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    Rosie O'Donnell

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    100px Rosie O'Donnell looks like it was written by pseudo-intellectual 13-year-old boys.
    Look out for unfunny Uncyclopedia bullshit, boring in-jokes, and angsty teen-ery.
    You could also add in actual humor.
    This is often the fate of fat fucks that aren't executed.

    Rosie O'Donnell is a porched whale, hailing from the great lands of America, who spews an unending amount of macerated garbage from her deep fried face. She has recently become a celebrity blogger after offering her insightful and educated opinion on various talk shows and subsequently being fired.

    In her spare time, she enjoys speaking and promoting the mentally ill and faggots. Of the times she's not talking about them, she spends her free time using comically large dildos, much to ill effect. Some could say that she uses them so much that she has to resort to things like freight trains, however, there's more evidence that points towards her getting rammed down by a horse.

    Rosie has an wondrous personality, for example, she would find throwing a cripple down a flight of stairs into an incinerator to be spectacular, this of course would be hilarious to some people on ED, but most would find it abhorrent. (S)he supports the legalization of adult sexual contact with children, abortions at any stage of pregnancy, gay-marriages, and child-pornography, because they are all "civil rights." The adipose storage house has children. Luckily, she feeds them with milk. This makes niggers look bad, mostly because grape drink doesn't give you automatic Diabetes. Rosie's chesticles are composed entirely out of cheddar cheese, so she must dick-sneeze milk for her bastards.

    The Rosie Loophole

    Rule 34 clearly states that "If it exists, there is porn of it." Furthermoar, Rule 35 states that "If pr0n of it cannot be found it WILL be created".

    Howevar, despite the NO EXCEPTIONS clause, anon will refuse when "34 on Rosie" is called. Technically, this is not breaking The Rules Of The Internet because anon is not denying that Rosie 34 exists, nor that it can't be created. Like draft dodging conscientious objectors, they simply refuse to find, create and/or upload it.

    Whole lotta Rosie... About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump

    The Donald proves that you can troll a troll.

    Rosie is currently in an ongoing feud with Donald Trump and, as of last Thursday, is being sued by Trump for defamation of character; believe it or not, TOW is to blame. [citation needed]

    You see, one night the naive, rotund Rosie the Googled "The Donald" for flame ammo and ended up with a bunch of half-truths from his bio on Wikipedia. The next day on her TV show, "The View", she went on a butthurt tirade, flaming Trump with TOW 'facts' including stating that Trump is financially bankrupt (which he isn't).

    In retaliation The Donald fired back with a lollercaust of insults and a lawsuit to relieve her lard-arse of all her money and bankrupt her; so in effect, TOW pwned that fat bitch.

    Chinese Jokes

    Rosie needs a translator.
    File:Diet language.JPG
    A translator has been found!

    Like all lesbians, O'Donnell hates the Chinese and regularly pokes fun at Chinks.

    Sadly her grasp on English is worse than that of the average chink leading to much lulz.




    YouTube Favicon.png Rosie shows off her L33T Chinese skills

    YouTube Favicon.png A response to skills, with plentiful lulz

    Internet tough gal

    Rosie in her finest hour
    Rosie just out of bed

    Rosie has fucking lost it. Her blog has gone from arch-libtard all the way to something that can only be described as "anti thought".

    Consider this nugget:


    out in the bay there r no words really

    80 % say conspiracy re jfk hmmmm

    gonna get a ? of the day button this will b fun

    maybe a graph pie chart something

    dolphins a nudge from above 4 me"


    —Rosie, Poetry?

    Here is her harrowing account of W's plan to kill this rising star:

    "President Bush almost killed me. It's true, and I have the scars to prove it — multiple scars that are part of the public record — you saw them in magazines and on my show, and you can see them on my blog frequently — no twelve year wait required.

    It was 2000, and the Republican National Convention was on television. The whole affair felt something like a home invasion, with a chronically smirking and arrogant George W. Bush as ringleader. Not wishing to be robbed of my optimism and hope at the time — or to tumble into depression and despair — I shut off the TV and decided to go fishing.

    I needed gear, so I went to the store and bought a few things, including a knife, which I used to cut the price tags off of the fishing poles.

    Now, I could have stabbed myself 100 times in the hand and not managed to do the damage I did with that one poke to the inside of my middle finger. I went all out, though, and got everything — skin, ligaments, tendons, nerves. Maximum impact, including a particularly nasty staph infection that almost left me dead".


    —Crazy bitch, She stabs herself after watching the RNC, thus W is to blame.

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