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    Ricochet rabbit

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    Ricochet as some imagine him.

    Ricochet rabbit is a self-proclaimed Canadian satirist who's gone through several religious crises and is said to have participated in several ritual human sacrifices. He is well-versed in the scripture of Christianity, Judaism, paganism, and many other world religions, and can be frequently found taking the piss out of generic Christians, wiccans, or atheists in several of LiveJournal's many religious communities. Of course anyone who can effectively confuse the less perceptive followers of gods by parodying them will end up with an article on LJ Drama.

    An artist's concept of Ricochet as a real boy.

    His previous modus operandi was to make disingenuous posts and call them 'satires'. His current modus operandi is to make pathetic posts and call them 'an interesting existential crisis'.

    He's rumored to be highly attractive to the ladies, but his own proclivities turn to arborphilia. Besides, this 24-year-old lives at home with his mother. It is believed that the madness that drives him to his crazy behavior was inflicted on him by an STD contracted from a spruce tree.

    He's also rumored to be funny, but there appears to be little solid evidence of this.

    Banned from dozens of LiveJournal communities, he has sought refuge at Encyclopedia Dramatica, where he has wasted large amounts of time creating supremely half-clever satirical pages about all the people who he is powerless to do anything against in real life. This includes anyone who has ever banned him for being a troll. His appearance here at Encyclopediadramatica thrills his little bunny ears, because he has no life outside the Internet.


    Drinking blood and killing small furry animals for sacrifices to Satan.

    Ricochet rabbit and aussieintn during happier days together.

    Recent Drama

    Banned from LJ community challenging god by the mercurial power-tripping this is warmth. This inspired the bunny to create yet another silly community, in which the love affair between ricochet rabbit and aussieintn was at last revealed to the world!!!!!!!!!1111

    Unfortunately, aussieintn soon dumped ricochet rabbit and was cruelly banned from the please_ban_me community in retaliation.

    Wabbit is so obsessed with menstrual cycles that even his LJ color theme is blood red!

    More Recent Drama

    Killhamster and the rabbit got together to create the illusion that they are one and the same animal by referring to themselves as each other's "troll account":

    Really, one only needs to look at them to realize they are not alike. One is a harmful hamster, the other a harmless rabbit. Don't be fooled!

    If you believed this ludicrous ruse, a hamster and a rabbit are laughing at you right now.


    The Nexxus

    Reputed to be Ricochet rabbit's LiveJournal sock puppet, File:Lj-favicon.png the_nexxus was busted spewing anti-asian racism by zheza and son of art. After Ricochet rabbit began to annoy the fat and nasty this_is_warmth, but before he was cast out from her absurd challenging_god community, The Nexxus was making trouble in many other communities, as evidenced by the drama he caused at the LJ community faith vs reason.

    It is believed that the madness that drives The Nexxus to this crazy behavior was inflicted on him by an STD contracted from a spruce tree that he had an affair with, driven by his sickening penchant for arborphilia.

    Though banned from dozens of LiveJournal communities, The Nexxus is thought to still be at large. Sources say that he has sought refuge at Encyclopedia Dramatica and wasted large amounts of time creating supremely unfunny and half-clever 'satirical' pages against all the people that he is powerless to do anything against in real life, which includes anyone that has ever banned him for being a troll.

    Please Ban Me

    When ricochet rabbit was banned from challenging_god for the sin of calling the Christians there "masochists", he created File:Lj-favicon.png please_ban_me in protest. The object of this community is to give a suitable reason for being banned, and make it count. If you are not banned, it is because you are a l00s3r! Some of the famous people who have been banned are killhamster, aussieintn, and SwissCelt.

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