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    Robert H. Marko

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    Rex290 aka Robert H. Marko is a rapist and a murderer. Naturally, he is also a furry (He's a scaly, retard). He infiltrated the Army in order to wreak his perversions on a helpless nation. Take it away, New York Times:

    "A Fort Carson soldier and war veteran charged in the murder and sexual assault of a woman in Colorado last month faces accusations that he also raped a 14-year-old girl and sexually assaulted a third woman, an internal Army document states ... It was common knowledge among his commanding officers and fellow soldiers, the document states, that Specialist Marko, who is being held without bond, believed he was an "alien dinosaur-like creature, and that he would transform from his human form into his Black Raptor form on his 21st birthday — 13 Oct 08."

    "[The Army's official report] said that his alter-ego was an “amalgam” derived from books, movies and “computer-Internet-based role-playing video games,” which he began to develop as a child. Both parents were aware of his “delusions.”

    His father told his commander that his son’s fascination with dinosaurs intensified at age 12 after he read the book, “Raptor Red,” written by a paleontologist. The book prompted ongoing nightmares, Specialist Marko told an Army health-care provider after his return from Iraq.

    He told his superiors that he had joined the Army to “get combat experience — something that he viewed as important to his Black Raptor identity.”

    Specialist Marko’s MySpace page was replete with his dark impulses. “I’m becoming a true Black Raptor already,”’ he wrote in his profile. “I’m becoming a cold-hearted killer and can kill without mercy or reason.”

    From the Raptor's mouth

    "I'm PFC Marko, Robert of the US Army, as of now i'm fighting for my country in Iraq. Also i'm Know as Rex290, that is who i was in my past life and will become someday and will fight to bring peace to all my people, the Black Raptors. If ur a single female ages 18 to 20 that can accept my belifes and not try to change them, then look me up kk. I also looking for any goth or emo females, same ages who are looking for a semi goth soldier, if u all hit me up, my contact links as follow. MSN: [email protected] Yahoo: dragon_dragon290 AIM: unitedspacecore add me if u wish to chat to me, all others leave me alone is that clear kk Comander Rex290 out"

    "I'm looking for female slave in Colorado Springs,CO region, my current e-mail is down right now kk, i'm looking for possible offline relationship. I only want females in Colorado Springs region kk, u can pm me here or e-mail me at [email protected] kk.

    What i'm looking for is female with no limits and loves pain kk, if u think u are her, hit me up kk"

    "The things i going to have u do:

    Nipple/Boob torture/pain, anal, and pussy kk"


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