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    RougeFury, master o' smut

    ROUGEFURY is a weeaboo illegal alien who faps to the idea of being fucked out of her mind by an asexual pedo animu character. She is the self appointed “Master O’ Smut” and writes ‘kinky’ sexcapades about herself/her Sues and said pedo animu alien what-the-fuck-ever. This is what a TARTlet looks like before they’ve been properly cultivated to their fullest extent.

    The Beauty of Alien Sex

    Atomic.gif Warning!
    The following section may cause temporary brain damage.
    RougeFury's future husband/sexslave

    While ROUGEFAGGY’s literary works of art are no longer located on DeviantART, (because the rules of deviantART shouldn’t apply to her), we have lovingly compiled the BEST exerpts from her very best story. Her stories include deep passionate love and hot kinky, no holds barred, down and dirty, hide the kids, lock the door smut.

    Srsly, it’s THAT good. Just read these excerpts:

    “…He kissed me forcefully and trailed burning kisses down my throat, stopping at my racing pulse, where he dragged his fangs and dented the skin with his rough nips; his hands roamed and groped my breasts as he growled in claim of his ‘territory’.

    Then, when he made the sudden move of taking my wrists and holding them over my head against the floor in his powerful grip, the funniest thing happened!

    The sound on metal coming undone echoed in the room. He paused, still panting and flushed; we both simultaneously looked down at his pants.


    “…I pressed him back against the door while I did some 'oral teasing'; lifting his shirt and kissing his lower abdomen, I trailed soft kisses past the ribbed emerald skin of his apex. My hand still palming his shaft, I slid it upwards and stopped to swivel my thumb over his tip…”

    “…He tries to take my shirt off but I push his hands down and steer him to step backwards into the tub past the open shower curtain. Then, I suddenly pull back and leave him to stand in the tub, turned the nozzle and started the shower spray with ice cold water.

    "What are you--" I interrupt his lustfully hoarse inquiry as I collect his discarded clothes and hold them away from him.

    "Now! You'll suffer the equivalent of my agony from your teasing with this predicament your in. And...even though I want to follow through with you, IM ON MY PERIOD!"…”



    Because RougeFury is such an open and expert artist, DA automatically singles her out. She spends most of her time drawing hot kinky smut, and posting it on deviantTART. Which we all know makes Realitysquared wet himself and touch his no-no place, so it all got baleeted. (And it's totally not against the rules or anything.) She also stole screencaps of her lusty asexual man slut, putting them on a MS Pained red background and tossed them up as IDs. Realitysquared knows enough about law that stealing is bad m’kay?

    Rouge in the sweet caresses of NamekianPikkoro

    She had SO many policy violations she got Suspended until Valentines Day to which she declared revenge on a DA user who had reported her lesbian friend, NamekianPikkoro’s, Vin Diesel recolors. This happened to be some fag named StaySocky, who some how knows Vin Diesel a LITTLE too well. Her Lesbian lover threw a shit fit and proclaimed that everyone must ban him from their page to stop him from reporting. Little did they know that he could still report their art. Brilliant bunch.

    Let the Spamming Commence!

    NamekianPikkoro, during a night of hot passionate dry cunt grinding to soothe RougeFatty’s woes, said the same deviant MUST be doing it to her and that he was stalking them to watch their massive dyke orgies. This might be true, who knows.

    So RougeFatty, and her harem of cunt lickers went on a massive crusade of justice and art! Not remembering the fact that they AGREED not to post porn when they joined the sorry excuse for an Art Site. They wrote about censorship, free expression, and the EVILS of women because only WOMEN report something so beautiful as naga Namek smut.

    The note that was sent to some fag. She then banned him from commenting, so she would not get butthurt.

    "I don't know who this person is. I reported some Smut drawing DBZ fan, but not this one. Someone has a lot of useless pent up rage. She probably thinks I'm jealous of her imaginary sex life."



    No one cared, and kept reporting/deleting their pr0n.

    Let it be known that RougeFurry is not against spamming you on AIM. She relishes it because Internet fights are so hardcore that her e-penis just gets bigger with each letter. Here is a bit of contribution, the Assailant is of course RougeFuck, the highly amused victim's name has been changed in order to protect their privacy.

    Here in RougeFuck assumes that 'Anon' is 'tracking her' when all Anon said on her on her BitchFest Journal#1(see links) was "It'll be nice to see you go." That 'Anon' is trying to take down Talented Artists like RougeFaggy (We all want talent like this after all.), and that she is SO good at insulting with the over use of archaic words. Once she begins to realize Anon. really DOENS'T give a shit what she says, she begins cursing and acting her age. She then accuses Anon of drawing smut, in this case if a fully clothed male hugging a fully clothed female is 'smut', I'd hate to know what she thinks it is she draws.

    Chat transcript is in Image form so that it may not be altered and has not been altered in anyway except to highlight Rouge, hide the SN of Anon, and a slight cropping of pointless babbling by Anon.

    Anon >9000
    RougeFury -2

    Over 10 days later, RogueFurry is still spamming Anon. RogueFurry is so butthurt over the fact Anon doesn't care, that she attacks Anon on someone else's page claiming Anon won't leave her alone. (http://comments.deviantart.com/4/3490281/409206791). RogueFaggot is deeply hurt that Anon won't love her dry, fat cunt. What's even more amusing is that Roguefucker can not see subtlety and just doesn't know that calling Anon a Homophobic mo'fo is stupid when Anon, herself, is gay. Oh Roguefucker, you're too stupid to read the obvious! Even the gays are against you and your attempts at smut!

    No One likes Her Smut

    RougeFucker said she would stupidly repost all her smut like a little no brained twat that she is. So she will probably be banned soon. But keep a close eye out for her hot porns before they're gone!

    This experience isn't new to Rouge, she's had her glorious smut delete in the past. She willingly gave us this bit of info on the subject, a letter from the mysterious and legendary Devart the DeviantART policy bot.


    An administrator has removed your 1 deviation as being a violation of official deviantART policy.

    URL: [link]
    Submitted: 2006-12-24 10:08:09 pm

    Your 1 deviation may have been judged to be:
    1. Racist, or bigoted.
    2. Anti-Semitic or other otherwise directly offensive to a philosophy or religion.
    3. Directly insulting to an individual or group.

    Alternatively it may have featured:
    1. Underage nudity.
    2. Sexual acts or “adult toys”.
    3. The gratuitous display of genitalia.
    4. Real life self-mutilation or injury.

    It is also possible that the content of your deviation did not match one of the above suggested reasons but was still judged to be in violation of one or more of our policies. If you routinely submit offensive content you may have your account suspended for a period of time or banned.

    If you feel this removal was in error, or have questions regarding it, then please visit the deviantART Help Desk in order to submit a Policy Violation Inquiry. Be certain to include the above link and title of your deviation in your inquiry for a prompt response.



    What does she have to say about it?

    Who'd wanna draw this thing naked anyway?

    “I figured it would get removed eventually…”



    [You can read the full journal here]

    Brilliant isn't she? So brilliant she only read the top part, and thinks her deviation was deleted because it offended Jews.

    Well…He does have a bit of Jew look to him. Everyone knows Jews hate Christmas.


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