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    Cat eyes.JPG

    File:Sutaro image.png
    SSO user "art".

    Sutaro Sketcher Oekaki, or SSO for short, is the lulzchild of the faggy animu furry fest Suta-Raito Oekaki Advanced, where n00b artists and devianTARTlets gather to share their unimaginative crap with each other. However, unlike its lovely whore of a sister site, no try outs are needed. Therefore, anyone can post any bullshit they like, no matter whether it be some weeaboo NaruSasu-gasm material, or overuse of the beizer tool that at the final product we don't know whether it is another fucking rainbow mudkip, usually claimed as an original OC, or a cat coughing up a hairball and/or feces in pain. Oh of course, as long as it's been well worked at for more than ten minutes. Either way, it's fail. SSO, in a nutshell, is a goldmine of shit.

    Virtually every member of SSO is female, likes some sort of emo rock band, and ranges from ten up, apart from one admin, irish plusle, who doesn't count because he's a European virgin assed furfag. Also, irish plusle named one of his characters Goatse, apparently unaware of his dumbass mistake.


    What You Can Find At SSO

    File:Sutaro pet design contest.gif
    A nomination for the Sutaro pet design contest.
    1. Spam.
    2. More spam.
    3. Even more fucking spam.
    4. Drama, and lots of other related bullshit.
    5. 12 year old girls.
    6. Weeaboos.
    7. Narutards
    8. Furries.
    9. Mudkips.
    10. Frankie, the zombie doll that has so many family members it's obvious there's incest. Oh, the shame!
    11. art bitch(es)
    13. Sparkledogs.
    14. so i herd u liek spam?
    15. Emo shit.


    Sutaro image 2.png

    Drama has become so popular on teh internets that it should be a sport. However, SSO take this delightfully on step further by holding a drama nearly every single day about fuck all.

    Popular themes include: 'umgz no wai u stole mi art!','omg!1!!!! ur such a bitch to me!!1!!', ‘im so emo omg cutting myself!!1!!!’, 'ur drawing dat rong compleetley!1!!!!' and the ever so popular 'I'm leaving but wait no I'm actually not o lol GOTCHA!11!1!!!!'

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