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    Rx suicide

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    Chelsea moo.jpg

    File:Lj-favicon.png rx_suicide a.k.a. File:Lj-favicon.png standthepain a.k.a. File:Lj-favicon.png bodynerve a.k.a. File:Lj-favicon.png bluewildflowers a.k.a. File:Lj-favicon.png heavensfire a.k.a. File:Lj-favicon.png r_u_effin_srs a.k.a. File:Lj-favicon.png dedicatetoyou a.k.a. File:Lj-favicon.png rainsongs(how many fucking names does this bitch need?) on GJ gained internet notoriety for her great trolling experiment of 2006. Her most famous contribution to the internet was her wish that a few of the black members of File:Lj-favicon.png booju_mooju would get lynched. The trouble began in File:Lj-favicon.png booju_mooju when File:Lj-favicon.png rx_suicide reminds black people to control their children. Later, she bitches about the lack of scholarships for white people, in spite of their intellectual superiority. She also offers to ship all of the black people in America back to the country from whence they came. She also frequented File:Lj-favicon.png nazifetisch. There, she enlightened the community with her Nazi colorbars and her take on the "Jewish mommy" groups and the File:Lj-favicon.png blackfolk community which oppressed her on LJ by calling for her head for TOS violation.

    File:Lj-favicon.png rx_suicide is also a notorious liar and drama whore, and starts drama about herself when she isn't getting enough attention. She has been caught red-handed submitting snarks about herself to LJUserSecrets.

    She frequently claims to be done with the drama, then immediately comments again on other drama threads. She also stabs her fiercely loyal e-pals in the back on a regular basis. Buyer beware of damaged goods. Rx's new uber-Christian persona is fooling no one, since she keeps pulling the same shit over and over again, and it has been proven that "anonymous" on LJUS is actually her. (Link is inactive due to deletion of community.)

    Bonus retardation: she also steals cats. Note that the journal in the link is now deleted :(

    Also: Despite being far from mature now, she feels she was one of the few mature 14 year olds. Also known as not wanting to admit it was rape.

    Rx recently pussed out and had her journal intentionally suspended. This action hides her less than noble comments and entries from the viewing public.

    Don't worry, she never learns her lessons: her "friends-only" journals always end up being public.

    Not racist

    She is a frequent offender of lying, doing it for the lulz, playing the victim, invoking Ree-Ree's Law (I HAS BLACK FRIENDS I CANNOT BE RACIST) and sarcastically claiming The Internet is serious business. However, no one takes the internets more seriously than File:Lj-favicon.png rx_suicide, as evidenced by frequent displays of self-defense and her inability to separate real life from a series of tubes.

    A winnrar is her!

    File:Lj-favicon.png rx_suicide won the prestigious "best racist/bigot of 2006" award in File:Lj-favicon.png Stupid_free for her efforts, finishing with 51% of the votes. That's a MAJORITY, people!

    Later, File:Lj-favicon.png rx_suicide repents, deletes her previous journal, and apologizes for her old ways. She makes a massive friends cut, weeding out the supposed drama-mongers in her internet life, and begins her new life as a good Christian. Her attempts don't last long, however. In less than a few months she anonymously wishes death on an e-pal who loaned her money, and decided not to pay it back over an e-grudge, outing her as a complete asshole to any person with lingering doubts.

    File:Lj-favicon.png rx_suicide has also been criticized for being a self-righteous cat hoarder, because like every other animal hoarder she believes that she will take better care of the cats than anybody else. Do her 19 cats, which share one litter pan, agree?

    Many users at SomethingAwful confirm that she is in fact an annoying, racist fuck.

    Our Favorite Racist Minister!

    On April 24th, File:Lj-favicon.png rx_suicide posted her new life's path, her calling as a youth minister of some sort. This does not bode well for the future of our children.

    She's editing her ED article

    It seems user:Mayclock is either File:Lj-favicon.png rx_suicide or one of the still unenlightened people hanging on her coattails, as evidenced by the fact that user:Mayclock has come in trying to revise and be ~snarky~. She does not realize that people will not allow her to win and make this article fit her views.

    EDIT: Apparently user:Mayclock is Tohanry, the guy who was so desperate for some free sex that he actually married Chelsea. Its rumored that he ran out of money for prostitutes. In an obvious effort to keep the beast from running away, he is determined to hide who his wife really is from his parents so they don't turn on her. It is hoped that one day user:Mayclock's parents will get a clue, and burn File:Lj-favicon.png rx_suicide and user:Mayclock at the stake, like any good Christian parents would after finding out what their son was doing.

    user:Mayclock, haven't you been told to stop trying to remove the lulz, or you'll be met with the banhammer. Or do you just not care?

    Is Lizziey To Blame?

    For a few days, File:Lj-favicon.png tohanry has been fighting that Lizziey called his wife's work and made trouble for her, and cost poor suicide her job. But Googling Rx's real name in quotations brings up another story on www.overcomebullying.org with her same name in her town in Ohio (Last name and town edited out):

    "I just left my job, where I was the target of a bully for nearly 10 months. I took the job knowing that she may be a potential problem, but I was told by the manager who hired me in that if I had any problems, to just bring them to her and she would deal with the problem. At the time, this is how it was dealt with, and things were fine.

    After two months, the manager who hired me in transferred to a different location, and the assistant manager took over as the new general manager. This new GM was flighty, high-strung, and "didn't have time" for "shenanigans". When the person I had replaced decided that he was going to come back to town (and thus, needed a job), the person who was bullying me upped her ante on me. She would do things like get on her cell phone on the way out the door and say on the phone, within earshot of me, "I don't know why this fatass still has her job", or "I don't know why this ugly cow has a husband and not me". She would make snide remarks to me whenever I approached a situation differently. She would call me a "showoff" and a "suckup" whenever I would take care of a situation she could not fix herself. She made it very clear that if she was not the best, she would do anything to make sure you felt terrible about yourself in order to make her seem the best in the end. She was also doing whatever she could to get the old guy his position back in the company. At one point, she tried to set me up, by going into my personal file and finding out what my pay rate was, then she went to our GM and told her that I was bragging about how much I made. This was blamed on me until I pointed out to my GM that she left the personnel file unlocked every night. She would also go through the GM's computer and files, and this would get blamed on me because "I knew computers". I never thought that my expertise and know-how would actually be a disadvantage in a job. I took this to the manager on several occasions. I was told to "suck it up and deal with it". I was also told that I was not being harassed, and that I must be doing something to ask for this. I was told "well, at least she is nice to customers, so there is nothing that could be done". In the end, the blame was laid on me. I was told at one time that if I took this to the regional VP, that he would fire me. In the end, I grew complacent, and the very notion of going in to work at night made me sick to my stomach. I would come in to work exactly on time so that I would not have to deal with her any longer than necessary. I stopped doing extra things for people so I would not be called names for it. My husband, who had done computer work for my job a few times, stopped doing things for them as well because she would do it to him, too.

    In the end, the bully won. I felt I had no other option but to leave my job. It was made clear to me that "if I was not happy, I was not wanted there". No suggestion to fix the problem was given; I was told to "suck it up and deal with it" on multiple occasions. I had a meeting with the manager and I was told that I was not being harassed, that my accusations were unwarranted, and she then tried to tell me that I wasn't doing my job properly anymore and the tables were turned on me. I had explained to her my reasoning for doing things but this was my fault, because I should have "sucked it up and dealt with it". I don't think there is anything I could have done to prevent this. Maybe I should have just "sucked it up and dealt with it", but that isn't something I should have to deal with on a daily basis. In the end, I wasted 10 months of my time, in my eyes. I can't get a good reference out of this job now, and to anyone on the outside looking in, it looks like it was my fault. How do you explain "harassment" for a reason of leaving a job? It always looks bad on the one being harassed. I wish there was a law in place to protect those of us who are honest and hard-working, who do not bully others to fulfill their own agenda, who like being with people instead of being jealous of them. Now I am jobless and looking for something new, and I am afraid for the coming months and what will happen with our financial situation.'"

    Powerword Drama

    Around February 20, 2008, someone commented about a mixed race baby being a "nigger" on LJUS. Another person replied to that comment with, "We know you're a racist, Mrs. [Name of Filthy Racist Removed]. Plze 2 B Going back 2 ur Johnny Rebel MP3s.". This angered Chelsea into rage so badly that she lost track of all of the people she'd pissed off, first blaming an online friend, and then another friend, a real-life friend. She never guessed the right person who had called her "Mrs. [Name of Filthy Racist Removed]". While grasping for straws, she posted this in her Heavensfire journal:

    "Feb. 22nd, 2008 at 2:17 AM I figured out who the reject on LJUS who is using my last name is.

    Back in the summer of 2004, I worked for Cedar Point. I met this chick named Deborah, who was fresh out of high school and was raised devout Catholic. Her mom was a bit psychotic, and called her 10000x a day (even though we worked 15 hour days, 6-7 days a week). We became good friends, and she went on a bit of a rebellious streak. She drank (and I drank more, haha), she fucked, she went to the goth club with me after she turned 18. She spent a LOT of time with Martin, Peter, and I, and spent a lot of time trying to seduce them both and neither of them wanted anything to do with her in that way. After that summer, she went home. After a while, she decided she wanted away from her parents, so she came down from school, discussed it with my mother, and she moved in with my mother in October or November.

    Beginning of 2005, she went a little bit nuts. She totaled my mom's car by blowing through a stop sign and hitting a Toyota, and then refused to pay my mom for it. It was understood that after she got a job, she would begin paying rent to my mother, but when approached with this, she flipped out. She stalked this guy named John on MySpace for a good few months, and one night I came home to my mother's to find her crying in her room because John was with another girl one night. I basically said to her that she is not dating him, so why does it matter? And she hopped in her car and drove off. Two days later, she came back, with her mom in tow, to move her things out, and we never heard from her again. Since she took us completely by surprise upon moving out, we just stood back and let her do her thing... and later we figured out that she had stolen my mother's pant-suit and some jewelry.

    This girl is the reason why my mom was hesitant to let Beffy and Trigger (her husband) move in with her. Deborah was the third person my mom has opened her home to and was the third person to fuck her over. I can't say I blame my mom for being wary, but I know now that she realizes that Beffy and Trigger aren't going to fuck her over and steal her things.

    I am fairly sure it's Deborah because after that entire thing, she tried to become best buddies with my ex, Ron. I, too, am friends with Ron, and I found her MySpace through Ron's profile. I sent her a message just asking her how things were with her, that I haven't spoken to her in a long time, that I was sorry for saying what I said to her when she was upset way back when... she knew me by my old LJ name. If she google-searched for it, then she found LJUS through my old name.

    Honestly, this is the funniest thing I've ever encountered, ever. She thinks I dropped her friendship over money, when in fact, she severed it because I questioned her stalking of this guy. It's amazing the facts one remembers when it's convenient for them. I talked to Ron for a while tonight about it trying to figure out where this mystery person from 2005 came from, and we put the pieces together. Then we giggled about the fact that she's still a little bit batshit. Ah, well, no loss to me, really... she can claim all of the BS she wants to, but even my ex knows what happened then. We weren't even remotely hard-pressed for money back then; my mom just wanted compensation for her totaled car, and when confronted on it (and the possibility of rent, because, you know, you contribute to the household), she freaked and flaked. That's what a person without ethics does, I guess.

    Edit: Oh I hope this retarded chick decides to try to "pwn" me with chat logs... I just realized that I too have chat logs on my mother's HD at home (we took it out of her old computer), and I backed up my old LJ onto the desktop at home as well. Dumb girl. I save everything too.

    When this was mocked in LJUS and she was repeatedly called Mrs. [Name of Filthy Racist Removed], she threatened to kill Mark, the owner of the site, if her name was not removed. She blamed him because someone had posted her father-in-law's Myspace URL and "he was getting harassed", even though the man hadn't logged into his account since February 11th! This post was what resulted (Comments included!):

    "Feb. 24th, 2008 7:24 PM

    This is how this works.

    You can fuck with me all you like. Harass me to the point of no return for all I care. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

    But you don't post things in order to harass my family. Family includes: Blood relatives, in-laws, and my friends. Period.

    You want to post my father-in-law's information up to get people to harass him? Fine. I reported LJUS to the people who Mark bought suckafree.ws from, and his host (micfo.com). I will see to it that any defamation of character is taken down. I am *lethal* when it comes to protecting my friends and family.

    As it stands, micfo.com wants to know what my case number is from the police, and when I get that to them on Monday (there has been an open case with the police department for harassment since my job was called way back when), who knows what will happen with suckafree.ws.

    You guys have a good night now. Be sure to link this to brutal_drama, as I am sure you will. Sorry, I will go to great lengths to protect my family. If you don't understand that, then tough luck, huh?



    lady_erin wrote: Feb. 25th, 2008 12:53 am (UTC) Good for you! *whisles*

    And to you lifeless asswipes: Fuck you. Link | Reply | Thread

    heavensfire wrote: Feb. 25th, 2008 02:11 am (UTC) People don't understand that I am a far cry from being the bad guy here, and this mow includes Mark himself.

    I am sure if a website designed to harass people dug up information on, say, his wife or his parents, he'd bend over fucking backwards to have the defamation removed too.

    There's one person I can remember who's had to bend over backwards to save her real life from Internet harassment, and that would be prime_radiant. When her real name and names of her professors popped up in threads on the GJ site, she did everything she had to do stop it. That girl hates my guts with a passion, but I respect the fact that she will protect herself and those she loves when she has to, because she knows she messed up with her trolling way back when.

    This is going to come to a screaming halt here soon. I am consulting with a lawyer on tuesday to have all of our computers searched by professionals to prove that I am not the one who began this (starting with the whole telling Mandy to die fiasco that I did not do in the first place)... there is a way to search the hard drives for every single thing that has ever been put onto a hard drive or typed out, but I can't think of what it's called right now. I am going to take your advice and get a cease-and-desist order as soon as that's finished because now that they are involving my family (and Mark is allowing them to do so), the harassment has officially gone too far.

    If you can think of anything else I can do end this, let me know in IM. I need to protect my family and myself and I should have to cower away and delete myself from the Internet to do so. It's plainly obvious to me that no matter where I end up online, they'll find me. The line is officially crossed. Link | Reply | Parent | Thread

    lady_erin wrote: Feb. 25th, 2008 02:21 am (UTC) I believe we have had this convo before, but it comes down to the "real life" and "on-line" menality - this is online, not real life, so it doesn't matter.

    Lee would be better to remember that term than I, but I know what you are talking about.

    It officially went too far for me when your job got called, but everyone has a different breaking point.

    Will do! Link | Reply | Parent | Thread

    heavensfire wrote: Feb. 25th, 2008 02:34 am (UTC) To be fair, that was a breaking point too. That's when it was still on GJ, and I had that taken down as well. Then it moved over to Mark's site, and I figured, what could I do?

    Well, luckily, I live with a computer man who used ARIN to find his domain and server, and you're damn straight I am using it to shut that fucking hellhole down. Even if he does host his own on his own server, he can still lose his domain name, suckafree.ws, for hosting that site. It's in the TOS of company he bought the domain through, here: http://www.domainsbyproxy.com/LegalAgreement.aspx#

    I hope LJUS is worth losing his domain name (and money) over. If it is, then that fact alone speaks of his character, louder than any words ever could. Link | Reply | Parent | Thread

    lady_erin wrote: Feb. 25th, 2008 02:39 am (UTC) Luckily most people are greedy. He should work with this.

    Good luck. :D Link | Reply | Parent | Thread

    heavensfire wrote: Feb. 25th, 2008 02:41 am (UTC) Qweerdo already did my bidding.

    Thanks, Jimmy! I have absolutely no problem whatsoever for taking credit as the person who brought that cesspool down. Link | Reply | Parent | Thread

    lady_erin wrote: Feb. 25th, 2008 02:56 am (UTC) One reply: ROFL. Link | Reply | Parent | Thread

    lady_erin wrote: Feb. 25th, 2008 12:54 am (UTC) Oh, and I showed that icon to my sister and she nearly busted her gut laughing.

    She then renamed her journal to "dedicatetoyou", which was discovered on February 26, 2008.

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