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Rucas is the GNAA's Vice President of Operations, and a developer of numerous GNAA Open Source projects.

Rucas first joined the GNAA in 2002, and shortly thereafter wrote one of the very first incarnations of GNAA Last Measure, which he subsequently got posted multiple times on the front page of Fark. He has also written several other IRC flooding tools, including ASIAN (Automated Synchronous IRC Assault Network), and STUPID (SSH Tunnel Utilizing Python IRC Destroyer). He also started the extremely-effective Firefox XPS IRC Attack against Freenode.

He has served two times as the GNAA's president, once during 2004 when timecop emoquit, and once again during 2009, before the first presidential election in the newly-reformed organization.

Rucas is a self-aggrandizing guitarist, novelist, alcoholic, and known earthworm.

Rucas is known to move quite frequently, and is thus reputed to be highly undoxable.


Rucas is a motherfuckin earthworm, y'all.



<&Rucas> i killed and ate an owl once



We have had Rucas develop the most ruinous IRC flooding technology ever conceived. Literally, have you people fucking *SEEN* STUPID at work? Jesus Christ. I am fucking stunned. It floods so much it's basically a DDoS.



Rucas is a latter-day J. K. Rowling - you can trust him. He's got the little boy fixation thing going on.



You aren't committed enough to be a musician, but you drink enough and are lonely enough that you could make an excellent hobo.



Where is my operator status?



<%EDS1> Stop making him mad

<@BlackJeez> We've been through this before <@BlackJeez> Leave him the fuck alone



Because kicking Rucas = Bot flood



He's like the drunken captain of the USS Floodboat



06:33 < marc_luc> christ

06:34 < marc_luc> i said something against a guy,, and it was liked i got bombed



toast = Rucas


MoriaA in #gnaa

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