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    Rizbow is part of a series on Chat Logs
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    <+Jmax> i would like to bring to your collective attention
    <+Jmax> a guy by the name of rizbow
    <+Jmax> http://rizbow.unf-unf.org/?top150
    <%Gondor> i'm intrigued
    <+Jmax> he is a chatter in #maddox
    <+Jmax> and he is odinala-scale lulz
    <+Jmax> a true imparter of wisdow
    <+Jmax> he believes he is a master engineer
    <%Marukomuru> <RizBow> we should start calling the circle, an infinitygon | I lol'd.
    <+Jmax> yes
    <+Jmax> he has terrible typing skills
    <+Jmax> and spelling
    <+Jmax> <RizBow> i attack the keyboard like a foloser raptor attacking a agalamitus
    <+Jmax> typical rizbow quote

    Top quotes

    <dickhead> rizbow can i fight you irl

    <RizBow> i'd over power you like a grisley bear
    <RizBow> i'd slobber and blow hot breath in your face like a grisley bear. you'd be terrified while i rip off your pants and look for honey
    <dickhead> what the fuck



    <RizBow> i write in short hand... i have exterminated all grammer laws, in this world anything goes and words are written how they sound

    <GWF> then why do we spell gnome with a G
    <RizBow> because it is pronounced "G nome"



    i taught my self english, how to read, and write, mostly my spelling i neglected because well, why fix something if its broken?



    <RizBow> this album is going to be about: thug life, streets of rage, walkin down the street with a 2 foot dong. power, AK47s, bitches, killing

    cops, bustin niggas. speeding on the highway, having a bandog that will bite your nuts, bitch slapping your mom.
    <RizBow> we're gona resurrect hip hop from the dead, we're gona make these fake ass rap niggas give us head then fill'em full of lead. cause they arn't broke ass niggas or tokin ass niggas, but a bunch of whiney chokin niggas
    <RizBow> first rhyming attempt in like a year
    <RizBow> it will get better
    <RizBow> shn, what the fuck is this wallflowers shit
    <RizBow> yo
    <***> ?
    <RizBow> we're 2 of a kind, 2 thugged out niggas, fighting crime. you're not gona stop us, and when i order fish tacos, you better give me lime
    <RizBow> marijuana no longer with me. use to choke on a blunt'n drinkin henessee till i'm tipsy. no more i do, cause i be shittin out poo and
    wipin my bottom with tissue. that's some fucked up issues
    <RizBow> a dumb ass bitch is in my way. i swirved my car to his side and lit him with my AK.
    <RizBow> going hundred and 30 in a 65, the cops driving behind me, better recognize
    <RizBow> i'm a drug dealer, car stealer, wife beater and i'll check your granny if i catch her lookin at me



    —rizbow is dumb

    <RizBow> i had a change to go to a pajama party last weekend

    <RizBow> all sorts of fine ass girls


    —rizbow - a pedo?

    <RizBow> even if a joke is not funny, girls will laugh, but if the joke IS funny, then that girl will genuinely want to wet your dick


    —The master of social interaction.

    <@CanadianGayMan> seriously, it looks like normal red haired dark green crytaly weed

    <RizBow> ok
    <RizBow> what if prisons
    <RizBow> hmm
    <RizBow> what if you could....
    <RizBow> design prison society
    <RizBow> now i'm not saying this is a good idea
    <RizBow> but instead of a prison
    <RizBow> what if you could have a regular city
    <RizBow> but it would be blocked right
    <RizBow> and it would have extra police
    <RizBow> give people an opportunity to live out normal productive economically viable lives
    <RizBow> and once they rehabilitate
    <RizBow> proving a crime free record
    <RizBow> they can go back into regular society with job skills
    <RizBow> and not just licence plate stamping skills



    —Rizbow has the uncanny ability to fuck up any irc chat.

    <RizBow[RF]> winmx if the song is popular (you can download same song from multiple people simontaneously) , soulseek if its rare

    <maddox> I get my mp3s from the store.. it's pretty nice, they already have them burned on CD and they come with cases and booklets.
    <RizBow[RF]> maddox: where?



    —wow he is dumb

    <CHz> Mattias when I was you are I had.

    <RizBow> Monobro. imo, you need to stop listening to this european techno patrich stewart shit.



    <RizBow> man, irc is like one big retarded crossword puzzle



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