
    • Gramschap; fucking attention whore who killed 1001 accounts in a week:

    You have killed Don Bron

    998 other lines of lulz

    You have killed Don Cortello

    You have killed Your Social Life

    You have killed Yourself

    You have killed My Boner

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