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    File:Dead rhemora by rhemora.jpg
    Rhemora without his makeup on.
    File:DA Trolls patrol dead end by RHEMORA.jpg
    Maybe if I make it shiny with no regard to lighting anatomy, my fanbase will like me more.

    RHEMORA is an Argentine DevianTARTist who is 'famous' for his lesbian OC Trish, who wears nothing but arm diapers and a thong on a daily basis. He's so good at his art, he makes all of it available for print when no one asked him to. He doesn't do much fanart because his big-breasted characters that he draws one time before discarding them (excluding Trish) are so original, he can't fathom the idea that there are more popular characters. However, when he does fanart, he makes titloads of rule 34 of the underaged characters from Teen Titans and Final Fantasy, including Raven, Starfire, Tifa, and Aeris. His exquisite knowledge of the English language and its insults knows no bounds in providing one with lulz.

    After Rhemora found out about this page, he changed the pictures that appeared on his devianTART page to make him look less porn-tastic. Instead of the lovely Trish, he changed it to a fucking fish, claiming it was a transformation of one of his rarely-used OCs. This was done so that he could make himself look like less of a horny old man and more of an "artist." Instead of the fucking fish, he put up a shitty piece of art that's a little less shitty than the others.

    Abandon all hope, ye who enter: troll him if you like; the first few comments he has to say are guaranteed to be lulzy because of how uneducated he is. However, it just gets fucking boring after a while, due to the unoriginality of his retarded nature. You have been warned.

    Internetz Life

    Rhemora seems to take great pride in getting trolled as much as possible, claiming that 'they feed him' rather than his dumb ass feeding them with his anti-troll pictures. Funny thing is, he has no idea what ED is. After being told multiple times he was getting his very own page, he searched on Google for four hours, trying to figure out what the fuck 'ED' could possibly stand for. Reasoning with himself that it was just Erectile Dysfunction, he told himself they were just jealous of his monster cock and pretended not to know anything about the mysterious anomaly that was Encyclopedia Dramatica.

    He himself says he knows he draws disproportionate girls, but when someone other than himself points out the atrocity of his anatomy, he automatically stalks the user's page, finds an old piece of art, and calls them out on something perfectly normal with the picture that he thinks is hideous. When said user proves him wrong, he threatens (to no avail) to get all his friends and himself to report the user and ban them. He comes up with lame insults in order to get harsher replies, saying that he'll tell the mods on you for saying that and that that's what he wanted all along. When they look at his faggot complaints, they ignore him which in turn leads him to writing down all his bullies' names in his journal, telling his fans to go beat them up (still, to no avail). We're still waiting.

    Those Horrible Trolls

    The most common problem with his shit is that it often results in a tit-load of asskissery/fapping, due to the voluptuous nature of his characters. On occasion, Rhemora's horribly disproportionate, disfigured females are often criticized by people on deviantART who are willing to hold back whatever truth there is to say about it all and give him a helping hand on how to improve. These helpful members, noticing Rhemora's awful taste in drawing preferences, are not the helpful faggots they appear, but are automatically trolls.

    After these terrible people have finished their arguments, Rhemora writes up a paragraph of unfunny shit, sprinkles it with laughing emotes (and of course, adding his own unnecessary typed-out laugh), and takes whatever random sentence that most pertains to the argument, adds some tildes and Spanglish, and sends it for the user to enjoy. Satisfied with his overwhelmingly stupid responses, he then makes up some information about the user, whines about what they said, and asks his fans to rip their balls off.

    Funny thing is, even his fans don't give a shit, and when they do, they usually tend to get banned for harassment.

    Ah you poor perverted "artistic" nudity artists always getting the unjust judgement.

    Bitch more.



    If your logic is as good as your grammar, then I understand your confusion.



    The moment you posted this for all to see, ya did


    —DoItForTheLulz, after being asked, "excuse me, do i asked you your opinion about da mods and trolls?"

    Punishing someone for breaking the rules: Trolling!



    Oh, please. Men are not more simple than women, you are just more simple than I am.


    —Kwillow, after being told men just want to masturbate while women complain about their boobs.

    This Man Should Teach English

    Well, finally my internet problems are finally end


    —Rhemora, after being told by dA mods not to post child noods

    you´re just a fart...ugly, trouble, you dissapear very quickly and you´re the only who loves your stupid and retards comments XD so now your name will be FART


    —Rhemora, on learning to insult

    "pr0n" ohh i see you know very well how to write in your language


    —Rhemora, knowing nothing about pr0n which is ironic because that's all he draws

    hahaha well then i think you´re from "stupidland"


    —Rhemora, who then continued on to type out how much he laughed

    sorry but write retards words in German is not gonna help you at all


    —Rhemora, on how speaking two languages is gay

    One great thing about Rhemora is how well-spoken he is. When he's done taking a mature front and telling his critics to kindly fuck off, he uses his wide span of Engrish to let them know how much he'd like for them to do so. Because he has absolutely no fucking idea what sarcasm/irony/staying on topic is, he usually inserts a faggot insult, which includes (but is not limited to):

    • Fart (Some argue that he merely thinks it is extremely offensive in English, like saying "nazi" while others say he's just that fucking unintelligent)
    • Crybaby
    • You have little/no friends
    • I'm more popular than you, so it doesn't matter what you say
    • Random Spanglish when he's been pwned about his English
    • Puritan
    • Lesbian
    • Freak
    • Pedo

    Most of the people that make up his fans and critics are of Latino decent, so when they speak English to him, he flies off they handle and asks why the fuck they dare speak to him in something other than his native, even though he condemns other people for not knowing two languages. Being called out on his terrible English leads to him to banging his head against the keyboard in Spanish, which, if used properly, can ensue lulz.

    Though he loves to get trolled on his works of art, if someone takes it farther than two comments, he takes it upon himself to go to their homepage and piss on the user's name, bringing up resolved grudges from three years ago, digging around in galleries to find a chick with small tits he can critique, and making up failed plz acounts that are unfunny to make his point.

    Hypocrisy? In My DeviantArt?

    • When drawing fanart of a friend's character with normal tits, he gives her...well, normal tits. However, when drawing a major company's character with normal tits, he makes them six times bigger. Trying too hard to please the fanbase, much?
    • Rhemora often comes back, "You have no life because you spend your time replying to me." Hypocritical, because he makes damn sure he has the last word, even when you type in his native language, Retarded.
    • His main character Trish is a lesbian. Yet, if you're a female with small boobs and critique his wonderful art, you're automatically a feminazi or a lesbian, which he looks down upon.
    • After you're done with your argument and there's no possible way he can reply that still retains to the subject at hand, he goes to the back of someone's crusty, old gallery and picks out a piece to babble out some nonsense Spanglish on, just to "keep his amusement going." However, when you bring up one, just one, of his ugly-ass pictures, he just smiles like a dipshit and says, "Thanks for looking at my artwork ;)"

    This ultimate fucktardedness has led, many times, to extreme cases of I have no fucking idea what I'm talking about, which in turn led to more trolling and lulz.


    Too stupid and uneducated like every other filthy swine of his kind, he doesn't even read the TL;DR when given one. And then he shows us just how much his brain capacity can handle before going into overload.

    I'm gonna say this nice and slow, okay, Mexican?

    I speak English extremely well. I have been for the past 16 years. Yes, I'm sixteen. And yet, I still have more wit than you. Here's a few things your dumb ass should know:

    You don't scare anybody when you talk like a five-year-old. You especially don't scare anyone when you don't know troll speak. 'pr0n' is a very, very common leet version of the word porn. Therefore, when you make fun of me for spelling it that way, you make yourself look extremely ignorant.

    Second, your stupid little icons don't do anything at all. It shows that you cannot convey your idiotic words in a manner of typing, but instead your small brain has to use pictures to get the message across. If you had any sort of intelligence at all, you would stop. But seeing as how you're at a grade 1 English speaking level, I severely doubt that that's going to happen.

    Three, you are the definition of the word 'hypocrite.'

    -It's fine for you to speak Spanish and you think you make people feel bad, but I can't speak German without being ridiculed. Pick a side and stick to it, because you have no rights to say anything at all.

    -I thought you hated the mods. It's in your journal. How's that? If I show them what you think of them, they won't wanna listen to your whiny, complaining faggot self, will they? Didn't fucking think so.

    -There's a definite difference between a misconception of anatomy and style. When I draw pictures, I take into account how the anatomy is going to fit with the style. When you draw pictures, you try your damnedest to make sure it's fap-worthy (and just maybe forgetting to mention how all your female characters are underaged).

    You need to think twice before you think you can come even close to outwitting me. You are so childish and stupid, and you don't know anything.

    By the way, your need to find out other stuff about me to call me out is utterly pathetic. If you had any kind of dignity at all, you would focus your arguments on the issue at hand and keep your head out of your ass. Yes I like Silent Hill, yes I draw Ed Edd n Eddy, yes I can show you German and English, and fuck yes, I will troll you.

    Defend yourself better, because when you only work on the offense, it looks damn suspicious.





    —Rhemora, in retaliation.

    His Beautiful Art

    Rhemora's artwork consists of three components, and in every picture, he tries to incorporate as much of these three guidelines as possible:

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    External Links

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