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    SocialSecuritySeal.PNG This article is paid for by taxpayers like you.
    Thanks, America.


    Hasta la victoria siempre, mang!

    I don't know what's funnier, the duckface, or the fact that he owns an Apple.
    Not this one.

    Looking to score a position with Uncle Sam tracking down the "evil cybercriminal underground"? Look no further, Hector Xavier Monsegur (formally known as Sabu) is your role-model for becoming one of the good guys and putting a stop to any and all evil hackers with the attention span to read a w3schools tutorial on SQL and proceed to use said info in numerous "hacking campaigns" on Xavier's buddy's servers. As a former leader for leaderless organization Anonymous (see: Anonops), Sabu would hunt down XSS vulnerabilities in comment fields, so his fellow anons could redirect their enemies to porn and give "hacked by XxAnonymousLegionxX" popups via alert(). Eventually, Sabu's stance within the Anonymous borg gave him the impression that he could finally do something with his life by founding "notorious troll-hacker group" LulzSec, and heavily dickriding the real antisec community in the process.

    Am I snitch/informant? Lets be real - I don't know any identities of anyone in my crew. One of the reasons we had three leaks (laurelai - #hq, m_nerva - #pe, and some random kids getting access to our old SILC server) was because it can be hard sometimes to tell whether or not VIA TEXT that people are trustworthy. So the answer is NO. I actively attack snitches/informants. ACTIVELY. Its is an issue with our community that goes back to the 90s hence why I've been in the underground for so long. And the last thing I'd ever do is take down my own people. I am a grown ass man I can handle my own issues. I've been to jail before - I don't fear it. In fact there is very little I am afraid of especially these days.


    —Sabu, October 2011 (after he was busted)


    In March of 2012, being the used condom he was, the FBI finally disposed of Sabu, in the process revealing his stance as an informant. It hit the interbutts on various news formats and everyone got a unnecessary dose of his greased up chubby face. Apparently, Sabu exchanged the dox of Topiary and Kayla for his freedom in order to "protect" his children, despite the fact that they probably would have made a better life for themselves without him, as his parenting techniques involve sitting around eating cereal and sniffing glue. Sabu lived in the projects off of government cheese, all the while bashing big brother via Twitter, wondering how his life had spiraled so far down the shitter (Ironically enslaved to work with the U.S.'s corrupt employees just like his own race are getting divided in the slow and most painful trainwreck transformation as milked out money whores to it's unlawful rulers who are having a blast and by the way cooler in popularity on par with Tony Montana than Sabu will ever will be. He is and always will be that very loser that never should be but is now known, a nobody sellout snitch.) , Antisec operatives are currently hunting down the whereabouts of his offspring, so that they may stab and rape them in whichever order they choose.

    19:01 <-- Sabu [[email protected]] has quit (User has been permanently banned from WTFuxNet (Snitches get stitches))

    In celebration, th3j35t3r somehow managed to maneuver his wheelchair out the door in order to alert the world that he had won the most important internet battle of his life.

    See: Hypocrisy

    Suck enough G-man dick and eventually your facial structure will change
    I agree. Fuck the feds. Fuck the governments obsession with controlling the people and fuck our lack of privacy.


    I've adapted well. E.g. My personal life isn't affected by my online activities and vice versa.


    Just a day before his informant status was exposed, lol
    And to all anons who have suffered the fate of being arrested for anons causes: stay strong. Do not allow them to break you. We are together


    With this recent cloudflare revelation: it showcases the very obvious point: without informants or subpoenas the feds would be lost


    —Sabu reveals his true side for once.

    Where to contact

    Just in case any of you caring people on the intertubes wish to send him any fan letters/Anthrax on what a great job he did putting all those nasty hax0rs in jail. To ensure said letters arrive, simply wrap them in around a brick and helpfully toss it though his window.

    With his immediate rejection from the internet, Sabu was forced to go into other markets.

    Hector Xavier Monsegur
    90 Paladino Ave
    New York, NY 10035
    (212) 534-7516
    Voter ID: 305168466
    DOB: October 13th 1983

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