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    Rubbertex Raccoon

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    File:FC 2008 Rubbertex.JPG
    The asshole in fursuit

    Rubbertex Raccoon, also known as Jeffery Cooper, is an untalented furfag artist who specializes in fat furry and inflation art. Like many popular furry artists such as Dragomike or Nemo Hana, he has a huge ego, often thinking of himself due to his popularity. He always acts like a whiny attention whore if things don't go his way. His journals are proof of that.

    What he does, where he's from and other stuff

    Rubbertex works as a low-level employee at Apple, most likely as a tech working with employees who hardly speak any English.

    He is from Victorville, which isn't too far from San Francisco. This is where he met Nemo Hana, and after their trip to a gay bar, they became best friends forever.

    The Art

    Rubbertex Raccoon only does art of his so-called friends and no body else because he is a furry asshole. As for commissions and trades he won't do them because he feels he is too good for anyone who graces his e-presence.

    The Fans

    According to Rubbertex, fans don't matter to him, its all about elitism. He doesn't do any art for his fans, only his friends, who, coincidentally, are elitists as well. After all, he is a Macfag, so being an elitist prick comes naturally. In his unique logic, if he wants to be famous he has to use a Mac and nothing else. He also believes that he is better than you.

    Taking Fetishes Too Far

    Rubbertex's crime, like most furries, is in a sick fuck fetish. This man is turned on by a combination of fat fur and inflation art. Not so long ago, he decided to do something. Something so sick and twisted that many wonder about his sanity. He decided to make a sex toy for furries and claims to have patented it. Here is the proof (only accessible if you log in).

    The Sex toy he is making
    Really likes crossdressing and sticking hoses up his ass

    Since Rubbertex is obviously an idiot and he doesn't know much about marketing (after all, he works at Apple), charging way too much for his product (again, works for Apple), leading to a price where the only people willing to pay are the kind of people who encourage this faggotry (Again, works at Apple).

    Small size (2 feet wide) $250. + Shipping and handling.

    Large size (4 feet wide) $350. + Shipping and handling.


    So far 3 people actually bought them.

    Just to recap, Rubbertex is the Apple of the furdom: an elitist, charges way too much for his crap, and is a bit of a scam artist.

    Possible reasons that he took down his gallery

    I know a few people asked why my art was removed from here. Plain and simple reply is I believe I can do better.


    Or maybe he just read this article suffered a severe case of butthurt.


    Recently, Rubbertex Raccoon complained that ED user Blackreign a.k.a. Oz Kangaroo was trolling him on ED, adding his real name on the page via Twitter.

    Oh good. Looks like Oz is trolling me on ED again under his 'Blackreign' alt name. This time he posted RL info like my name it appears.


    —Rubbertex on Twitter


    Hello ED, I am an individual that had an encounter with this furfag a couple of years ago. he was complaining about furries ripping his ass because Nemo Hana gave him herpes in the ass. Now, I'm not sure whether this all happened before all this DA shit that he became involved in, but let me tell you that he was not always a Jimmy Jones-esk attention whore that had followers. He followed another attention whore know as Nemo, who also went by the name Benni or something stupid like that. And I think that Rubbertex kinda wanted to get out of the furry fandom because since he wore a fursuit, Nemo / Benni would kick Rubbertex's ass if he didn't. So what had happened was that one furfag followed another furfag, their bond of love grew stronger and stronger, until they decided to 'yiff' in their words, in out of all places Montana where Nemo / Benni is currently reciding. One thing certainly does come to mind, that movie Brokeback Mountain except it was two guys in fursuits doing it. So in a few months, he came onto chat and said that he would have to move to California to Victorville (surprisingly enough its not too far from San Fran) however he added that when Nemo comes down they have their fling and both go to San Fran for a bit for a 'good time' in their words but they made a bit deal of it as obviously they are both attention whores.


    TL;DR: Two fat furfag attention whores had teh ghey bumsecks.

    OMG Butthurt

    We aren't sure if he had seen this article yet, but his newest journal may reveal something that he may have...

    Im sorry I havent been around much as I should, what with working and 2008 just being a suck year in general. Its a lame excuse I know, I figure I needed to say something. Just alot of self-doubt in myself and personal things Im having trouble sorting through.


    Perhaps his parents had found out he was a furry and kicked him out LOL.

    He seems to like cock vore

    Oz Kangaroo

    Recently Oz was contacted by Rubbertex Raccoon he got pissed off that Oz put him on ED, blocked him and sent his personal army after Oz

    Not here to stir drama or drag anyones dame through the mud. But I don't appreciate having random strangers send me twitter messages and notes saying what a terrible person I am, I should stay the fuck away from RR.

    First of all, it's wrong to assume and go pointing fingers without knowing for sure that it is indeed that person giving you trouble. I don't know you Rubbertex, I have no problems with you and don't flatter yourself to think I would waste my time writing troll fed drivel about anyone on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Be it you or any of the other "we hate Oz crew" (which no doubt this journal entry will make into yours truly ED page.)

    People who know me well enough, know that I wouldn't go hiding behind an anonymous user name to try and hurt someones feelings. I have the balls to say it right to there face. I really am sorry to see someone write disrespectful things about you RR, it does suck and everyone has feelings.

    Look, I really steer away from drama and only speak up about issues when my own reputation is being slandered by some paranoid guy on the other side of the world. So Mr Tex, I have nothing against you and you should sit down and think that maybe there are others out there who really don't like you.

    To your friends and followers, I don't hold anything against you either. You're only sticking up for a friend. However, don't go following your friends blindly into "battle" without knowing full details or assuming that what they are stating are 100% fact.

    Lastly, I too have had an ED written up about me. Judging by it's content I have a fairly good idea who it is too. Do I care? Nope! If he wants to waste his time, be my guest. :)

    In fact I look at it this way. You're not popufur in this fandom unless people are jealous enough of you to write up and ED page.

    So RR, feel flattered someone out there wants to spend his days writing about you.

    Not impressed by you bad mouthing me and sicking your dogs onto me. But, you're barking up the wrong tree and should look elsewhere for the culprit.


    —Oz points out this as well as Rubbertex's article

    Currently it is not known what words were exchanged with Rubbertex, and Oz.

    Sites of interest

    Methods of Contact ??

    Like most popular artists, Rubbertex likes to hide his email addresses to prevent people from talking to him. Fortunately, anonymous has acquired his methods of contact:

    Fur series.jpg

    Rubbertex Raccoon is part of a series on


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