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    Undisputed master of Photoshop lulz.

    His penis is legendary. And shiny.

    Due to some medical concern that was entirely tl;dr, RFJason is outrageously thin and can be easily inserted into dgt's rectum.

    Whined about Livejournal Abuse to the Washington Post.

    His mom told the New York Times that his grandfather molested him

    Livejournal available at File:Lj-favicon.png rfjason

    Lawyers attacked his weak spot for massive damage, to the tune of $74,252.56. Good Game! http://www.citmedialaw.org/sites/citmedialaw.org/files/2009-04-09-Default%20Judgment%20Against%20Fortuny.pdf

    RFJason Craigslist Pwning

    In August 2006, RFJason created the RFJason CL Experiment, and laid waste to all of Craigslist. RFJason regularly self-references this 7 days of infamy where he appears on the internet, including his blog, livejournal, and his blog. This is in spite of people no longer giving a shit about RFJason.

    This article is oldmeme, you can help by forgetting about it.

    The Truth

    RFJason was the mastermind in the largest case of Troll's remorse the Internet has ever seen. His time on ED was shortlived and produced mostly Unfunny material. At the peak of his popularity, he was behind the Craigslist Experiment troll. Making fake Craigslist ads is definitely old meme but with the help of the IRL media it exploded beyond his control. At first he basked in the attention and popularity he wished he had in Highschool but soon IRL caught up to him.

     "<RFJason> oh fuck, they found the address of my apartment and posted a picture of my front door"
     "<RFJason> I'm going to downplay it to the media and hope they forget"
     "<RFJason> Hay, can u guys delete the RFJason_CL_Experiment page?"
     "<ED*> No! Fuck off!"

    After a bunch of crying and whining he left ED fearing for his life. ED continued to have shitty service for weeks due to the large amount of faggots being referred from major news sites. Everybody laughed at RFJason for backing out of a decent troll and media stunt then laughed some moar when he was about to be killed by 10,000 niggers that had his IRL address.

    Lessons to Learn

    • Never back down on a good troll even in the face of death. Shout "IDIFTL" as you go out in a blaze of glory.
    • Use an alias when you talk to the media or make something public that could cause people to burn your house down.
    • Never show weakness (even if the feds are raiding your colo rack over some DMCA shit etc)
    • New York Times article on trolls featuring Jason


    Weev owns Fortuny. haha fuck you fortuny you faggot https://web.archive.org/web/20101226001837/http://www.corrupt.org/news/interview_professional_hacker_and_troll_weev

    Rfjason is part of a series on Internet Humanitarianism
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    "Leaders" of Anonymous

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