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    Robert Levin

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    Lol, dunnage

    Posterboy for why you should wear a helmet, Rob Levin spent all of his time chatting on the Internet and trying to get people to pay him to run the Freenode IRC network. He never held a real job and both he and his wife refused to work. Instead, they sucked at the teat of the federal government collecting disability. They claimed it is for ADD but we knew it was for more serious mental defects. Lilo lived in a trailer, and was last seen convincing people to donate a quarter million dollars to buy a bigger trailer and pay off his student loans. Actually, he lived in a rather nice apartment and even had a Hispanic nanny while pretending to live in the trailer with a broken toilet to get some sympathy so you'll help him buy a quarter-million dollar RV.

    On September 15th, 2006, Levin died from acute trauma suffered during an extensive anal BDSM session with JWZ.

    Rob Levin's death led to Anonymous getting sand in his vagina about Encyclopedia Dramatica and start ShutdownED.org.


    Dunnage is a phrase coined by known internet evangelist Rob Levin. He couldn't exactly be bothered with asking where this came from seeing as he is dead. He was trolled to death by a car, causing serious A+++ lulz throughout the internets.

    dunnage, lol


    —rob levin, dead

    Important Links

    lilo the meme

    lol, dunnage

    Lilo Black Metal

    After Jmax of Bantown took over Freenode, Jesuitx produced a quality black metal track titled Dethrone Lilo. FACTOID: That is an acoustic guitar.

    Delink the sacred server
    Sodomize the holy channel
    Drink the red blood of the wife of lilo
    Masturbation on the dead body of freenode
    The king of PDPC is dead
    and so are the lies
    Vomit on the host of Wikipedos
    Masturbate on the throne of #ruby-lang
    Break the seals of lilo's oper block
    Drink the sweet blood of #emacs
    Taste the open sores
    Sodomize open source
    The king of PDPC is an idiot
    The IRC network will burn
    Delink the IRC server
    Rob Levin is dead
    Stability gone
    Security gone
    The servers are burned
    Covered in black shit
    Rape the Wikipedos
    Unclean birth of lilo's autistic children
    Freenode will fall
    Fuck the network
    Fuck Rob Levin
    Fuck the Wikipedos
    Fuck the gods of Freenode
    Fuck the name of Lilo
    Fuck the gods of Freenode
    Fuck the name of Lilo



    Rob Levin's bicycle


    On 9/12 stabbington of bantown ran down his pink girls huffy. Saturday 2006.9.16, his death was lolcast to Freenode.

    -christel- [Global Notice] On the 12th September Rob Levin, known to many as Freenode's lilo, was hit by a car while riding his bike. He suffered head injuries and passed away in hospital on the 16th. For more information please visit #freenode-announce

    Within seconds, trolls and h8ers across the internets swarmed Freenode #freenode-announce and the many sub-memorial channels setup postmortem.

    Since he was liked by few and mutually disliked by everybody, many offers of condolences were offered in the #freenode-announce channel on Freenode (If by condolences you mean statements like "lol", "lilo was a fag" and "how can I run to be the next president???!".

    Rob is survived by his husband Rico and two sons, Chip and Max. He will be laid to rest next to his brother, Mr. Hands, who willed his prized stallion to Levin when he himself passed away. Interestingly enough, Hands also died from acute anal trauma at the hands of this stallion.

    <Meriwether> I disliked lilo
    <ttuttle> Meriwether: I agree he was a horrible president
    <Cowclops> you mean you can just call up the morgue and be like "is so and so dead?" and they'll actually tell you?
    <Ankara2> give the county morgue people 1000 phone calls "Is lilo dead yo?"
    <jesuitx> guyz im having a party tonight to celebrate
    <GarethTheGreat> with no offence to any catholics present - i laughed
    <Meriwether> Freenode isn't that important, and neither was lilo.
    <taget> its not like a guy who irc'd in a trailer was a local hero

    Lilo speed metal

    digg fanboys give tribute to their hero.

    After Jesuitx's first lilo metal track ended up an eerily prophetic prediction of lilo's slaughter, he and weev made a victory song about the brutal hit-and-run attack conducted upon Rob Levin. It is titled Delife Lilo.

    Rob Levin is dead true to form
    Let's sodomize his head and begin the swarm
    Trolls and banbots flood and spam lots
    All freenode users are fat, stupid and poor
    Get murdered like Levin the donation whore

    We were driving the car that gored Freenode's king
    Now destroy Rob's network and let chaos ring!

    I piss on lilo's body I rape his fat wife
    I will continue on my spree cuz if I get caught its life
    With the bumper of my Taurus I did aim
    Driving over the hump, Lilo I did maim
    Let us watch it on YouTube again and again

    We are irl trolls with our guns and a car
    You should learn all of this if you want to get far
    We speed towards a troll revolution
    This chapter reads just like the final solution

    Slimy unixbeards all deserve to die
    When you hear my motor running don't stop and cry
    Pedal harder faggot, I'm closing in
    Your brains on my bumper for the win
    You are all gonna die like Rob Levin

    RMS you're next you fat fuck


    Made by Sheneequa after learning of his visit from the Angel of Death.

    Now this is a story all about how
    Rob Levin got flipped turned upside down
    Now wait a little minute, just sit right there
    I'll tell you how lilo got hit by a victoria-crown

    In Houston, Texas born and raised
    On irc is where he spent most of his days
    Maxin relaxin and chillin all cool
    And making a bunch of stupid freenode rules

    When a couple of cars, they were up to no good
    Started drivin round in his neighborhood
    He got in one little collision and his aspies got scared
    Said you're moving into the six-feet-underground

    I whistled for a hearse and when it came near
    The liscense plate said YHBT and it was driven by weev
    If anything I could say this hearse was rare
    But I said nah forget it, you've been ruined

    George of the Jungle

       o           __/   |____  ---
      /L,         |__________|  ---
    (o)/(o)        o       o    ---

    Rob, Rob, Rob of the Freenode
    One big stupid fuck!

    Freenode users find ED

    <Whopper> I'm ashamed that the first google hit for "Rob levin dead" is an encyclopedia dramatica article
    <Whopper> very disrespectful :(
    <GHe|VERY_Busy> somebody should change it..
    <Whopper> i suppose if we have a vote rally we could have it deleted
    <Whopper> if enough people sign to have it down, then it may be possible
    <GeorgeMoney> someone blank this http://encyclopediadramatica.rs/index.php/Rob_Levin
    <Whopper> oh...
    <GeorgeMoney> I cant find any proxies that are not blocked
    <GeorgeMoney> I wasted all the proxies on the nathanr article
    <GeorgeMoney> I need to blank the lilo article now
    . GHe|VERY_Busy/##lilo-rip will try to find a proxy
    <Whopper> i did not vandalize the nathan one, but this one will be worth it
    <Gamez> "This page has been locked to prevent editing."
    <ttuttle> Gamez: That sucks.
    <Whopper> ghe: I have some proxy changing sites that nathan gave me :)
    <ttuttle> Gamez: How about we googlebomb a beter page to move something else up in the rankings?
    <GHe|VERY_Busy> it's protected
    <GHe|VERY_Busy> full protected
    <Whopper> ttuttle: I guess if we create a very good editthis with logs and a signing post, it may do it
    <GHe|VERY_Busy> someone upload an image to replace http://encyclopediadramatica.rs/index.php/Image:Lilobating.png
    <GeorgeMoney> someone please find me a proxy please
    <GHe|VERY_Busy> btw, what *exactly* is encyclopediadramatica for
    <Whopper> it is to make fun at others expence
    <GeorgeMoney> we need proxies to delete the article
    <Shadow42> Whoa there
    <GHe|VERY_Busy> how do u even delete the article
    <Shadow42> You're talking vandalism
    <Whopper> george: then good thing i used to be a vandal.
    <Whopper> http://search.yahoo.com/search?fr=slv2-sbc&p=free+proxy+changers
    <Shadow42> I know
    <Whopper> there you go.
    <Shadow42> I'm saying, why not email them about it
    <Whopper> shadow42: I go way back with ed
    <Whopper> georgemoney: using the trial time on aol disks works good for proxies too
    <GeorgeMoney> I dont have aol
    <SonicChao> Ahahaha. Please. =\
    <GeorgeMoney> I will vadalise the image with a kitten
    <SonicChao> Discuss changes on the talk page.
    <SonicChao> Do you know nothing about wiki software?
    <GeorgeMoney> sonicchao: ED is *not* like wikipedia
    <GHe|VERY_Busy> it's not even uncyclo
    <SonicChao> I know.
    <SonicChao> I edit for Uncyclopedia.
    <GeorgeMoney> you cant just go on the talkpage and get community consensus
    <GeorgeMoney> they are evil
    <GHe|VERY_Busy> uncyclo is funny, but not stupid
    <GeorgeMoney> ED is evil, uncyc is funny
    <SonicChao> No one visits ED much anyway.
    <GeorgeMoney> SonicChao: well atleast we need to get off the fist page on google
    <GeorgeMoney> look at this it is terrible
    <GeorgeMoney> This page has been accessed 2,816 times.
    <Whopper> I posted what i believe, now I will never access that page again.
    <GHe|VERY_Busy> (diff) (hist) . . Talk:Rob Levin.ÇÄ; 00:02 . . Clap goes the dipshit. (Talk | Contribs) ?
    <Whopper> yes.
    <Whopper> that would be me.
    <Whopper> cough. cough.
    <SonicChao> When you addvertise00:09, 17 September 2006 SonicChao (Talk | Contribs) (Reverted edits of Clap Goes the Dipshit., to last version by TiCL)
    <SonicChao> ^_^
    <Whopper> ^_^ :)
    <Whopper> well, i give up
    <Whopper> i guess time heals its own wounds
    <Caitlai> Did you guys see the Ed one?
    <Caitlai> :O
    <Whopper> umm...yes

    Note: If you think Rob Levin dying is srs business, you are a fucking crybaby.

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