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    75px ATTENTION!
    RenegadeBuizel is only here to vandalize the article: [[{{{1}}}]]. You can help by adding lulz and raeping their talk page to rub it in.

    File:Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
    so you can't say anything bad! :-(

    Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

    ParasolEliYoshi, also known as RenegadeBuizel, BattleGolferYui, InnertubeDryBones, and MeerkatBangaaTaisu, is a 22-year-old babyfur into inflation art and has mad fetishes for innertubing and Japanese minor league baseball. If anyone ever needed a reason to detest furries further, this man could convince even the most sympathetic of people to feel unbridled hatred. To call him pretentious would be an understatement, as he feels his presence is a blessing to those around him. Cross him (by merely disagreeing with him) and he will call in his reinforcements from the hugbox to make him feel better about himself and to drive off the bad people who use evil logic and common sense. Deprive him of his wants and he'll wish fiery death upon your very soul, no matter who you are. Not even his parents are safe from his whiny rage.

    Artistic Endeavors

    While even the most hated of furries has some redeeming factor in their ability to draw competently, RenegadeBuizel lacks serious artistic skill, yet continues to roll out abomination after abomination. Whether he's oblivious to his obvious lack of talent or simply doesn't give a rat's ass is up for debate, but regardless his artwork has fans, and no-one is exactly sure as to why. Some examples of his "brilliance" have been posted below.

    And not only does he work within the confines of visual art, but is an aspiring musician, writer, and director (and when we say aspiring, we mean fucked up). His gallery on FurAffinity contains not only his "masterful" pieces of art, but short stories featuring other furries and characters from the Mushroom Kingdom, and horrible remixes of songs once enjoyable to the ears. His YouTube account, BattleGolferYui, contains several gameplay video montages of his "epic quest" through the world.



    Regardless of past harassment, RenegadeBuizel refuses to learn from past mistakes, instead blaming his misgiving and shortcomings on society. It isn't uncommon for his journals at deviantART and FurAffinity to shout "I'm leaving forever fuck you all," with several comments from his butt-buddies pleading "no don't go!" Why they'd want him to stay is still undetermined, but we can only assume they're as simple-minded as he. Although he claims to have a Certificate of Smartness




    In relation to his pretentiousness, negative comments about him or his work will not be tolerated, however he may leave whatever rude comments he feels necessary. Honestly, what nerve do you have to use logic and common sense against him? What gives you the right? Also, when angered, he has the tendency to CAPITALIZE every IMPORTANT WORD he FEELS ADDS EMPHASIS to his argument, obviously making him right, no questions asked, DISCUSSION OVER!!

    My parents are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO heartless!! I make a mistake and they've got the FUCKING NERVE to yell at me again!? WHAT'S THEIR FUCKING PROBLEM?!?!?! I mean, I apologized for my actions and I STILL get scolded!!! I'm currently crying VERY badly right now. But, they are tears of HATE!!!!!!! MAY THE FUCKERS DIE A HORRIFIC DEATH!!!!


    —an example of a journal post by RenegadeBuizel

    If such rage wasn't enough, deny him of his desires, and he might just take fucking a dose of .50 aspirin!

    I'm very down... My fucking luck has PROOVED to be super fucking shitty!! I'm never gonna get what I want!! This is it!!! I'm fucking commiting 'Harikari'!


    —RenegadeBuizel, attention whoring again.

    He also whines to others to help him take care of his problems. Harassment leads to whining to the higher ups over the tiniest disagreements. Display of common sense ends with blocking from his page.

    Recently, FurAffinity user IntelMiner made RenegadeBuizel's asshattery public, and instantly threads appeared in the forum's Harassment subforum. When the original journal post was deleted, another surfaced, leading to another topic in the forum. This was again repeated making a grand total of three separate topics crying for protection. Not only did he cry to the admins, his hugbox minions rallied to take IntelMiner's website down via DDoS attacks, with threats such as:

    dude you better take down your trash about Renegade buizel if you value your lame website and FA account


    —Tobymanic, being an Internet tough guy.

    Luckily enough IntelMiner has his site currently back up and free from Hugbox DDoS's and he even provided a new image!

    Of course, RenegadeBuizel's response to all this?

    You know what I DON'T get? Assholes... jackasses... losers... and people who ASSUME they know EVERY DAMN THING!!! It's people like intelminer that ruin websites like this. Why do I say this? Look at his page. It's full of fail and retardation. And he calls ME stupid? Psh. Keep dreaming, buddy. Because you're FAR from my league. If this were baseball and we were pitchers, I'd be major league and you'd be single A. How DOES THAT strike you (no pun intended)? And that's a comparison. Also, would an IDIOT have passed 2 years of college? I don't THINK so. So, I suggest you SHUT UP. Because you don't KNOW what the HELL you're talking about. You're being a stupid, little two-year old about the WHOLE DAMN situation!! Besides, I bet you're a OCR-board-wannabe. You type like them, but you're NOT NEARLY as good as they are. At least THEY know what they talk about!! You, on the other hand, haven't a DAMNED clue!


    —Journal by RenegadeBuizel

    Given the fact that he still lives with his parents (and still behaves like a kid), it's pretty hard to think of RenegadeBuizel's independence at all. The concept of "job" intimidates him.

    My mom said I COULD get a fursuit and she'll give me the card, NOW she says "NO!!! You have to earn it!!" What kind of goddamn BULLSHIT is this? God... I HATE that!!! And, I SWEAR on my LIFE that she promised me access to her card so I could buy it! And she's just denying me that right!!


    —RenegadeBuizel whining like a thirteen year old on his journal

    Quiting DeviantArt

    After attacking the user Schochioman and getting his ass handed to him, Renegade quickly played the victim and decided that he's going to quit Deviantart.

    Once I log out... I'm gone for GOOD!! This place is UTTER BULLSHIT!!! Quite frankly, I just can't give a flying fuck anymore... so, it is with a heavy heart... I close this account for good.


    —RenegadeBuizel is serious. Just look at the CAPS LOCK

    His hugbox army quickly responded with a journal to rally his friends and take down Schochioman. In case it gets taken down, the journal read:

    this guy here Schochioman is an ass you makes fun of my friends and dont stop and now my friend as quiting da becuse of him


    Lets give Schochioman To day WE Figth my fellows yoshi/pokemons/digimons/dragons/yummyes people :3

    I'am pissed now just lissen to what that guy sayed to my best friend

    I'm not the one getting my ass handed to me here am I? That makes you the bitch ;D

    He is gona get banned Total and i will get this guy on FA TOO GRRRRRR



    —dagis13 in response to Renegade quiting DA

    Unfortunately, Renegade would soon come back to Deviantart under a new name. It's only a matter of time before he quits that one too. His old Deviantart account became the home of much more lulz and butt_hurt. He blocked the one person that actually tried to help him. Why anyone would want to do that is a mystery. The best advice he got from anyone was this:

    lol jeez, you won't even listen to people trying to help you?

    Fine, I'll give you advice...




    RB's response? "No thank you... dumbass..."

    Banned from Deviantart

    After things that nobody cared about happened on Deviantart, Renegade was beaten with the Banhammer. He quickly made a journal about it on Furaffinity

    deviantArt WRONGFULLY banned me as "KoushienChibasuu". Well, know what? FUCK THEM!!! deviantArt is FULL of retarded assholes who think furries are stupid. Gay ass sons of bitches, wrongfully banning me like that. Let them burn in hell for all the FUCKS I give! I'd rather lose ALL my games in MLB Power Pros 2008's Success Mode than even HAVING to deal with those dipshits that are coonsidered "admins" and "mods". They can SUCK MY ASS!! All because of "IliveinEngland"'s retardation. Why am I banned? Simple... dA admins THINK I was threatening. I wasn't. So, as my friend Mike A. from my "day program" would say: "Fuck those ditadoos to hell. They're a bunch of cock-sucking mother fuckers." Which I'm CLEARLY seeing IS true! Dumbasses like them are like people on steroids. They seem innocent, but are just big jackasses!


    —Renegade plays the victim

    His eminent return to deviantART is yet to be announced.

    Bawwing about gift art

    Recently he was complaining about people not holding up their end of the bargain to promised gift art.

    "I will NOT tolerate tardyness anymore!!

    There's now OFFICIAL deadlines for two artists who owe me trades/gifts!! They are: tofer18- October 1st munkart- End of the year If you FAIL to produce ANY pics, you WILL be removed from my watchlist and will ALSO be blocked from EVER contacting me EVER again!"


    —Internet Tough Guy

    Gallery of Drama Faggotry

    Drama? On my Internet? About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Emotional breakdown

    Eventually Renegade realized how futile fighting trolls is and broke down crying while emailing me (intelminer) for sympathy. Here's the "apology" letter

    "Hey, IntelMiner, it's me, RenegadeBuizel... I wish you could see my face, because, I'm almost at the crying point... which means, I feel like crying... when I do that, it's pretty much sincere that the apology is. I'm bad with explaining things and, I want you to know... I didn't mean any of that bad crap I said... it's just that I retaliate to someone who tries to make me me look bad. Or, even someone who DOES make me look bad... it was all because of this punk kid in middle school I knew... I don't know how to be anymore frank than that... so, please... I'm willing to drop everything bad I've said about you... it's my fault... I shoulda never posted that stupid journal in the first place... if you wanna, we can be friends, but, if not, just accept this apology, please... if that's "not possible, then... I'm sorry that all this shit happened... -Mark "RenegadeBuizel" P.

    Fake Suicide Notes for attention

    As if everything before wasn't bad enough, he would also become so emo he would write various suicide notes in hopes of getting a response.

    I'm an idiot and a failure... /TT TT\ I didn't know you didn't want to speak to me... I'm sorry for being a pest in your life... I might as well pray I die... especially because nothing's going right... well, I guess... I'll see you in the after life if I do die and never again if I don't... again, I'm very sorry for being just another worthless in someone's life...



    Of course the next day he would be completely fine and pretend he never wrote the note.

    See also

    Contact Him!

    AIM: InnertubeLucario
    AIM: ThousandYoshi
    AIM: TummyTubeBowser
    MSN: [email protected]

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    Facebook account [1]
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