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    RonBudda6699 (aka Riff) is an overweight, batshit insane juggalo and fucktarded leader of some "family" of ICP fanbois on les tubes. He is essentially a wannabe Jewtube "hater" and a wigger of which the likes you have never seen before, qualities which make him eerily reminiscent of another YT lolcow who was similarily clowned off the tubes (no pun intended). He spends nearly all his time churning out low quality, unintelligable, tl;dw wannabe hater videos while wearing a hockey mask figuring if he screams "YOU'S A BITCH!!!!!" loud enough at the camera he will be considered hardcore. He often holds a bat while vlogging and would like you to know that he is not to be trifled with as he wields a mighty army of basement dwelling fail trolls ready to spam/flag any videos he finds disagreeable. If you've ever seen an old school video of some washed up professional wrestler foaming at the mouth and spouting impetuous nonsense for minutes on end...well that's basically what RonBudda does, only in ebonics.

    Typical 6699

    Basically RonBudda and 6699 are a group of ICP low-lifes who engage in epic fanboy faggotry by spamming endless fan videos dressed in Halloween masks making asinine text-scroll videos no one cares about. RonBudda and 6699 are a prime example of why juggalos fail hard and why they remain an eternal source of lulz.

    Emos vs Juggalos

    It gets even lulzier as the 6699 family recently started an epic internet war on Youtube against the DMR crew. As the DMR crew consists of a bunch of emo kids who are obsessed with animu there was a tremendous amounts of lulz created in this war due to the fact that both groups are made of fail.

    Related Drama

    Pondering bat sex
    Who is this faggot behind the mask?

    Recently vlogger R3ndi3r was at odds with RonBudda and made a video mocking him. Ron followed up by expressing his dissatisfaction in being labelled a "wigger".

    File:RonBudda6699 bulletin leaving.jpg
    Wait...the gimmick's not working out?

    R3ndi3r offers a rebuttal noting Ron's use of eyemakeup

    Ron's follow up

    Moar butthurt

    List of 6699 Faggots on YouTube

    ++++++++++ 6699 Is ++++++++++
    ++TWIZTIDCOCK6699++ **
    ++ICWankthemastodon++ **
    +++++++++6699 FANBOYS++++++++++

    Their Fans


    Recent Events

    As the self-proclaimed leader of juggalos on YouTube, RonBudda6699 has recently decided to give up the ghost and leave the tubes, but not before he put out a series of "farewell" videos receiving some small attention from his fans in the process...




    —signing off


    Did you know that Ron:

    • Hails from Oakland, CA.
    • Says he's just acting as a hater. Sounds familiar.
    • Is quickly becoming one of YouTube's biggest sub4subbers. His subscription numbers have been additionally bolstered with fake accounts.
    • Is not gay.
    • Would like you to know you're a bitch.

    External Links

    RonBudda6699 on YouTube

    See Also

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