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    Note: this is an article about an Encyclopedia Dramatica user. For more information, please see the appropriate user page. To leave this user a message, please visit their talk page.

    Okay, to get one thing straight: I AM AN OTAKU


    —Reyvataeil, on being an annoying waste of flesh and overall wannabe-cumdumpster, and as long as she is a furfag, will NEVER HAPPEN

    She's not a furry guys. Rly

    Reyvataeil is a retarded 16-year-old Gaiafag and DisneyFan01 fan who recently joined ED and started making minor, insignificant edits to articles with the idea that this makes her an internet tough guy. She also penned a supremely TL;DR kawaii desu summary of herself on her user page that's just asking to be raped and vandalized. She's currently baaaawing to the ED sysops that she wants her user page locked to protect her from goatse and tubgirl.

    Reyvataeil also goes by Gaelith, LadyAshe, Faerytaeil and a ton of other faggot neo-pagan monikers because she is a little weeaboo shit.

    On Gaia

    Rayvataeil's Gaia page, where she tries real damn hard to be the biggest weeaboo ever

    Reyvataeil is suffering from advanced symptoms of Gaia disease, boasting a super kawaii avatar desu so covered in useless shiny shit that no one can even tell what it is anymore. Her user page is covered in a gazillion unfunny animu gifs and vegetable porn and the only thing she contributes to the torrent of weeaboo and fail that is Gaia's forums is saying "bump" over and over again in a desperate bid to earn fake money.

    She claims she can't remember the last time she logged in, but readily available information on her own browser-killing Gaia page says she signed on as recently as last thursday in order to change her avatar from a cat furry to a wolf furry.

    On DevianTART

    Surely art of this quality would just be overwhelmed with praise and faves HAHAHAHAHAHA No, shit sucks

    Not surprisingly, Reyvataeil has a DeviantART page which is populated only by a couple of shitty Inuyasha doodles and a lone DisneyFan01 comic in the favorites. She seems to spend most of her time there sucking up to Snapesnogger while simultaneously adding a single unfunny sentence to Snogger's ED page, subsequently running off in a pants-pissing titter over her own EDits.

    She claims she doesn't upload any art to TARTland because it would be in such high demand and she wouldn't want to develop a huge ego or anything.

    I don't really want a big, inflated ego even if my drawings did receive lots of positive praise and sudden demands for moar.



    On ED

    Well we already mentioned her lulzy antics here on ED, but among other stunning confessions on her ED user page she has stated:


    an Anonymous user decided to erase it all and put up a very…”colorful” picture…If I recall…of some random person bathed in…shit or some substance along those lines. And then some very rainbow words…saying such phrases about Jews (I am one) and…*cough* “Niggers”, I believe the other was. I now know better than to send information to ED without backing it up on the hard drive, which I had not done before when this incident occurred, and I will make sure that never happens again.


    —Reyvataeil, she's got it backed up on her hard drive so you better not fuck with her page!

    Ohayou, to konnichiwa! Hajimemashite *bows politely to show utmost respect*. Atashi (I am a girl) wa Reyvataeil/Revy desu. Doozou yoroushiku!


    —Reyvataeil, complete goddamn weeaboo

    I put “Encylcopedia Dramatica + Snapesnogger”, and the first entry I got was from here!


    —Reyvataeil, on her amazing Google skills

    Since my registration to ED, I have contributed some pictures and bits of text here and there where I find it necessary (at least by my standards; I’m in Honors English and I often find myself searching ED for misspelled words


    —Reyvataeil, on being a grammar nazi

    subjects such as anime and manga get some of my help as well


    —Reyvataeil, thinks ED is serious business

    No, I have not “fapped” today, or for a while, actually. Been a bit too busy to even do that. And, do you really call masturbation for a girl "fapping" anyways? moar liek "rubbing", I would think.


    —Reyvataeil, answering questions no one asked

    I do occasionally add in the style of "nekomimi" (cat ears, tail, etc.)/"kemonomimi" (just about everything else in regards to animalistic features...you know: dogs, wolves, foxes, rabbits, sheep, etc.); however, most of my work is too abstract, meaning I don't draw manga-derivative art in the traditional sense, so to say...sometimes I even have to ask other people for their input in identifying what I have drawn. This makes it a whole lot more difficult to be able to call my work out on any style device of the sort.


    —Reyvataeil, using lots of nonsensical fancy-talk to describe shitty Inuyasha fanart

    Reaction To This Article

    Reyvataeil reacted to this article by posting this at the top of the page:

    Reyvataeil is also a liar. She's srsly so past Gaia now, you guys.

    IMPORTANT: I know I'm risking a very, very bad reaction (and lots of trolling) from ED users/editors when I say this, but...I do know about this article on me; I don't mind, but the thing I am worried about is while you guys gather up information about me, is just...well, I don't know how to say it really, but...please don't vandalize/hack/etc. the other sites I use (aka post obscene images or text). I know I haven't been on a lot of them for a long time (some even years), and I also know I have matured during that time, but it still upsets me to see this sort of thing leak out from ED and across the whole internet. Please have fun finding stuff about me; I know for a fact I have quite a hectic past (Ex: Gaia Online/Deviantart [also made around when I was 14 or so...I'm 16 now])...And hey, maybe I'll even learn something about how ED works and how I can eventually help contribute in more meaningful ways (since as a new user, I don't want to do anything drastic and instead I stick to small things as of now)!

    How sweet! She thinks ED cares.

    After that, despite never being trolled, she baleted the images off her DeviantART page and hid the activity, baleted her Windows Live information, and hid both of her Gaia profiles from public viewing. She couldn't hide her comments on hardcore faggot-ass anime boy butt-fucking pics though.


    Thanks for that, ED *hugs*! I will seriously be eternally grateful.


    —Reyvataeil, happily bending over and taking it from Anonymous.

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