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    Wow! Is that booby? lol
    The ads get a lot of click troughs.
    File:Lol sauce.jpg
    Typical picture that /s/ users fap off to.

    /s/ is a subsection of that bane to human existence, 4chan. /s/ rivals /b/ in terms of its sick fuck count though technically speaking it should be the most normal board on 4chan. The board, which is for the posting of images of "sexy beautiful women", is unfortunately filled to the brim with JB and CP images. As well as hentai. There's always hentai.

    /s/ users have never spoken to a "sexy beautiful woman" in their lives, other than their /s/isters and sisters' friends. Hence, the predominant 'here is my sis, ain't she purdy lol' posts.

    /s/ can be best described as the musty smelling box your Uncle Ralph had hidden in his closet. You know, the one with all the pictures he took of underage girls behind the bushes at the park.

    /s/ user

    The average /s/ fanboy resembles a smelly, oily, beady eyed gnome-like creature who produces an obnoxious odor and whose language consists of several key sounds: fap, MOAR, sauce, and tits. When confronted with a real life beautiful woman, the /s/ fanboy will start to sweat profusely and may or may not wet themselves.

    The boy who grabbed your sister's boob and ran off is an /s/ fanboy.

    The average /s/ poster has spent thousands of collective hours debating the virtues of anorexic women versus whales and whether a woman should shave her pubes or not. In fact, the typical /s/ poster may have no opinions on any other subject whatsoever.

    the rules

    /s/, by tradition and its written rules, does not allow spam, request, jailbait, penis, paysite password or fake celebrity threads.

    As such, 99.9% of threads on /s/ are spam, request, jailbait, penis, paysite password or fake celebrity threads.

    The only sorts of threads everyone agrees are legitimate and on-topic are the boring Met Art set threads that no one comments on or the threads where people post the same tired old images of camwhores and chan-girls that meet some theme.


    /s/ was racked with controversy on November 20, 2006 after an infamous attack by two /b/ users, Anonymous and Nev, who utilized the /b/ maxim "If you fap to a trap you can never go back." These two characters posted scatties, fatties, and trannies on /s/ for several hours in a valiant blitzkrieg on the enemy. A feeble response of "Save /s/", "GTFO you /b/tards" and "OMG my Dick Explodedered!!!1!!11" resounded from the enemies' ranks. Unfortunately the end result was the permabanning of the valiant heroes and the end of their quest.

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    • /s/ - If /b/ is the asshole of the internet, /s/ is it's festering, putrid STD-ridden cunt.

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