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Ruination now comes in a clearly-labeled, convenient liquid form.

Ruination has nothing to do with the totally heavy and br00tal deathcore band "Job For A Cowboy". Ruination comes from the term "I am going to ruin your Internets!!!1!" Ruination encompasses many different types of abuse, hacking, harassment and general annoyances directed at another, or in some cases, one's self. This is referred to as "self-ruination". Ruination is also a euphemism for anal sex.

Methods of Ruination

Life Ruination

Here is a tutorial on ways to ruin someone's life. Note: The online methods in this article are intended to be done through a Proxy. If you need to find people on the internet, use one of these sites. This article relies heavily on the PLA.
Here is more stuff:
Very good txt's:

Box Floods

Box Floods happen to be one of the most time-honored traditions of the /i/nsurgency. All you need is an address and an online postal account. Within a week or two, your victim will receive thousands upon thousands of boxes. They will litter his front yard and piss off neighbors. He won't be able to get rid of them easily without dealing with the post office, and they will probably call the cops on the victim for mail fraud. This is one of the greatest tactics of /i/ and it's been proven time and time again.

  • Step 1: Create an account on using a valid email. or can be used for this. It provides e-mail addresses without the need to sign up.
  • Step 2: Go to USPS's store and order all the FREE boxes and mailing envelopes.
  • Step 3: Confirm the address and purchase.

You can order up to 20 free packs on a single account. So if you're not fucking retarded, you can see that one account can be used to send 600 boxes. Multiple accounts are no trouble at all, so make sure to send a few thousand.

That's it. Easy and bound to cause the victim lots of headaches. Also, see Purchase Orders.

Fast Food Bomb

Fast Food Bombing (notably pizza) is a lulzy way of causing grief for your target, all from the comfort of your Mom's basement. Fast food bombing consists of sending copious amounts of fast food to a target. The food is delivered to the target's place of residence or business, where they will have to deal with a delivery order of 4 large pepperonis and a side of Coke and garlic bread.

PROTIP: Make sure you have a physical street address. This strategy won't work if you only have a PO Box address.

PROTIP: Some companies will not allow you to send too much to one place at any given time. Therefore, only send a typical amount of food. Also, don't send food first thing in the morning, as that is too suspicious.

PROTIP: If there are several fast food companies near your target, have each bring a few pizzas.

Ordering by phone

See Prank Call for tips on how to stay anonymous and not get angry fast food companies coming after you. Some have even convinced fast food companies to write "/b/" with the toppings and open the door screaming "POOLS CLOSED!" as was the case with WitnessX, whose mom thought it was poisoned and called the cops, for epic win. Too bad it was the wrong target.

Ordering over the Internet

Potentially the lulziest method, also the easiest for all you lazy fgts out there.


Meet Up Groups

This let's you set up a party for hippie liberals to show up at a target's house.

Junk Mail

Everybody hates junk mail. Spread it. You'll have to be a little creative with this, though. A lot of websites and newsletters now make you confirm your address before sending thousands upon thousands of emails. So if your victim is in control of the email still, to start receiving the junk you send to him he'll probably have to confirm it. There are still some websites who send out junk mail without confirmation:

but there is always the option of signing them up for [gay] porn sites/newsletters, since everyone in porn is a greedy motherfucker and would sell your email address to spammers if they got their smutty hands on it.

Even more points if you sign him up for a shit load of IRL newsletters (preferably gay porn, we know he likes man trains).

Free supplies

Magic Freebies UK - 8 new freebies every day for Britfags. Send out this freebie junk out to the person you want to ruin.

IRL Mail

Gore Mail: Simple enough; just send pages of gore to your enemy through the mail. Make sure to vary the hand writing on the envelopes and the return address so they all look different, otherwise the target will just throw them away. A good tactic is to make the envelopes look official with the logos and such of your victims local council/government/tax office/police station.

SRS BZNS Mail: Make up some legit looking envelopes and letterheads. Send your victim letters of repossession, traffic fines, hearings about suspected income tax fraud, or send them to court. Be creative.

USPS Redirect: Goto a post office, say you are moving, or you are new to the area and need to redirect your mail temporally. They will give you an envelope/postcard to fill out and drop in any mailbox. To the best I know, there is no checking done on the part of the USPS. Redirect mail from P.O. Boxes and rural and carrier routes as well.

Free Korans

If the target is a scilon, christfag, Jew, faggot or any other sort of infidel, you should consider sending him the word of Allah. Bonus points if the target is a fundie or has served in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Free Diapers

Send your friend free diapers. The site limits one per location so send him one at work and one at home.


If the target has a sense of humor, these are just about as annoying as anything else you could sign them up for. However, if the target is lacking in the humor department, this is quite possibly the best weapon we have at our disposal other than gay porn. Below is a list of places where you can sign them up for free tampons, just remember that these sorts of things are sometimes limited and may be defunct. If you ever need more places, just hit up google.

Confirmed as working as of 07/29/09:

PROTIP: Walmart samples are a great option for targets in the USA. They always have 5+ samples (usually tampons, pads, or diapers) rotating out. It arrives much more quickly than other samples, and can take 1-3 weeks instead of 6-8weeks.


One of the most under-appreciated email spam tactics are "Tell-A-Friend" forms. Most often these forms are ancient and have spaces for multiple emails that do not check for duplicates. If you go to almost any website they will have Tell-A-Friend forms. Simply copy-paste the address of the email into all available slots, and send. It's even better if you use iMacros or another automated program to do this.

This tactic is one of the best since you can effectively turn any website into your own personal mail server.


Craigslist and Myspays have the ability to really fuck up someone's life. Every day thousands of people visit Craigslist to check classified ads. Can you see where we're going with this?

Craigslist is the obvious choice but don't forget that Myspace has a classified ads section as well.

  • Epic Idea #1: Post that "you" are having a garage sale. You are moving and everything needs to go. You'll have an HDTV there for $50, a stereo set for $100 and many other cheap ass high-end things. Steal pictures off the internet of "your items" for lulz. Enter your victim's address, and choose a date over the weekend. On those days your victim will have strangers coming to his house constantly asking for cheap stuff. Sometimes even the POLICE get involved. Why? Police track down thefts. If your victim is selling a bunch of high-end merchandise, it's likely the police will check it out.
  • Epic Idea #2: Post to Craigslist that you are selling "your" car. Make it cheap, something like a 1999 Ford F-250 for $2000 because it needs a new paintjob or something. Make sure to post "your" phone number! Be creative!
  • Epic Idea #3: Post a personal ad that conflicts with "your" sexual identity. Normally, this is best done by posting in the men seeking men section. You need to write an ad that is both believable and hawt so people will reply to it. Steal some pictures of "yourself" and "your" dick because ads with dick pics get more replies. Post "your" phone number and make sure you say in your ad how urgently you need to get laid. Soon enough "you" will have half the leather daddies in town calling "you" up. If you add that "you" are currently still in the closet and that denying that "you" are gay really means there are people around who "you" haven't come out to yet then you can get your unwitting partners in harassment to keep coming back to bother the mark waiting for them to be alone, if the goddess of lulz is on your side this could even produce an argument between the person responding to "your" personal ad and the mark's friends and or family about tolerance towards the marks true sexuality.
  • Epic Idea #4: Your own idea.

Traditional Classifieds

Almost every newspaper out there lets you call in the ad you want to have in the paper and then they send you a bill for it. In other words, it's free. Look in your local paper and judging from the ads that are in there, think up something that would be a really hot item to sell such as a house for rent. (Houses and cars usually get the best results.)

Call the paper and tell them that you're Robert Paulson and you want to put an ad in the paper. Have something ready like, "Nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath, garage, den, dining room, great neighborhood, $300/month, $200/deposit." Compare your ad to the others in the "For Rent" section and be sure that yours is the very best deal in there.

As a phone number to call to inquire about the house, leave two. "Call Robert Paulson anytime 24 hrs at 635-8312 or 635-9207." The first being his work phone number and the second being his home. Now when an awesome deal like you've put in the paper is seen, it gets a tremendous response. I'm talkin' about his telephone ringing constantly for two days straight at the least.

He'll get in big trouble with his boss at work for receiving 2 billion calls. Even if he's able to convince his boss that he wasn't responsible, he'll still look bad. I mean, what would your boss think about all this happening? If he lives with his parents, he'll probably get in trouble with them too.

  • You may want to consider translating your ad into another language and contacting a foreign language newspaper. In some areas there may be a local paper in, for example, the Russian language. The victim will get phone calls from people who may not speak fluent English, causing them to argue in vain with someone unable to understand them.

Personal Ads

There are a lot of fucked up lonely people out there. Sign your victim up to internet dating sites, and make sure you post your victim's information publicly. He will have calls and random people coming up to his house - possibly even rapists or thieves.

Craigslist has a Personal Ads' section. Have fun with it.


Add the target to the Don'tDateHimGirl database. Don't worry, it's not like you need actual hard evidence that they're a bad guy. Just write up some short sob story about how he took advantage of you while he was jobless. Hell, even if there's only a picture provided, most of the women on the site would believe you.

Before starting a profile for the target, run a search first to make sure you're not making a duplicate. If one already exists, support the /i/nsurgent who wrote it through the comments section.

Magazine Subscriptions

This one is pretty simple and even normal people do it to prank friends. Magazine subscriptions are easy to get, and paying for them requires no credit card - just the person's address. BE WARNED! You may have to step into the sunlight to get said magazine subscriptions. Wear sunscreen.

  • Step 1: Go to a book store or any place that sells magazines. You may also have some magazines you've already purchased or have in your collection, you can use those too.
  • Step 2: Rip out all the "Subscription" note cards. They're those flimsy little square pieces of paper that fall onto the floor when you are trying to read your magazine.
  • Step 3: Fill out the "Subscription" note cards in ink with a different style of handwriting. Put your victim's address and name on them.
  • Step 4: Put them in your local mail collector box. All of them should have "Paid Postage" - no stamps needed.

TL;DR - Get subscription note cards, fill them out with victim's info, mail them to magazine company.


  1. Go to Craigslist
  2. Click on the state where the target is
  3. Go to Services, and under that click Erotic
  4. Call all the out call escorts--out call means that they come to you--and make an appointment with the target.
  5.  ???
  6. PROFIT!

Yellow Pages

This is probably one of the best things to do and can even become a major news event in your area. You pull out the 'ole phone book and open it up to the yellow pages. Now, starting from the letter "A" and working all the way to "Z" call up every single business in the book. Set up an appointment with every company in there for (example) Wednesday morning at about 10:00. Give yourself a few days to do it all and get all the appointment as close together as you can.

You can probably see what's going to happen. Wednesday morning at 10:00 his street is going to be totally filled up with a truck from every business in the entire area. From exterminators to furnace repair to roofing estimates, they'll all be there asking for Chris. (Try to make sure he's going to be home when they come.)

On Wednesday morning you'll want to make some calls. At 9:30 call up every pizza delivery place in the area and have a couple large pizzas sent to Chris. After that, call up all the taxi cabs and instruct them to come to your house to take you shopping.

Tuesday night you'll also want to make some calls. Every T.V. station and newspaper in the area will want to know that "something big is going to happen on Sullivan street" in the morning. Don't tell them what, just tell them that they'd be stupid not to get coverage on something like this. Also call up all your friends and have them call up their friends. Instruct them all to show up on Sullivan street at about 9:45 am.

As this will be an historical moment, bring a video camera and tape the whole event just in case you're not happy with the camera work of the T.V. stations. You might want to call in a false report to the fire department that Chris's house is on fire just to get them there and add to the confusion.

Crime Tips

This is a bit harder to pull off with no guarantee of follow-through, but it can be a great way to ruin someone's life. There have been stories of police teams busting in and wrecking someone's place looking for a "lead" that was offered to them. Police often have really crappy judgment. This can provide epic lulz.

First find the local police station in your victim's town. Google some local news. Find some stories about hit and runs, or recent unsolved murders. Things that happened within the last two weeks. Call their police station and offer an Anonymous tip. There are many things you can tell the police. Such as "my friend has an unexplained dent in the front of his car" or "he's been really on edge lately telling me about something he did that was really, really bad. I want to get him help."

With any luck this can offer epic lulz, a totally ruined life, and a bunch of news coverage.

Piracy Raep

Report the guy to the police saying that he is selling pirated software. Result:

  • Police raid
  • Confiscated computer
  • Epic win

Prank Calls

Moar info: Prank Call.

Perhaps a tool that can be used to some extent. It seems to work off and on, and it costs money to the webhost so don't fuck around with it. RickRoll Dialer


For this you need to find more detailed information so they'll accept it and pay some ass-raping fees. Pretend to be a family member, and try to keep them on as long as possible (they'll probably hang up after 2 seconds flat, honestly, but if you're good...). Start a collect call. When the operator asks for your name, they'll be recording what you say so they can inject it into a pre-recorded sound byte that says something like "Will you accept a collect call from..." so you end up with "Will you accept this message from 'Fuck you, David'" or whatever other message you can fit into the short time they give you to say your name. Only useful for being annoying/making threats, doesn't accomplish anything else. If you're a Britfag, the equivilant is 0800-REVERSE (0800 7383773).

Ruin a Marriage

Collect information about a married man that you know. Get a girl to call his house. If the wife answers, hang up. Do this another time. On the third time, ask for the guy. This will cause lots of suspicion. Keep this up for a month and see his marriage ruined. Also, send sexy gifts to his house, like used panties and love notes. Put in details about the guy so that the wife will think it's legit.

Job Applications

Easy enough. most fast food chains and local councils let "you" apply for jobs online. Do so.

You can also set up accounts on employment websites with just an email address that you have access to. Set up a good resume (not too good obviously) with your victims dox and apply for every job in sight. In the right industries, word of pranks such as this can get around, and your victim may find it difficult to find work again in their area if they lose their current job.

Purchase Orders

How to raep someone IRL using purchase orders (POs):

Corporations don't buy things by actually paying for them, they send out a PO, which is just a promise to pay later after the goods or services have been rendered. This is standard business practice.

  • Take an anonymous prepaid credit card
  • Buy an anonymous VoIP fax service
  • Obtain a professional looking form from a print shop
  • Fax POs through tor
  • Most companies will ship no questions asked after receiving a PO. Said companies will come after your target and sue them and ruin their credit, and they'll have fucking tons of shit that they don't know what to do with.

An anon has reported ruining huge using this tactic. He's had steel beams and giant drums of chemicals dumped on people's lawns. He's also also just given "PO numbers" over the phone, but if its more than 10k of shit at once they'll definitely want a PO faxed. If its a big shop that has their shit down like IBM or Adobe, no matter how much you order from them, even if its $5 they'll want a signed faxed PO.

Imagine steel niggersgirders on someone's fucking lawn (or shitloads of oxycotin)?

Unwanted Baby

If you really want to fuck with somebody's life, here is a great way to do it. For messing with a guy, look here. Girls will be down below. Please note that all the details require extensive knowledge and require getting out of the house and getting close to your mark. This also requires the person who's life your trying to ruin to have a girlfriend/boyfriend AND be having sex.

tl;dr U need somebody to have a bf/gf and be having sex


This one is a difficult and requires 3 important things to fuck up a guy's life.

  1. Get a condom
  2. Pierce the condom
  3. Place in persons bag, room, coat, etc where they would use it.
  4.  ???
  5. Profit
  • Pro tip* Girls usually have fucking large purses. It might be easier to slip it in unsuspectingly.


Now if a girl carries condoms you could either try to pierce the ones she has, or slip a pierced one in her purse/bag when she doesn't notice and HOPE she uses it.


This might be a bit more difficult, but

  1. Find her birth control pills.
  2. Steal them After she has had sex.
  3.  ????
  4. Profit


After getting the pills you can replace them with tic tacs or sugar candies or anything that somebody could be fooled into thinking is a birth control pill.

tl:dr Either pierce the condom of the guy, or give pierced condom to girl w/o her knowing. Or fuck with her pills.


Self-ruination is a process of ruining one's own life through various methods. Typically these methods can only be participated in by the object and no other person can initiate or stop these acts. Self-ruination typically consists of anything that is generally regarded as a very bad decision; such as excessive drug use, alcohol consumption or lifestyle habits. Self-ruination can also be inflicted through over-obsession with a significant other or by financial ruination wherein the subject does not earn enough money to compensate for their habits. Gek is the best example of self-ruination in modern times, while Hitler is an excellent theoretical example. Another contemporary self-ruiner is Snitch who has demonstrated great capacity to fuck his own shit up. Self-urination and self-ruination are closely related to each other.

Methods of Self-Ruination

Cheeks that look like blisters are so '98.
  • Being Fred Durst
  • Drug overdose
  • Angering Mars, the Roman god of war
  • Giving sick fucks on MySpace contact details
  • Carrying an organ donor card
  • Telling him you have a baby
  • Not growing out of liking Pokemon when you're twelve
  • Plastic surgery
  • Not telling him you have a baby
  • Waving your pierced cock around in Terhan

Examples of Complete Ruination

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