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    Richard Curtis

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    What? This article needs moar embarrassment, denials, confirmations, photos, & all other exacerbations of the scandal.
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    File:Richard curtis gay.png
    Totally straight, it was all a BIG misunderstanding.

    State Rep. Richard Curtis, Republican of La Center, is a transvestite fetishist and homosexual, as well as a former firefighter and Air Force soldier, who was caught up in a nationwide media frenzy about his scandalous 3 am rendezvous with a reputed male prostitute. The ensuing hilarity led to his resignation as an elected official in the State of Washington (USA). After first denying his gayness, this rugged, chunky, extremely masculine and rather ugly man now admits that he wore a red negligee all night long as a hot young stud pumped his ass full of semen and AIDS.

    Corruption of LOL

    A familiar story.
    Accidentally the whole shaft.

    The young stud, Cody Castagna, told police that he pwned Curtis into agreeing to pay him $1,000 for sex and also said Curtis purchased two gay pornographic films from the hotel for them to watch in his room.

    Curtis was among state GOP lawmakers who were in Spokane for a retreat to discuss the upcoming legislative session. He went to the Hollywood Erotic Boutique in Spokane and after receiving an anonymous blowjob while wearing a red negligee, met Castagna. Later that night, they met up again and went back to the hotel where the two men proceeded to have bareback sex.

    Curtis and Castagna arrived at the hotel around 3 a.m. and then the Republican lawmaker demanded buttsecks while still wearing women's lingerie. After being anally pleasured thusly, the fundamentalist douchebag asked to give Castanga AIDS via the most popular method without condoms. The dumbass twink ho-bag was smart enough to refuse, causing Curtis to offer $1000. Hilariously, Curtis did not have the money. Feeling considerably butthurt (literally) he waited for Curtis to fall asleep and then took pictures of him sleeping in the negligee, and left with his wallet. He later called Curtis and demanded his AIDS moneys and promised if he delivered he would keep the secret from his wife and voters. Curtis said he only had $200 and left an envelope with the money at the hotel desk. When this failed to placate the twink Curtis went to the cops himself and told them waaaay more than he probably should have.

    The police were with Curtis when Castanga called again and demanded he leave the other $800 "in the last flower pot on the west side of Washington St. Bridge". The police picked up the bag man, broke him, and then pulled in Castanga. After hearing Castanga's version of the prior night's events, they got a bit upset with Curtis, at which point he suddenly claimed that Castagna had drugged him and that he "was so out of it he really didn’t know what happened."


    I am not gay .... I have not had sex with a guy


    — Richard Curtis

    I really don't know what happened. Maybe I was drugged.


    — Richard Curtis


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