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    Darkfox Rexen, aka Darren Crighton, is a Scottish furry known throughout his peers as a complete and total dramawhore, slut and more recently, carrier of sexually transmitted diseases. As an added bonus, he's also a pedophile, with a deformed penis. A man on the move, Rexen is always on the hunt for love, whether it be from a man, woman, or child. Armed with his father's money and a car, our little kilt-cunt has made a slew of utterly retarded decisions, and been trolled to tears.

    He is a perfect example of how even furfags can be pushed to saying "That's fucking enough, goddamn."

    you can't mix emo and femboi you fat fuck

    did you use a condom with the girl?

    Nuh she wasnt that mature yet




    At first, Rexen appears to be your typical 19 year old furry, however underneath the disgusting semen-stained fursuit lies something much more disturbing. As you'd expect of any furfag, Rexen (Rexen/Darren/Darkfox/Darkwolf/whatever other laughably generic title he can think of) has spent most of his time in his furry community stirring up as much drama as possible, more often than not with his dick. While there are plenty of furfags out there who basically just want to go around and yiff as many people as possible, we tend to just ignore them and hope natural selection deals with it for us. But although a good yiffing is all Rexen is ever after, he goes about it in an entirely different unique way.

    He convinces other faggots that what he is after is a real relationship, worms his way into their heart (often with cash that he cons from his father or gifts bought with said cash), and once they agree to be his boyfriend, he will enjoy the fruits of his efforts for a little while and get busy. After a little bit of time passes (sometimes only a few days) he will get bored with his new 'mate' and start sleeping around, neglecting to inform his initial victim. Of course, they do tend to eventually find out, which fans the flames of furry drama until Rexen finds himself single again. At this point he moves on to find another victim, though this doesn't stop the insensitive fuck from crawling back to an earlier mate and asking if he can still be his pet. THE NEXT FUCKING DAY.

    In recent months, Rexen has started to exhaust the supply of furrys in his local area and has started a new method: trying to prey upon furs from the nearby country of England. Although he has had mild success, at least one furfag has been clever enough to catch on and tell him to fuck off.

    Anon Intervention and Rexen's Pedophilia

    Recently, a pissed-off anon operating under the guise of a new innocent local furry contacted Rexen via MSN. With only a fake furaffinity account and a few photos of a random user, the stupid furfag took the bait.

    After a few days chatting and building up trust, Rexen wanted nothing more than to pound this little bat furry's virgin ass. by using this as bait and also pretending to like a lot of the stuff that he likes, the anon managed to learn much information from Rexen, including:

    1. He enjoys hurting peoples feelings and causing drama
    2. He has had illegal underage sex with several children
    3. He recently contracted Chlamydia


    (21:36) Rexen: I slept with a girl (...) that was 12 I think D:


    —So, who didn't see that coming?

    MSN log of anon's convo with Rexen

    (21:34) Klikky:	Yay
    (21:34) Klikky: your back
    (21:34) Klikky:	so uhm..
    (21:34) Klikky: what were you gonna tell me foxy :3
    (21:35) Rexen:	arf
    (21:35) Rexen:  o.o;
    (21:35) Rexen:  Idk <.<
    (21:35) Rexen:  do you want to know o.o
    (21:35) Klikky:	*nods* yeah, i'm kinda curious :$
    (21:36) Rexen:	eh
    (21:36) Rexen:  I slept with a girl
    (21:36) Rexen:  that was
    (21:36) Rexen:  uhm..
    (21:36) Rexen:  12 I think D:
    (21:36) Klikky:	wow..
    (21:36) Klikky: what did you do?
    (21:36) Rexen:	x.x;
    (21:36) Rexen:  We kissed
    (21:36) Rexen:  and touched places
    (21:36) Rexen:  then I got all yiffy...
    (21:36) Rexen:  ended up nakid in the woods
    (21:36) Rexen:  and well
    (21:36) Rexen:  I humped her D:
    (21:37) Klikky:	and..
    (21:37) Klikky: was it good?
    (21:37) Rexen:	o.o
    (21:37) Rexen:  Mhm..
    (21:37) Rexen:  You like dat?
    (21:37) Rexen:  o:
    (21:37) Klikky:	:$
    (21:37) Rexen:	Ehe
    (21:37) Rexen:  Dont worry
    (21:37) Rexen:  I dig it x3
    (21:38) Rexen:	hmm
    (21:38) Rexen:  you into cub art?
    (21:38) Klikky:	Yeah, i like softpaw
    (21:38) Rexen:	Oh yea
    (21:38) Rexen:  x3
    (21:39) Klikky:	did uhm.. did you use a condom with the girl?
    (21:40) Rexen:	Nuh
    (21:40) Rexen:  she wasnt that mature yet ¬,..,¬
    (21:40) Klikky:	so you just came in her?
    (21:40) Rexen:	mhm
    (21:40) Rexen:  x3
    (21:41) Rexen:	would you fuck a 13 year old? x3
    (21:42) Klikky:	if i thought i wasn't going to get caught... i would
    (21:42) Rexen:	Me too :V

    All this information has been passed on to the UK police, it is currently hoped that he will now be v& or at the very least receive a stern talking to from Jeremy Kyle


    Rexen has admitted that another furfag he regularly buttfucks has recently been diagnosed with Chlamydia, upon learning this he arranged for an STD test for himself, where the results showed that he had also caught the disease.

    Despite this he still fully intends to fuck the imaginary furry hes been speaking to, assuring him that there's almost no chance of him spreading it to him so they don't need to use condoms. On 19/11/10 he actually drove miles out to a made up address to meet the imaginary furfag for hot dickings. Needless to say, instead of hot furry sex, he got a few msn messages from the anon, telling him he had been set up, and just drove out to the middle of nowhere for nothing. Rexen replied with lulzy threats of death.

    Personal and Family Life

    Rexen/Darren spends a lot of time bawwwing about his father who divorced Rexen's mother when he was just a child as she was getting all pissy about him putting the dick to his son. But its okay because he found a ho to replace her with. Now he runs his own computer store in the daytime and spends the nighttime getting drunk and beating Rexen.

    The furfag also constantly complains about how his father would throw him out if he discovered he was gay and it would destroy his life. so...

    THIS THEORY SHALL BE TESTED! For anyone wishing to add to the lulz, here are some dox

    Contact his father at his business address here:

    Callum Crighton, 1 High Str, Rattray, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland, PH10 7DL

    Or at home here:

    Callum Crighton, 20 Coralbank, Rattray, Blairgowrie, Scotland, PH10 7EW

    Or by telephone here:

    01250 874019 (UK Number)


    "you can get to know people alot from yiff"



    —Rexen, giving reasons for why someone hes known online for twenty minutes should fuck him

    "My dad dosnt know am gay. That would destory me."



    —Fingers crossed :3

    "I cant wait I want your cawk so badly"



    —Rexen to someone one day after meeting them online.

    "theres actually very little chance of chlamydia transferring during sex so youl be ok"



    —Rexen, but anyone who believes him deserves chlamydia so its okay.

    "I slept with a girl that was uhm.. 12 I think D:"



    —Rexen, just when you thought he couldn't get any worse.


    External Links

    MSN: [email protected]

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