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Robert Butler Jr. of Omaha, Nebraska was a typical American high school student who just needed some friends. He decided to show everybody what a cool kid he was by bringing a toy to school for show and tell. While educating one's schoolmates on the proper usage of firearms has become quite common these days, Robert is unique in the fact that his father is an Omaha Police Detective.

What happened

The victims one victim!

Robert originally lived with his mother in Lincoln, Nebraska but because she couldn't control his impulses, she shipped him off to Omaha to live with his father. His Father, an Omaha State Detective, proceeded to educate his son in proper sideways gun control, but Robert was too distressed to pay heed.

Robert found the move distressing. He was bullied and got into fights everyday. Winter break was a tough time for Robert, who missed school so much that he decided to hop into his car for a short visit. Upon arriving at the school's football field, Robert was gripped by an intense yearning for physical activity, but because of his health issues, and lack of cardiovascular training, he used his automobile to take a short cut across the football field. A few of his father's friends spotted him, and stopped him for a small chat.

A few days later, the school's Vice Principal, Ms. Kaspar, was so impressed with Robert's performance in school that she decided to extend his winter break by putting him on suspension. Robert decided to show his gratitude by putting on an educational firearms demonstration for the principal and vice-principal, the latter of which was very impressed with his accuracy. The rest of Robert's schoolmates missed out on the show thinking that it was just some balloons popping.

Afterwards, Robert decided to shoot himself to increase his hit ratio.

How it started

Since he was new to the school he had no friends and he wasn't trying to befriend any white kids, however he was noticed by some Arabs and became friends with them. Since he wanted them to think he was a cool kid and to join their cool club, after smoking his body weight in k2(fake weed) he decided to go back to school even though he was suspended. He was being a pussy so he decided to trespass on New Years when nobody was at the school, making his act a failure, which made him look stupid to his friends and he still got caught by the 5-O who gave him a citation for his act.

His supension was just ninteen days, which just means his winter break turned from two weeks into a month-long vacation. He should have enjoyed his new free time, but instead he raged.

His family

On top of all of this, it should be mentioned with great irony that his father is a police detective for the local police force so you would assume he would have taught his son a little better. Or even that he might keep his guns in a safe, non accessible place, like a gun safe or use lock pads on the guns. He was sent to this school due to "disciplinary problems".

Most likely meaning he was raping white women, as its in his blood. He walked into the school calmly, signed in at the admins desk, and spent 4 minutes in a room, alone with the vice principal, before shooting her multiple times in the chest and running across the hall to shoot the principle as well. he pulled the gun out on a few other people, but didn't have the balls to shoot them.


Apparently, the people in the school thought that the gunshots, were actually balloons popping from a birthday party. Even though a security gaurd saw him walk out of the rooms, recognized him and even had a gun pointed at him before Robert walked out of the school.

"Everybody that used to know me I'm sry.Omaha changed me and fucked me up and the school I know attend is even worse ur gonna here about the evil shit I did but that fuckn school drove me to.this I wont u guys to remember me for who I was b4 this ik I greatly affected the lives of the families I ruined but I'm sorry.goodbye."


—Robert on facebook

It should be noted that he was known for skipping school. This explains his illiterate facebook quote beating his mother, and raping local white women. Based on the local policy of "officers will not store or leave a firearm in any place within the reach or each access of a minor or unauthorized individual. It is likely his father will soon be unemployed because of the shame his son caused him.

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