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    RuneScape Forums

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    Back in 2003, a Jagex moderator decided that the their shitty game needed a forum where their players could discuss things such as "Which sword is better?" or "Which is your favorite skill :)?" and other boring shit that nobody cares about. Thus, the RuneScape Official Forums were created. Typically devoid of humor or any form of fun, the runescape forums are one of the most desolate forums on the planet. It is a notorious Breeding ground for Wannabe Moderators, Moralfags and Trolls.


    Oh my, If you're lucky you may get a quote option!
    • A swear filter that will sometimes star out random letters in your sentence. A *entence * look like thi* or it will completely star out a word like ****
    • State of the art HTML features that have been around since antiquity, but was only implemented into the forums in 2013.
    • The ability to post links and pictures! But only if you have access to the High Level Forums.
    • The notorious "Page 50 monster" - basically threads get autodeleted once they reach Page 50.
    • A "QFC" (quick find code) to find threads. For example 14-15-759-6515847. You cuntpaste this into the "jump to thread" search bar, then it magically takes you to a thread in the forums that no one but you gives a shit about. Totally superior to an Index or thread watcher. Its pretty much a pain in the ass because If you forget to copy/paste The Qfc code for a thread that you made, you have to use jagex's archaic search system and manually sift through the threads.
    • An intuitive and convenient thread reply system that allows you to see if a thread that you posted on has any unread replies
    • ???
    • Profit!

    Types of forum users

    Typical Moral fag sucking on the gigantic pulsating dick of a Forum Mod.
    File:RS servers forums.png
    An average day on the forums, notice the How to make friends on runescape thread, this only reinforces the idea that over 100% of the runescape population is autistic.
    Forum mods flexing their E-muscles

    Forum demographics: Lurkers, one timers and quitters compose around 98.99999999% or at least 100 of all forum goers which is only around 300 people. The rest are White knights and moral fags trying to uphold the anti-fun laws of runescape by informing moderators when a "rule" is broken, and the moderator will promptly come and stamp out any fun.

    Lurkers: Lurkers are the overgrown algae in the stagnant, shit filled pond that is the Runescape Official Forums. They may post once or twice but never do so ever again. Can't blame them really, because any post even anywhere near objectionable is likely going to get reported to the fun police.

    Rulefags: Rulefags are a close cousin of the Moralfag with a major difference: Rulefags are restricted to blindly following rules because they do not know what is appropriate themselves. Rulefags like to think that they are helping Jagex keep the forums "clean and tidy" but little do they know they're contributing to making it a pile of shit. They can be typically found posting links to the forum rules and cowering in fear of Forum mods. Some have the habit of having copy/pasted "signatures" with links to every J-mod rule thread that ever fucking exists. Jagex themselves expressed that they get cancer every time they post.

    Wannabemods: Wannabemods or "WBMs" are the scumbags of the forums. They do nothing to contribute to the forums. All they do is report "Rule breakers" to jagex in hopes of one day becoming a basement dwelling moderator someday, thus deluding themselves into thinking that they have a purpose in life.

    Trolls: Trolls are an endangered species in the pond, once thriving in the bowels of the Rants forums until their territory was cruelly taken from them by Jagex and their land built over by a new, improved Rants forums littered with Forum mods who flex their e-dicks whenever people post legitimate Rants about other people pissing them off, Trolls try to reclaim their territory but fail and the Wannabemods who bring the threads to their attention.

    One timers: These people only post once because the taste of Moderator cock is not too pleasant.

    Quitters: There are at least one of these "I'm quitting Runescape" threads every day and are very sad. They are often met with no one gives a shit. Next, a kindly Moderator locks the thread. It is suspected that the OP lives happily ever after.

    Moderators: The moderator team is staffed by all volunteer 13 year olds who love to suck Jagex dick. They are identified by a green crown next to their worthless posts. The moderator team of the Runescape Forums makes the no life EDF moderator team look good. The moderators are easily spotted by their characteristic drone like responses, aversion to humor, overuse of emoticons Like :P and :) and never actually reading threads to check if they actually are against the rules but most of them are anyway, because jagex not only has so many rules that nobody is aware of but they also keep changing them. One has to wonder why exactly someone would volunteer for a shitty job like being a forum moderator, without being actually paid or given some kind of reward


    Typical rant.

    Does your stepfather beat you? Need a place where you can get out your anger? I think we have what you're looking for! The rant section is a place full of trolls, 13-year-old-boys and Cuvb raging about either stuff that is their own fault, like "I took my whole bank to PvP area and lost it!! What the hell Jagex?!?!, or troll threads, like "I'M MAD CUZ THERE IS NO PINK PONIES IN [email protected]!!1". As you can see, none of them make any fucking sense at all. Oh, I almost forgot. The most common threads in the rants forums are bot threads. Bot threads, bot threads FUCKING EVERYWHERE. Basically, a bot thread is a thread complaining about bots. Exemple: "I can't cut my yew due to all the bots. Please ban them Jagex :(". What these people don't understand is that Jagex gets money from their customers, and Jagex would rather have a game full of paying bots then a game full of non-paying players. It's just good business.

    Given its status as the forum junkyard, moderators never dared venture into the cesspool of trolls. This allowed a number of users with mischievous machinations to plan a series of raids on its brother board, Compliments. The raids were a massive success and many lulz were had, but Fagex were displeased at the board's growing notoriety. Compliments was getting riddled with nonsense posts about the intricate and complex ways you as a player can adjust their brightness settings, or noting the fact you can just buy gold from some 10 year old Chinese kid in the deep web and how it is a nice addition to the game.

    Rants had meddled with Fagex's prized board and had to be punished for their transgressions. At first, Rants was just flat purged from the forums, leaving all the Trolls homeless and/or permabanned. Some were even banned in game, but who'd play that pile of garbage anyway, amirite?

    Eventually Rants was reinstated, but with a catch. If you weren't signed in to the game, you couldn't actually see the board or access it. By this time, all the notable Trolls had moved elsewhere and were nowhere to be found. It never reclaimed its former glory as a Troll Haven and is now regularly moderated by actual players who legitimately volunteered to take on the job. What kind of fucking loser would do that?

    Lore Discussion

    Lore discussion is a forum where players can discuss The lore of Runescape. While it is called "lore discussion" It is actually a forum for quasi religious fanatics to argue over which made up "god" in the game is the best. Internet religious wars between rival factions are common and often become so fervid that you wonder if the people involved actually realize that they are arguing over a character in a game, but this must be expected as it is understandable that after spending so much time on the internet, their mind begins to lose grip on reality and are unable to discern between what is real and what is not.Some insist that they are merely roleplaying, but Due to not belonging to anything in real life, It is understandable that they would become a faithful follower to a god that was invented by a bunch of aspies in a basement.

    The ******* Swear Filter

    For some reason Jagex decided that this forum should be appropriate for everyone, so they added this ******* swear filter. Now whenever someone says a "bad word" *gasp* Nanny Jagex will Censor the word. Bad language is categorically the most pressing matter in todays society, Of all the other terrible things going on, an angry person in his basement cussing on the internet is of utmost importance and must be corrected. When a post contains too many blocked words, a moderator will valiantly hide the whole message, for the sake of the children. Jagex's Noble crusade was heroically spread to other Vile words too.

    Common Phrases and Memes

    File:Brightness settnings.png
    Adjust your brightness settnings.

    As in all forums, a few shitty memes are born. We've listed few of them here:

    • It's to stop RWT - RWT is an abbreviation for "Real world trading" which is something 13-year-old-boys do when they are too lazy to work for their pixels. Jagex has no method to stop these RWTers. Whenever someone complains about something pointless in the rants section (i.e. how bad the servers are), the trolls usually reply with the phrase "It's to stop RWT". cwuttheydidther?
    • Don't bot - When someone asks for help on the forums, they will often receive the phrase "Don't bot". This usually pisses off the OP, resulting in them screaming "I DON'T BOT!!. Ironically, he probably wouldn't rage if he actually didn't bot.
    • Try to adjust your brightness settings - Got hacked? Lost your bank? Spent six years of your life on this shitty game and lost everything you worked so hard for? No problem! Trying to adjust your brightness settings is the solution to everything! Really!
    • i want you leg lol - This meme is so shitty I don't even want to talk about it.

    Forum Rules

    1. Harken unto the forums when one is feeling scorn for bots.

    2. Thou shalt not post anything interesting or unique. It must cover one of the banal,trite and unoriginal topics that pertain to the few parts the game

    3. Thou shalt not speak of person, for the people jagex holds scorn. Their attitude towards customers is indicative of this.

    4. When thou dost sayeth an insult, thou must imply thy adversary is ten plus two years of age.

    5. Whosoever doth posteth first on a thread of news pertaining to updates, thou shalt posteth the words "[email protected]@[email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]"

    6. Never posteth meme nor ASCII on risk of death by banhammer.


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