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    Rosario + Vampire

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    Rosario+Vampire summed up in one image.

    Rosario + Vampire is yet another anime about monsters and superpowers.

    Created by a sick fuck, it consists of all the things needed in an anime:

    It's a show that every anime website has GIGABYTES of 34 of, and as of 2010, is the most fapped to thing on the internet by lusers, except maybe for Lord of the Rings.[1][2] (Lol 404 images)


    Turning its back on every chance of originality or relevantly reasonable plot, it starts off with the story of the male character, Tsukune Aono. Like in any other animu, he's a normal boy with no personality or powers. With all this in mind the swell and sweet loving guy manages to win the hearts of the female cast of the series.

    Because he is a huge fucking failure, his parents desperately get him enrolled in the shittiest school they can find, which turns out to be a sooper-sekrit educational facility for Japanese monsters and demons. The only one who knows he's not supposed to be there simply because he's human, thus a weak pussy, is Moka, who happens to be the vampire the series is named for.

    Moka Akashiya is a pink-haired girl who is supposedly innocent, despite having a two-inch-short skirt allowing her ass and panties to roam free and be visible to anyone wanting to take a look, just like every other female character in the series. She has a magical rosary around her neck that, when taken off, lets the vampire inside her free.

    In the school for monsters, Tsukune meets another blue-haired animu girl named Kurumu Kurono with huge fucking jugs that jump all around the place at the smallest movement. Even though she's not as pretty as Moka, her gargantuan milk bags make her fuckable and a welcome subject of Rule 34. There is no logic to it but she, too, falls madly in love with Tsukune and does weird shit to him (like rubbing her two "weapons" against him. It turns out she's a succubus and she tries to seduce him, proving she's a slut), but she fails after Rosario stops her.

    Another stereotypical character is Yukari Sendo, another Mary-Sue in the story. She is the smartest student in the academy despite being 11 years old, and is a pint-sized dyke who's fallen for Moka-san. Consequently, she follows the object of her lust, constantly grabbing her breasts and more. She claims to hide her homosexuality by saying her long time dream is the fuck Moka and Tsukune at the same damn time. Though she tries desperately to prove her bisexuality It is all for not.

    Another Notable female character is Mizore Shirayuki. She is a snow woman who appears to be smitten with our hero. She defends him against any interloper who dares try to make a pass at him. Because of this, the fanbase has come know label as a YANDERE character who's sole purpose is to protect Tsukune from would be suitors.

    Contents of this particular animu include panty-flashes, a talking Fact Bat, monsters who jizz all over the place, idolizing somebody's huge boobs, and the staple of the Land of the Rising Sun, pedophilia.

    In summation, the anime is perfect for guys who like animu that let them pretend they'll one day be surrounded by women who want nothing but their penis. It also offers many fap-able images.

    There is a second season, which is just like the first one except with furries.

    Season 2

    CAPU 2 has moar of everything the first season had, including redundant and predictable plots.

    File:Season 2.jpg
    what we can expect from season 2

    Fan quotes!!!!!1

    That's true except for the gay ones, and no I'm not gay.


    —Dirty Mind, on Kurumu's boobies having the ability to enslave the male population.

    It would be cooler if that chick was sucking on the cross, still hot though


    —How? How would that make an image hotter?

    Ohhh...I..I'm hard now..mmm


    —Daijin, expressing a fine example of TMI...


    TSUKUNE- the leading male character of the series. Though he is constantly surrounded by busty chicks and lolis he acts like a total fucktard. He constantly denies the wimmenz vying for the right to own his penis, which makes him a retard. 'Tsuck me' is a typical animu nice guy and for some reason wants to remain a virgin. Weak and helpless, he always needs to be rescued by his vampire girlfriend. Basically, he makes this series into Twilight with the genders reversed. This is easily explained when you realize that 'Tsuck me' has the gay.

    Moka Akashiya-The leading bitch in the series has serious family issues something about her daddy raping her or her sisters, or her sister raping her or some whole rape history shit. Moka is a vampire and when she goes into full vampire mode she means BUSINESS with her catch phrase "KNOW YOUR PLACE". Moka in her first form is also known as "Capu-Chu". She is in love with 'Tsuck me'. It is proven that Moka needs to consume human bodily fluids every day and in the end of every episode tries to suck off the main character, who won't let her because he is a colossal faggot. WARNING-Moka is a Cullen.

    File:Edward cousin.jpg

    Kurumu Kurono-Typical woman and bigger than average slut. Kurumu is a succubus--a demon whore that likes to fuck both man and monster, and can drink OVER 9000 gallons of cum. Kurumu loves to throw her tits around and is Moka's arch rival for 'Tsuck me's' cock. It is said Kurumu has raped over 9000 men. Kurumu has the powers to seduce any man and the ability to transform into a bat like creature thing. In addition, her skill of being a cocktease is unmatched and her Boob to the Head and Face Rape attacks are very formidable. Unlike a pussy vampire she's does'nt need cum or blood for foodz, but still robs men of their testicles and semens for the lulz. WARNING-Kurumu's mother has boobs that are OVER 9000 times bigger than hers and makes Kurumu's chest look as flat as a board...

    Completely innocent.

    Yukari Sendo- Token loli of the series and fulfiller of all the pedo's desires. Yukari is a witch(someone who uses magic) and carries a dildo with special powers which she calls a "wand". In almost every episode Yukari is shown in her underwear. Like all the other bitches she's in love with 'Tsuck me' and wants nothing more than his cock in her tiny pussy. WARNING- never fap to images of Yukari or she will HEX you.

    Mizore Shirayuki- Emo cunt of the series. Like all the other women in the series she wants cock; however, she is the only one who gets depressed over her inability to get any. Mizore is a Yuki-Onna--a type of wapanese (it can't be wapanese if it's actual Japspeak, fucktard) ice demon. Mizore has ice powers and can freeze dicks and semen so that they don't spoil, which she then eats later. She is basically a walking refrigerator and fucking her will definitely give your dick a frostbite, which would one of the reasons why 'Tsuck me' doesn't fuck her, other than the fact that he's a FAGGOT. WARNING-Mizore is magnet for sick fucks. Srsly see episode 7 and 17.

    File:Fat mizore.png
    Sick fuckery.

    Kokoa Shuzen-Moka's younger sister and moar obligatory loli. Unfunny and is followed around by the Fact Bat.

    Fact bat/Kou- was originally the narrator of the series and the most annoying character due to his tendency to block pantyshots. Later revealed that he was Kokoa's sex toy. Fact bat (who is actually named Kou) is a total fucktard and an annoying flying piece of shit. Also an example of low quality animation.

    Ginei Morioka- Furry of the series specifically made to appease furfags. Ginei is a werewolf and would do anything to gets some ass, but strangely enough he never gets any despite being taller, stronger and definitely more man than 'Tsuck me'. Can't get any ass because he's a pervert who likes to take pictures of them naked and paste it on the internet for everyone's fapping pleasure. Also, like most furfags IRL, he has a micropenis.

    File:Hot were wolf furry.jpg
    That's right furries fap for me ha ha ha

    Ruby Toujo-Another witch in the series (moar liek bitch, amirite?), a necrophiliac as she kept the dead corpse of her master for obvious reasons. The typical talkative whore of the series and can only be shut up by a cockin the mouth or a slap on the face. She also has the distinction of being the only female character who knows her womanly place as she is always seen cleaning and being everyone's maid.

    Ruby + Kitchen = nuff said

    'Shizuka Nekonome-School teacher who is half cat and half human. Has nice tits for a wannabe furry.


    How to troll

    Anime Forums

    Basically explain how this series is completely stolen from Twilight, that the girls are not hot, the excessive amount of child exploitation makes any fan of the show a pedophile, bring up any contradiction that the show makes (watch an episode, you'll find about 60 every 2 minutes), the lack of character development, the lack of emotion in the voice acting, the fact that no English dub exists, so anyone who watches it is a weeaboo fucktard who cries melodic tears in their bedroom while listening to Linkin Park, just wishing they were born in the Land of Moonspeak, and that the only reason people like this show is the excessive amounts of boob and panty shots.

    Forums That Have A Moderately Sane Userbase

    Just mention the show. Just the thought of this series will make any normal person RAGE.

    Gallery of Moe

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