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    Resident Evil Outbreak

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    File #1. Although technically not a 'file' at all.
    File #2. No, don't be fooled. It's not the same as File #1. At all. Isn't that right, CAPCOM?

    Resident Evil: Outbreak (File #1 and File #2) are second cousins (possibly twice removed, possibly incestuous) to the main Resident Evil series. However, like Resident Evil Survivor, they are not merely crappy spin-offs, but actually inside the game canon - ready to be fired at a moments notice.


    File #1 and #2, between the two games, do not contain a continuous plot like previous installments, but 10 scenarios thrown together randomly.

    Why CAPCOM couldn't combine all 10 scenarios into one game is still a mystery. It appears they are going down the EA route of economics: sell as many different types of games as possible, even if it means splitting one game in half and pretending it's two completely different games.

    The scenarios take place at the same time as the events of Resident Evil 3, and to some extent Resident Evil 2, in everyone's favorite town; Raccoon City. A lot of old locations from previous games are revisited, mainly because someone upstairs figured it would be 'nostalgic' for everybody to revisit the police station for the 38th fucking time. Outbreak features alot of areas previously seen in other resident evil games, considering the immense backtracking you have to do, how the survivors never run into Jill or Mexican or anyone, is a mystery.

    One of the biggest new features launched with the game was that it was to contain online features.

    However, if you've ever played Outbreak online you will know it means either being paired up with;

    • 13 year old boys (whose main objective in life are PWNAGE OF TEH ZOMBIE A$$!11!1one)
    • AI bots that have intelligence levels ranked somewhere similar to that of a gnat (Cindy, why in the name of fuck are you swapping a shotgun for a lighter?!)

    Because of these two factors alone, and the fact nothing has been done to cut down the 16 minute loading time between rooms, the online feature has proved to be a massive failure.

    The Outbreak games scrap the traditional well-known and well-developed characters (well developed? That's a laugh!) in favor of 8 'ordinary' citizens of Raccoon City, just trying to escape the chaos.

    I know. I totally can't wait to play as the plumber! *awkward silence*

    Main characters

    Kevin Ryman

    Tom Cruise lookalike. Every single 13 year old boy plays as him because he haves gun!!!!1one!eleven. Interesting bit of trivia; he applied to S.T.A.R.S twice and both times he was turned down. I mean come on, even Jill got into S.T.A.R.S, and she's a woman.

    Kevin's special ability is he can utilize the long lost art of... kicking, along with... shoving an elbow into an enemy.

    J's Bar is Kevin's favorite haunt, mainly because he is an abusive alcoholic who likes to beat Cindy around.

    He seems to have a budding friendship with Leon S. Kennedy, star of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4, but it is never fully explained.

    David King

    The "mysterious" plumber who inspects Alyssa's pipes every friday for 15 dollars. Plotline from Desperate Housewives much?

    He doesn't talk much about his past because it is most likely he used to be a serial killer or was somehow connected to the Enron scandal.

    He can use his toolbox to fix pipes, and has a plunger to unblock Raccoon City's dirty toilets.

    He can also throw wrenches at enemies, however, it seems once the wrench has been contaminated by the blood of an enemy, he can no longer use it again. Survivor my ass.

    Many people criticize his knifing(cutcutcutcut!!!lol) because they suck too much and die pathetically when attempting to do it themselves.

    Mark Wilkins

    One of the playable niggers, Mark is a burly war veteran who moved to Raccoon after the Vietnam War. Employed as a security guard, he has a love for melee weapons and telling tales from back in the day at 'Nam.

    He has a strained relationship with his son, whom refuses to follow in Mark's footsteps as a survival-horror character.

    He also has an uneasy relationship with Kevin, based on the fact Kevin is a white boy.

    Mark is generally the second choice of 13 year old boys (after Kevin), because he starts off with a GUN > OMFG. =O

    Cindy Lennox

    A waitress with a bright smile and friendly charm, but behind the veneer she is a recovering herb addict. She's been rushed to Raccoon's General Hospital several times for overdosing on herbs. Her special ability is being able to say "Help me please!" over a thousand times until someone comes to her aid for fear of their ears bleeding.

    If Cindy is a team-mate, it is a common occurrence for her to swap rocket launchers for either a lighter or a brush. (Must be a woman thing.)

    Notable quotes include;

    • "Help me!"
    • "Help me, please!"
    • "Kevin, help me!"
    • "Somebody help me!"
    • "Help!"
    • "Help! (moans)"

    George Hamilton

    A surgeon at Raccoon General, he is skilled in turning herbs into pill form, which has proved an instant hit in Raccoon's inner city area. The old Green Herb + Red Herb = Heroin trick has made him a highly successful dealer.

    George was, until recently, married for many years, until his wife found out that he was stealing organs at the hospital.

    During the game he develops a relationship with Cindy, however, all he's really after is using her to expand his prostitution business.

    Yoko Suzuki

    Fucking ugly Asian student with a knack for computers. Surprise surprise. Her special ability is both performing exceedingly well in exams and being able to hold 4 extra items in her backpack, since we all know only Asians know the secret of shoving things into tight areas.

    Alyssa Ashcroft

    Alyssa is a filthy whore who pretends to be a reporter for the Raccoon Times, (She was in J's bar to rendezvous with her crack dealer). She is a professional in the art of cock sucking, and with her trusty lockpick, she's always on the lookout for easy to unlock doors so she can steal from people's houses to pay for her addiction. As for skills, she's crappy Kevin with a sex change.

    Her character is the worst in the game and she's a disgrace to outbreak.

    Jim Chapman

    Another attempt at restoring racial balance, Jim is a subway employee whose special abilities include flipping a coin and playing dead. Neoseeker.com notes other attributes that make him a desirable character, as well:

    Jim is not as attractive to certain enemies as other characters. This is due to his offensive odor. If Jim remains motionless and silent, he can often avoid a gangbang.


    Well. It's obvious this game is not racially biased at all.

    He also has a lower chance of getting killed by a zombie(Capcom's way of attempting to destroy the stereotype that niggers always die first, though this is obviously fail).

    Appears to have a shoe fetish as 99% of his special-needs items are shoes. As well as his epilogue. Which involves him undressing shoes with his eyes.

    Also one of the few niggers.


    File #1

    Translated, that reads, "Can I help you, sir..."
    • Outbreak - The first scenario chronologically in both games. It takes place at the beginning of the outbreak, in J's Bar. The highlight of the scenario is waiting for Bob, Mark's faggot lover, to shoot himself.
    • Below Freezing Point - Someone has the bright idea that taking shelter in an underground lab will lead them to relative safety. Emphasis on relative. The lab also makes an appearance in Resident Evil 2. The final boss is a 'Mutated G'. (Umbrella meddling with the alphabet again. Oh noes!)
    • The Hive - The characters find themselves trapped in Raccoon General Hospital, an old haunt from Resident Evil 3. Aside from the nightmare-ish leech creatures, the player has to deal with mounting medical bills and a minor outbreak of MRSA. The end boss is a giant leech queen who used to work for the IRS.

    If you ever attempt to troll this game online, do it in this level, because it features an enemy who can NEVAR be killed, leading to massive amounts of frustration.

    • Hellfire - A large hotel, on fire, filled with zombies and lickers. Possibly the most frustrating scenario, mainly because the survivors use the external fire-escapes not to flee the building, but to actually go back in!
    • Decisions, Decisions - The final scenario, unlockable only after completing the other scenarios, is set in Raccoon University, where the player must try to earn a degree in 'Basic Plotline Continuity'. The final boss is the Tyrant, which the player can kill with "Daylight", an improvised vaccine for the T-Virus. Depending on whether the player finishes the scenario with the "Daylight" vaccine, the endings can be 'Bad', 'Hideously Awful', or 'GOD-FUCKING-DAMMIT YOU SUCK!!'.

    File #2

    • Training Level - As if some twisted homage to CAPCOM's inherent laziness, the very first level from the first game is repackaged to File #2 and used as a training level. Awesome! Now we can pay extra to play the exact same level that we played in the first game!
    • Wild Things - Conveniently, the only route to an evacuation point is through the City Zoo. The scenario introduces a whole host of new creatures to battle, including infected flamingos, fluffy kittens, and a rather unfriendly Dugong. No... srsly. The final boss (depending on events during the scenario) can either be an aggressive elephant or an equally aggressive lion. Sweet.
    • Underbelly - The survivors have obviously learned nothing from File #1 as they head underground again in an attempt to flee from the living dead. Finding the subway infested with giant fleas, they come to the solemn conclusion that they made this metaphorical bed and now they're going to have to combine the metaphorical keys to lie in it. The final boss is (SURPRISE, SURPRISE!) a giant flea.
    • Flashback - Takes place in the Arklay Forest, outside of Raccoon City. The group stumbles across a cabin owned by a strange old man, Al (Who, for all they know, could be a paedophile, or worse, a liberal). He leads them to an abandoned hospital, which, rather than go around, they decide to go into. Ever get the sense there's a running theme of stupidity in these games? The final boss is a large mutated plant which, it turns out, Al was trying to feed by luring the survivors there! So he was a dirty liberal after all!
    • Desperate Times - Taking place just before the events of Resident Evil 2, the players find themselves among the last remaining police officers of the Raccoon Police Station. Their goal is to find a way out before the zombies manage to break through the barricades. There is no final boss; the player must simply figure out just how many times has the police station been featured in a Resident Evil game?
    • End of the Road - Unlockable only after completion of the other scenarios, the characters find themselves locked in the Umbrella Lab on the outskirts of town. Adhering to the cliché of Resident Evil to the extreme, what follows is an adventure through basements, sewers AND areas visited from the first Outbreak game. But it's ok. It's a standard we've come to expect. The final boss is another Tyrant, and there are a number of multiple endings. The player can escape by helicopter or jeep, and in both instances with or without black person, who's managed to rustle up some delicious jimmies T-Virus vaccinations! Depending on whether or not she's rescued, the ending can be either 'Dreary' or 'Not Really Conclusive.'

    Chat Commands

    Kevin, watching Cindy change from a prime vantage point.

    Can you imagine a world where communication revolved entirely around 10 different predetermined phrases?


    Outbreak pioneers in the ideals of minimalistic communication.

    Using the right analogue:

    • Up = Go!
    • Left = Help! (only ever used if the character you are playing as is Cindy)
    • Right = Thanks! (never, ever use this. You have nothing to thank the offline AI for.)
    • Down = Come here! (possibly the most commonly used since offline team-mates tend to not only be running a little low on AI, but running away from you.)
    • R3 = Wait! (See above.)

    You can also hold L2 down to can access to more voice commands. However, these have absolutely no effect in offline play.

    • L2 + Left = Name of Player 1
    • L2 + Up = Name of Player 2
    • L2 + Right = Name of Player 3
    • L2 + Down = Yes
    • L2 + R3 = No (possibly could be used out of desperation to tell an NPC that no, you don't want to trade your assault rifle for wooden stick.)

    The end of Capcom's greatest game evAR

    After quite a long time of online play featuring nothing but faggoty little boys that easily get butthurt, capcom finally pulled the plug on Outbreak's online mode in the US. Good riddance.

    The japanese version of both Outbreak titles are still online, however, and there is no word of them closing anytime soon. I guess asians actually like this game?

    "Pros" of Outbreak

    Outbreak had several mental cases veterans fuck-tards, lets take a look at them shall we?

    SilentZone7-After the U.S. Outbreak closed he went to the Japan one because he couldn't let the game go.

    Hacko_Hacko-A true pro with a superiority complex bigger then Canada. He is best known in-game for hiding in lockers, hoarding healing items, HAX0RING TEH GAME WIT HIS 1337 SKILLZ LOL, and letting the other players do all the fighting. Ironically, his favorite word is "lolnoob".

    Pamela-Best known for her great abilities...in bed, and being an All-Around stupid cunt.

    RE2LeonS-A fag best known for begging other men for sex, blaming his many mistakes on others, and making death threats against anyone who doesn't do whatever he wants. He also has a thing for beastiality! He was, and still is, the laughing stock of the entire community.

    Stick_Breitling-Known for constantly bragging about how rich and great he is. He isn't fooling anyone though, everyone knows he's really a 40 year old guy living in his mom's basement.

    FoxyAreku-A dirty furry. He also plays on the japanese server. Yiff in hell.

    Kalle-He's a pretty cool guy. He team kills and isn't afraid of anything, he's also the best death matcher there ever was. Also on the Japanese server.

    WARMASTER- Best known for always using Yoko in her C Costume and hoarding ammunition for the final boss so the n00bz dont waste it shooting at doors, walls and dead (no pun intended) enemies. Had some fucked-up AZN fetish.

    Pain- Known for sitting in the lobby 19 out of 24 hours a day. It was considered taboo if you didn't kiss his ass 24/7. Self-proclaimed Mexican, but we all know Mexicans can't even afford food and non-AIDS infested water, much less a gaming console.

    TriggerLock- Known for being b& or suspended on a regular basis for threatening to rape and kill other users' families. When he wasn't busy ignoring teammates and doing an entire level by his self in 5 minutes, he was flooding the lobby by ranting to himself about shit no one cares about. A.K.A include: SwitchLock, Ragnarok, Hedonism, Hedonism_2, Hedonism_3, SkyEye5472, Masamune, Masamune_2, ZingyChronix, and ZippyChronix.

    Reeves- Elitist fuck who kissed Nectarines ass daily. Most likely a pedophille, as evident at his constant ass-kissery/erection at users confirmed to be under 15.

    Nectarine- A user who had no idea that Outbreak was a MMO. When she wasn't busy sucking Reeves' cock, she was making OMG PRIVETE CHAT ROUMS and thinking she was an artist. Also a DevianTART fag. Who woulda' guessed?

    1HOTGRL4U- The cum-dumpster of the Outbreak community. Having never actually played the game, she sat in the lobby and made passes at every user. A Pedophille.

    LOLIPOPPA- Fussy fucker who would only play in teams with female characters. He wasn't much of a team player, often spending the entire scenario following the females around, hoping [vainly] to catch a glimpse of some pixel-cleavage.


    Moar Plz.

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