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Roosh advocating Sharia Law.
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Roosh V (AKA Daryush Valizadeh, Roosh Vörek, and formerly known as failed blogger DC Bachelor) is a sand nigger pick up artist (PUA) from the Washington DC suburbs. His self-published "Bang Books" have made him a hero to unfuckable basement dwellers, just like himself, and an enemy of feminazi bloggers, whose ire he has raised by hosting PUA forums Return of Kings. This forum that would be ignored by anyone who is neither retarded nor looking to feed a victim complex, but Roosh benefits from both sides... the unfuckable betas who frequent his site and buy his books, and the feminists who care that this shit exists, and unintentionally give him the notoriety that helps him sell his books.


Born in 1979 to Ghalanreza and Gholamreza Valizadeh, Roosh had a middle class childhood growing up in the suburbs of Washington DC. Despite being all things to all women, he only wants a "down-to-earth hippie girl who likes hummus and art".

Why do you hate America?

American women being picky cunts, none will give him any cooze unless he gets them drunk or otherwise incapacitates their ugly-detectors. Because of this, Roosh harbors deep resentment towards American women. Fortunately for them, he has decided to drip his disease into lonely, desperate, confused foreign women instead.

I’ll be the first to admit that many of my bangs in the United States were hate fucks. The masculine attitude and lack of care these women put into their style or hair irritated me, so I made it a point to fuck them and never call again.


Or, to put it in English, he was so gut wrenchingly ugly and pathetic that the best he could ever hope from American women was one night stand "pity fucks", which made him a flustered little mongoloid half-breed who eventually decided it was best to "stick to his own kind" to try and increase his near nonexistent chances at creating a lasting relationship with something other than a convenient "lowered expectation" of an American woman.

The real reason he hates America though is because he's a filthy Persian and the reason he hates women is because he is a deeply closeted homosexual.

Roosh and 17-year-old girls

Roosh wrote a "classic" essay about drinking wine and having sex with a 17-year-old, but then backed down when criticized and deleted it. (This was pointless, since the and Disqus archives were unaffected.) Roosh opined, "I think we should keep it 18+. I understand that some members are young, but we get enough heat here as it is."

Feminists and neo-Nazis

In addition to leaving a trail of false hope and sexually transmitted diseases on his Internet travels, Roosh's very existence offends feminists, who regard him as a misogynist even though he is a sensitive, loving man. Also, he has a bad reputation among the neo-Nazis at Stormfront, who see him as a despoiler of their cherished white women. He often attempts to enrage these groups and play pretend as a means of increasing his near nonexistent self-published book sales whilst he furiously rubs at his irreversibly diseased little pecker, spooging off to ever failing dreams of unwarranted self-importance.

Return of Kings and other Roosh faggotry

Give Roosh a blog,some free time and a creative imagination and you have the sad, sad circlejerk that is the Roosh V forums. Add an army of sexually frustrated "red pilled alpha male" fanboys and you have Return of Kings. Roosh created it in 2012 and lets those that suck his cock enough on the forum write shitty 2 paragraph long articles that consist of whining that they can't get the womens to like them.

Roosh tends to be a little sensitive to criticism [1]
Matt forney threat.png
Return of Kings writer and Grade A pussy magnet, Matt Forney Gets BTFO by a high-schooler
World class writers
So gentlemen, next time you’re making the mistake of trying to have a debate with a woman and she inevitably breaks Godwin’s law by dropping the Nazi card on you, feel free to drop this incendiary logic bomb on her Dresden: if you really were a Nazi, then why isn’t she desperately trying to have sex with you?



He also has his personal website which consists of TL;DR rants about women, thinly veiled butthurt at his years of being bullied by the beautiful people and of course, more sales pitches for the latest "bang book" he shat out. No word yet on how many of the losers that bought the books actually managed to get laid.

He also has co-founded a wiki.

Community Beliefs

2. Women are sluts if they sleep around, but men are not. This fact is due to the biological differences between men and women.


—Roosh, Not being a hypocrite

6. A woman’s value is mainly determined by her fertility and beauty. A man’s value is mainly determined by his resources, intellect, and character.


—Roosh, the little mongol doesn't want to be judged on his looks... shocking

Roosh meets Dr Oz

April 28th, 2015 was a big day for Roosh as it was the day he decided to make the brave leap into the world of daytime television, apparently failing to understand that the Dr. Oz show's main viewership is fat middle aged women. Despite being given a platform to speak and explain himself before NORPs who had otherwise never heard of him, he proceeds to be talked over on the show like a bitch and makes a video whining about his UNFAIR TREATMENT a few hours later.

In Roosh's words:

I entered a sort of fight-or-flight response where my goal was to survive, you know. My goal was just to make it through


—Roosh, Triggered

I feel used


Living in his mom's basement

King Of Masculinity is probably not the first that springs to mind, when you think about a 36 year old who lives at home. In the fucking basement, none-the-less, as the Daily Fail lulzily discovered. The words "Wanna come home to my mom's apartment?" are sure to make the panties fly off.

Roosh V Living at home.jpg


"Toronto Sucks"

People are trying really hard to be hip


—Roosh, being ironic

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