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    So horrendously fail...should've sent a poet.

    RottenRaccoon is a self-described Rottenfur, which are supposedly the worst of the worst in the Furry fandom. Still, the other furries protect them. But then again, they're all equally bad. Although Rotty claims to be the most depraved furry of them all (even going as far as becoming a self-hating furfag) this freak is just putting on airs. Furfags are already bad enough as it is but to add this load of unneeded fail is just torture.


    The fursona of a pompous ass.

    Rotty's fursona is that of a black raccoon with purple hair, bondage straps and a giant dildo of death for good measure. According to his writings, he was born a raccoon and became an Incubus with wings, tails and all the basic shit you'd expect on any emofag demon furfag crossover. Aside from that, Rotty was endowed with strange, demonic powers that grant him the ability to do anything he wants.

    Along with his "powers," Rotty has an armada of fetishes that he's obsessed with, kindly taking the liberty of sharing them with furgots and trolls alike in order to rape as many people's minds as possible. Possibly his TMI is part of another terrible fetish, or his parents loved him too much as a kid.

    Sadly, none of this faggery daggery doo is any different from other cockmongling furries out there.



    I also bought a new toy yesterday that helps add to my good spirits! It is a dildo shaped and to scale with a human hand and arm! The fingers are all together, but not balled into a fist. I tried it already. I can't fit past the widest part of the hand. I hurt myself a little trying, but it was soooooo good! *^____________________________^*


    Mr. Hands would be so proud


    I learned a couple of things today. 1: Genital dividers are not meant to wear for an extended period of time, say throughout an entire work day. 2: giving yourself a 40 or 80oz enema is a BAD thing.


    O rly

    However disgusting RottenRaccoon may be, he still comes across fursecution:


    Last week I was at work, standing in the smoking area, having a cigarette when I overheard girl and 2 guys taking about which would be better to have, a pet turtle or puppy when I thought I heard the girl say, “But turtles don’t yiff!” I turned and gave the girl a shocked look and asked, “Did you just say that turtles don’t yiff?!” The girl replied, “No, I said that turtles don’t yip”. I smiled to myself and tried to keep the question to myself, but couldn’t. I asked her, “Have you ever heard of the Furry Fandom?” The girl’s answer was no, but one of the guys piped up, “Do you mean furries?!” Before I could reply the other guy started shouting rather gaily, “EEW! EEW! EWW!” The girl started demanding instantly to know what Furries are. One of the guys told her, “I’ll take you to a gay pride parade sometime and show you furries.” The other added, “They’re people who get their rocks off by pretending to be cartoon animals.” When I tried to interject a more politically correct description one of them told me, “I know what furries are. You ain’t tellin’ me nuthin’.”



    Unfortunately, the chick in the smoking area would be wrong: where Rottenracoon is concerned, furries are not playing dressup. They're sick fucks who enjoy molestin' the childrens, sitting in their own shit and drinking each other's piss while having gay buttsex. The fur suits are just a disguise to keep from getting their sorry asses arrested. Ironically, they could get more buttsex in teh prison, but they're too retarded to figure this out.

    PROTIP: His e-mail is [email protected] . Send him some love!

    Art by Rottenraccoon

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