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Roman Shower

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A Roman shower, sometimes called a rainbow shower, is a very sexy form of sexual play involving food - after a nice trip to the stomach and back. It is also what anyone receiving a blowjob gets when forcing deepthroating while forgetting people have a damn gag reflex.



It is quite common to experience a connection between vomit and orgasm; in fact, many people experience arousal holding a friend's hair back while she pukes vigorously into the lavatory. While a deeply shameful yet pleasurable experience for some, others are able to get over their anxiety, shame, and endless nights of imagining the vomit on your penis was his and not yours...and come out of the closet as full-fledged Roman Shower Enthusiast, or emetophile.

Example: Baby Bird (Goddamn Opie and Anthony)

How Do I Intentionally Receive A Roman Shower

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Her throat was too dry. Always moisturize.
  • Advertise on Craigslist!
  • Shove your 9-inch penis down your girlfriend's throat. Her mouth always gets dry anyway, and you hate that.
  • Forward this article to 20 people, or you will never have this desire fulfilled. In fact, the last person not to forward this lost the use of his throat FOREVAR.
  • Any of the destitute niggers who stayed at the Superdome Hotel will happily give you one for a dollar, as poor people will do anything.
  • Refill your bottle of I/D with your own vomit. By the time he realizes why it smells like feces and lukewarm, stale vomit, instead of santorum, you'll be properly positioned for a donkey-punch!
  • Show the ana community!
  • In the U.K. simply purchase one: [1]


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