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    Rucka Rucka Ali

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    Add pixplzkthnx to Rucka Rucka Ali
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    Rucka Rucka Ali is a God tier troll and Jewtube rapper, in addition to probably being the only decent wigger on the planet.Managing to rise beyond typical Youtube "celebrities" such as sxephil and Ray William Johnson and gain recognition IRL.This hero's music employs varying and diverse techniques including racism, racism, racism....and GUESS WHAT? MOAR RACISM in his parody music videos to troll the fuck out of those targeted,resulting in such rage and butthurt that they would run and cry to the admins of Jewtube to baleet his shit. The point of his videos was supposed to be racist to troll the fucking hell out of those people that got butthurt, and to make fun of the mainstream artists such as Lady GaGa, Ke$ha, The Jonas Brothers, and for him making a living off his songs What's more lulzy about Rucka Rucka Ali is that his fanbase is fucking retarded, their collective IQ's wouldn't even match up to Chris-Chan.

    Rucka's Fanbase

    Typical Fan threat if you make fun of Rucka Rucka Ali.

    Typical shit Rucka Rucka Ali fans would say in his Facebook
    Note: These are Unedited Quotes...take them seriously.
    I just made an account to that shit site (below) and i am going to change rucka's page. Respond with your coneributions.[Adam Davis]


    I showed my asian friend the song and he is not my friend anymore...I chose your songs over my asian friend



    every one say hiz fav. song for rucka rucka ali

    i think mine iz imma korean and telephone parody(suspend the sequel) altho all of dem are KEWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    L2 spell retard

    i love toyr songs



    dude dude i made a quick paordy of tht poser justin bieber

    baby baby paordy ' rape meh me meh '



    make a parody of in my head called:

    in my bed


    —some gay fan

    just an idea for a song. You could make one about how Ben Franklin and alot of the founders went to clubs and drank and smoked weed and fucked tons of bitches, and smoked weed while writing the constitution on hemp paper. and they said we could do whatever the fuck we wanted too. and now people like youtube and the cur...rent government come and try to tell us what to do and pull all this racist communist shit


    —Typical Jews did 9/11 fan.
    Oh, and BTW, Tenacious D already did that song, fucktard.

    Cool song man, YouTube is turning into

    JewTube, Hating on ethnic minorities. When are we gonna unleash DJ Jihad, and blow their asses off? If it is any help, i may assist you lol


    Terrorist fan planning to blow up Youtube

    my mom got made bc i spent all my itunes money on rucka saying wat if i wanted 2 listin 2 something else .... isnt she dumb listin 2 asomething else yea rite i spent $25 on rucka and i aint listing 2 anything else


    —Watch ur Spelling, tard..

    I'm dirt ass poor from making my own music but I still buy your shit


    — FacePalm..

    I'm australian and I got one thing to say...


    Fuck Australia!



    — F-a-c-e P-a-l-m


    Trolling Rucka Rucka Ali fans and Rucka Rucka Ali himself is quite easy to do. You can start off by claiming to his fans that all of his videos on Jewtube are racist, and point out that Rucka Rucka Ali is nothing more but a racist fuck, be prepared to get spammed by all of his fans, at this point you are doing a good job. To make it noticeable to Rucka Rucka Ali himself, you would simply go on his Jewtube channel and spam that he is a racist for critical damage. For extra credit, you would go on his Facebook, and post to his wall that he is a racist, a wigger, and a horrible rapper, and that his songs are nothing more but shit, and you should receive some nice compliments from his fans.

    Youtube Drama

    As Rucka got more famous with music videos of Blame it on the Niggers, Russia is Gay, I Don't like Crackers (The Bible Thinks They're Evil), Jihad Me, and many great singles that evoked such a offended response from the nigger, Arab, and Chink communities. They cried over to the Youtube admins and like the unfunny dicks they are, tagged almost all of his videos as inappropriate for 18 and under and later on they got sick and tired from the major butthurt response and decided to just baleet his videos without even properly looking at it why it's so damn offensive. I mean if Youtube admins are going to ban extreme "offensive" content then they might as well ban extreme unfunny content such as Fred, and Shane Dawson videos. But Rucka Rucka Ali took this another way, instead of feeling butthurt he instead made parody music videos and took this as an opportunity to say to the admins of Youtube to go fuck themselves until further notice.

    The offending video

    Me no rikey Youtube pt. 1

    More from DJ Not Nice

    Pt 2. No more DJ Nice guy

    Ain't Nothin' But A Wigger Thang

    Rucka's also known for affiliating with quite a few artists at Pinegrove Records, including Dj Pussyfarts, who's a 15 year old Straight up g, or Ed Words, a pissed-off ex-junkie that makes songs about, uh, being a pissed-off ex-junkie.

    Do The Pussyfart

    That shit goes hard

    Rucka+Ed words=EPIC


    Rucka Rucka Ali music videos range from making fun of Niggers, Jews, Russians, Beaners, You, Crackers, Chinks, Arabs, Niggers...oh DID I MENTION Niggers???! and various mainstream artists.

    Blame It On the Niggers
    I Don't Like Crackers (The Bible Says They're Evil)


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