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    Steak and Cheese
    Foundation 23 May 2005
    Major Boards Sick Fuck Lounge, XXX Lounge, Sick Fuck Army, Fight Club
    Epic Events D-DAY
    Website Steak and Cheese

    "The Sickest Site On The Net!"

    For a site once touted as 'The Sickest Site On The Net', if it failed any harder it would be Gaia.

    Born from the ashes of "Mike Rules The Internet", a l337 group of underage emofags and 40something internets tuff guys, SNC is a perfect example of when you're on a good thing then decide to sell out because your e-peen needs waving at innocent passersby.


    The glorious leader and Ubercommander of the Sick Fuck Army is a college dropout who worked out that if you put pictures of boobs and penis on your lame webpage, you'd get moar hits. For some unknown reason,his webpage caught quite a following of basement dwelling 12 year old boys and lonely 40 year old pedophiles.

    A few desperate pron sites took notice of his super awesome page views and decided to offer him some sponsorship, consisting mainly of their weekly lunch money allowance and half a vial of chewed up Xany bars. Now Mike thought he was too cool for his pathetic little webpage so he stole some money from his mom and bought some forum software from that legit looking guy down at the bar, and thus, the SteakandCheese forums were born.

    The Forums

    Once upon a time, the forum boards were a hive of activity with endless lulz and receiving new posts every minute.Now a days,you're lucky to see a new post or member in a month. This is because of a few major events:

    • Mike's Meltdown.
    • D-Day.
    • The SSN Forum merge.
    • Faggotry.

    An interesting fact here is that SNC tends to have a rather large amount of elderly posters. It seems that once you get to the ripe old age of 85+, you apparently take on a new attraction to Asian JB traps, scat movies, weather debates, how awesome 'the good old days were' in the Navy and how the young people of today don't have any respect for their grandparents. Young being under 63.

    Mikes Meltdown

    Possibly brought on by his advertiser's endless supply of Viagra and other assorted herbal medicines, Mike decided to go on a ban spree,post drug induced shithouse editorials,send the Sick Fuck Army after the voices in his head,and just be a completely useless cunt. He apparently went on a huge booze and drug binge whilst banging AIDS infected strippers on a jaunt down in Las Vegas,while in fact he was really curled up in the fetal position in his mom's basement listening to K-Fed.


    As with all internets drama sites, a hero Moderator will sometimes get butthurt over something and go completely fucking apeshit. Most of the time, this would produce mass BAWWWWWing from the site's members who would then proceed to call the said Moderator a fag, a homo, question their sexuality all to the tune of ZOMG U R TEH GHEY!!!111!!. But not this time. This episode was met with uninhibited member e-stroking and joy.
    The said Mod (it wasn't BigButtPlug),managed to delete the entire board of threads and current members while simultaneously unbanning all of the previously banned members. A great time was had by all until Mike managed to wake from yet another Ambian induced stupor and reset all the boards, all the while proclaiming he was the 'prettiest little girl at the party'. Needless to say,the Mod was banned from the internet for life and members who were there still to this day say the event was almost as comparable as Jesus Christ's Crucifixion. Possibly.

    The Sickest, NO REALLY.

    The SSN Forum Merge

    SteakandCheese was bought into the Sick Site Network soon after the beginning of time. Comprising of mainly pron sites such as Porn Pimps, Revengeworld, Freakhole and the once almighty Consumption Junction, the sites were their own separate entities but under the one SSN banner. Early in 2007, the genius admin thought it would be a great idea to link all the sites into one huge board, so the members of each respective site could view another's content or post in the other forums. What they didn't figure on was the massive amount of downtime this giant clusterfuck took and how fucked up the boards would be afterwords. Many members didn't want to hang around for the three months it took to get the SSN to buy a fucking clue and hire someone who knew how to press the 'On' button on their Dell, so 99.99 percent of them left and are still yet to return. Out of a possible 1,500,000 still registered members,there's possibly 6 that still post on a weekly basis. And three of them are alters.


    SnC's Admin and Mods constantly have their fat, sausage-like fingers hovering above their well used 'Ban' buttons. God help you if you happen to mention Niggers, Jews, CP or bestiality, or you'll soon be seeing the heavy end of the Banhammer before you can say OMGWTFIDIEDLOL. Some diehard posters have embraced this fact,and constantly provoke the Mods with images of bestiality, delicious copypasta of Lolirape, Zippocat combos and Chris Hansen vs. Pedobear image fights.While this provides epic lulz for the 2 lurkers who happen to viewing the site by accident at the time,most evidence is quickly covered up and the instigators are forced to make yet another alter.

    Special mention has to be made here about SNC Moderator Fatbrain. At a tender 94 years of age, this recovering alcoholic's posts are fueled purely by one and a half bottles of Atvian. Don't forget to mention Muslims or Husky bestiality when he's online. He'll love you for it.

    The Sick Fuck Army

    The most feared group of Internet Thugs this side of the playground, the SFA were rumored to have been manufactured out of salvaged Amiga 500 parts and the spilt semen of Mike himself. Realistically, the SFA consisted mainly of about 3 or 4 acne ravaged 14 year old virgins, working in unison to gather as much information on Mike's "shitlist" targets as they could gather from such informative search engines like gooble and the White Pages. No one can really remember them actually doing anything in regards to obtaining dox or installing fear into the "haterz", but they had super awesome MySpace pages to show their loyalty to the SFA.

    SNC:Present Day

    The site is still dead. Mike has since sold off his 'ownership' of SteakandCheese,and moved onto bigger and better things. (Actually, he's made yet another website based solely on the sale and use of Penis Pills, hookers and nipple piercings. Virtually SNCv2.) A veteran Mod has taken over the reigns as Administrator, and has a hard time keeping his single figure member base in line. New members have to endure a ten post moderated period,just in case they are spam-bots, and many can't be fucked hanging around for that long. Banned All Stars still send Private Messages out to all SSN members in the hope they can one day crack a membership base greater than 19. A select group of 5 or so heroes still manage to produce some epic lulz when they aren't affected by the last hit of Leroy Jenkins they took earlier on in the day. Seriously though, they're just waiting for The Lulz Age to begin so they can take their rightful places as Internets Superheroes. In the latest series of events SnC has now been sold along with the rest of the sicksitenetwork for $500,000 at an online auction.

    Mike is so sad, he thinks that promises of furry guro and other cheap crap will save his stupid website.

    VIP Members

    Particular members to watch out for if you ever happen to end up at SNC for some strange fucked up reason.

    • Spighk: He could quite possibly be the wittiest motherfucker on the internets. Evar. A flame from Spighk has driven many a n00b to become an hero.
    • theterrensystem: Scat king, producer of lulz.
    • bluemanhatton: Newfag, but also a producer of faggotree. One of the original Mike haterz, also has a tendency to flash his faggotree all over the forums, even in the 'Whats the weather like?' thread.
    • starri: A Moderator, but classed as the 'anti-mods mod'. Helper of the stricken, has a tendency to post tits.
    • el_jewapo: RIP 2007. Reached Legendary status in his production of lulz and ownage of Mike. May well be now called jew_incarnate (Unconfirmed). Also rumored to have been finally taken down by the SFA.Seriously.
    • SoIHerdULiekMudkieps: JUST WON'T FUCKING DIE. FUCK. (Mud as he is affectionately called, may well be Jesus.)
    • Fatbrain, Mardi, tym, superdavelovesssnc, Girlgerm, lilturd: A close knit group of 85+yr olds who stalk the forums in search of underage girls to fap to and harass. Be warned, an off-the-cuff comment directed to any of the Geriatric Crew will end with you being mercilessly PM'd daily with stories on how lucky you are to have color TV and automobiles.

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