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    Atomic.gif Warning!
    This article contains high levels of self-righteousness, Bible thumping, and bigotry. View at your own risk.

    Info non-talk.png RD (a.k.a. RejectedDreams) should not be confused with another famous RD: Richard Dawkins. Although it's an interesting coincidence.

    RejectedDreams' old icon: His beloved Jesus fish.
    Typical activity RejectedDreams takes part in.
    An RL picture of RejectedDreams walking to church.

    RejectedDreams is a Bible-thumping Tartlet Christian who acts like he's God's messenger and thinks he can predict the future for non-Christian people. He almost takes the entire Bible literally such as Noah's ark and the very lie of the world being 6000 years old. If he was a real Christian, he would drink a bottle of bleach because of Mark 16:18. His idea of God, will send anyone who doesn't follow the rules of the Jesus fan club to hell. He does not like being called a "fundie" or "prick", which makes sense because most pricks do not like that term.

    He is also interested in cats and Lola Bunny, thus making him a Christian furry. All cats are ashamed of him, and want nothing to do with his constant faggotry. He also claims that he is a 20-year old or over due to the fact that he admitted that he was "pre-Nintendo". He has not responded to any mentions of his article, preventing lulz from occurring, however after the amount of people flaming him he started "trollin' back". By trolling, we mean him using the n00b language but in a crude way and saying "I don't give a rat's ass". Like his pwning skillz and his understanding of the Bible, he fails hard when trolling. By those results, that means that he might be IS some sort of Christian Internet Tough Guy, much like that the other one.

    A Real Reject

    File:Not phobic stamp by Rynnay.gif
    Despite being liked by RD, this stamp can't apply to him for he both hates BS ships AND is homophobic.
    RejectedDreams is one of several people the Pope thinks should stop using the Bible to sound smart with.
    RejectedDreams getting ass kissings by E-friends. (E-friends are, of course, his ONLY friends)
    RD in a nutshell.

    All the friends of RejectedDreams (more like RejectAtLife, amirite?) are conservative Christians, some of whom packed their bags and left deviantART. His best E-friends (but not butt buddies, for the following two are female) are File:Deviantart-favicon.png Netbug009 and Xiao-Feng-Fury, who suck off on all of his work and defend his no-minded bigotry if somebody dares to criticize or even question his Sizzler's quality cafeteria Christianity.

    Another of his best friends is File:Deviantart-favicon.png hiphopqueen333. She is as obsessed with rap music as she is with Christianity. She constantly BAWWs about being made fun of for being a conservative Christian, ignoring the fact she refuses to accept other views and is friends with bigots. She also abuses deviantART's hug icon, for it can be seen in over 80% of her posts. Nothing would make her happier than knowing that she is being persecuted 4 HURRR BELEIFZXZ10101, so feel free to sign onto DA and shit all over her "art".

    Others who RejectedDreams gets along with:

    • ethereal-crow: LOL NEVERMIND! Update: even ethereal-crow thinks RD is a bigot. Apparently he posted a journal where he was like, "I'm tired of arguing with people, so I think I'll lay it off; trolls are so annoying," BLAH BLAH BLAH BUTTHURT or something like that. And she totally called him out for being a douche, saying that it was his fault the trolls kept bothering him -- and, of course, he totally ignored her. According to her: "He brought the trolls upon himself by being so uncouth and blatantly disregarding the fact that we should all -respect- each other. I stopped watching him a while ago because he needs to learn some social standards first." NOW ALL HIS JOURNALS ARE APPARENTLY BALEETED LOL.
    RejectedDreams-style statistics on Gandhi and Jerry Falwell. Don't make the mistake Gandhi made of being non-Christian!

    His favorite works by others are mostly Jesus shit and stamps supporting views such as hate of porn, homophobia including BAWWing about rainbows representing homosexuality (ironically, he also included a "not a homophobe" stamp as part of his favorites), leaving his fundie friends alone, and, at least one reasonable one: Anti-Wapanese.

    Quick!! Hide everything!!

    On October 15, 2008, RejectedFailure (amirite?) decided that he just couldn't take all the haters who pointed out to him that his beliefs are nothing but bigoted shit. He has decided to pull a Snapesnogger and hide fucking everything, thinking it'll make his problems go away. Obviously he's feeling the heat of the mighty ED. Every deviant comment has been hidden. Yes, all 56 pages of them. And all the comments on his journals are hidden. And what a shocker! Comments are disabled on deviations, too! Apparently he sees just how fast the screenshots go up and he doesn't want to give ED more ammunition. Foolish little tartlet. He is still on however, for he'll hide any new comments on his page, and also continues to fav stamps about his lover... HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, HE'S BACK

    As of October 18, it is confirmed that RejectedFailure is still active on deviantART, as his comments are on Xiao-Feng-Fury's page, with the date of October 17th on them. Not surprisingly, he is encouraging XFF to once again exercise their hatred against the gheys and other people they don't like. Instantly afterwords, Reject unhid the comments on his page, save for the ones by himself.

    Arguing, RejectedDreams Style

    From just a quick look at his profile, it is already obvious that RejectedDreams has a God fetish.
    So now he thinks he's above everyone else who isn't Christian. Way to go RejectedShit.

    Despite living in the 21st century, his views are stuck in the past. Bible passages supply his arguments. If someone dares to use logic against his Bible wisdom, his reaction will be one of two things: He'll either respond with his usual Biblical argument, or not respond to the easily superior argument. Or just ban you for making sense. Reject is incapable of reading a graph; be sure to point this out. Additionally, despite using the Bible as his basis for arguments, when someone else uses it against him, he accuses those acts as "word twisting".

    He also shoves his dong of Jesus down people's throats, claiming that if you don't dedicate your entire life to him, you will never be in heaven! Considering that this idea of Heaven would be full of the likes of RejectedDreams and Jerry Falwell, Hell seems appealing in comparison. RejectedDreams also bears a similarity to the likes of Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Bill O'Reilly in the fact that he both distances himself from and speaks against Fred Phelps to appear less bigoted, even though deep down he probably thinks Fred is among the most likely to get into Heaven.

    Ways of Pissing Off RejectedDreams

    These evil, satanic behaviors are NOT acceptable!

    • Thinking that there is at least one flaw in the Bible. It is God's word, therefore, it is perfect!
    • Believe in lies of science, such as evolution and the thought that humans are animals.
    • Be supportive of gays. Do NOT support sinful behavior!
    • Celebrate the evil, anti-Christian Halloween.
    • Read Harry Potter, or anything else with witchcraft portrayed in a positive light.
    • Believe in ghosts or reincarnation.
    • Ask him if he thinks bats are birds or if insects have four legs.
    • Ask him to read a graph.
    • Believing that he's a hypocrite and use his cherished bible to point out the obvious.

    However, you can still be saved by Jesus! But if at least one of the following things applies to you, it will result in a one-way trip to hell:

    Getting to Heaven according to RejectedDreams

    Progressive Christianity is not Christianity, we must not tolerate things that go against the Bible! See also: This parody which is much smarter than RD's views will ever be.

    For starters, you have to be a Christian. Only real, biblical Christianity counts, none of this Progressive Christianity with the feel good gospel! You should also read the entire Bible word by word, and accept it as the complete truth. Screw science, Earth being millions of years old is a lie, just like the Big Bang! While you may seem to act like you enjoy the concept, do NOT have secks with the Bible.

    Thank God for everything (especially the cash you earned yourself), and worship Him (do NOT refer to Him as "him"! It pisses him off!) 24/7. But doing this alone is still not enough. You need to preach about God's word to EVERYONE, yes, everyone. You can preach anywhere, RejectedDreams himself is a DeviantART evangelist. And you must preach the truth as it is said in the Bible!

    Note that God is all-loving, but He will send you to hell if you do something unforgivable, like being gay! Yet, it should also be said that the God hates fags concept is also wrong. God does NOT hate fags - fags have a lifestyle that defies Him and the Bible, thus, they will be punished with hell for all eternity. But He doesn't hate them. Likewise, God does not hate Jews/Mormons/Buddhists/Muslims/Agnostics/Atheists, but He will also punish the heathens with hell!

    Overall, warn everyone about their sins, and how they'll be doomed to hell unless they are both straight and the fundie type of Christian! DO IT. (unless you want to go to hell!)


    RejectedDreams' Work

    RejectedDreams' gallery primarily consists of photography and religious bullshit.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    His Favorite Works by Others

    True Christian Love! About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Getting Pwnt and Reject's Failure in General

    It's like pwning a brick wall, except much easier! About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Journal of Win

    In January of 2008, a Tartlet named File:Deviantart-favicon.png Spleef wrote a journal proving how much RejectedDreams fails. Although via the journal, the whole debate (in other words, Spleef pwning RD) can be seen, the image below is perhaps the best example of why RD can't debate:

    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    Spamming Bible passages does NOT work.

    Fan Art

    Just look at the love for Reject... About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    He Writes, Too!

    A Testimony Of Bullshit

    Despite being a lie either way, Xiao being the writer would just increase the lies of this piece tenfold.

    A Testimony of Hope is in RejectedDreams' gallery. The work is TL;DR and not written by him, due to the mentioning of the writer being a former lesbian. (possibly the lesbian faker Xiao-Feng-Fury?) The summary: A Tartlet female who had been a lesbian due to being exposed to R-rated content from a young age, but got saved from Satan's evil work of homosexuality by (you guessed it) Jesus! The comments appeared to have been worse than usual on a RejectedDreams piece, for he had to disable comments. But what comments were there can still be seen.

    RejectedDreams had lied (thus going against the Ten Commandments) by saying he did not hate gays, thinks that not shoving his bullshit down peoples' throats would be betraying his God, and denies that the work is hateful. But this quote is perhaps the most disturbing:

    It doesn't matter how 'nice' you are or what great and wonderful things you do for others-that does not get you eternal life(and the escape from Hell).



    Evil Evolution!

    All of these are lies!

    The second written "piece" in RejectedDreams' gallery is Evolution:Proven Wrong Again. In it, a fictional teacher teaches the evil lie of evolution to young students. Later that day, she gets into a car crash and dies. Despite being a nice person, she joins Charles Darwin and others in hell for teaching the Satanic lie of evolution. Being created by an invisible being is so the truth!

    As if the concept wasn't shit on his own, it also proves that RejectedDreams can't write. His vocabulary is a combination of the words a 5-year-old knows about and any word in the Bible, thus making him do poorly at making descriptions. Additionally, whenever a character speaks, a new paragraph starts.

    RejectedDreams, once again, states that not being a threatening asshole would betray his God, even though being one gives rational Christians a bad name. He also refuses to admit that God is butthurt, and admits to being a fan of Jack Chick. (not exactly surprising, especially when you consider how similar the story is to a Chick tract)

    Satan's Plan

    The original journal.

    The third of RejectedDreams' works is The Progress Report. He had it in his journal at first, but just recently uploaded it as a writing. This time, it is about Satan getting a progress report on all the evils that Hell has spread to Earth. Examples of these are:

    Reject then ends the story with saying that many people die without Jesus as their lover, and then join Satan in the torments of hell. Unless a fundie dies on that day, it is assumed that at least 100% of Christians who die during a day go to hell. Of course, this story is really just proof that fundies enjoy blaming Satan on everything that they don't like.

    After a small amount of comments, this was the first thing Reject disabled and hid comments on. For somebody who expresses his views so much, he sure can't stand hearing others' opinions.

    A tArtlet named Kieranfoy pwn't him so badly in a reply that his children's children will wake up one night and say "WoW! WTF just pwn't me?"


    Entrance of the Anti-Christ

    After years of somebody Reject approved of, Barack Obama got elected President on November 4th. While libtards such as Adf-fuensalida fapped, it was a very dark day for Reject. He lost even MORE faith in America, but this is only faith in AMERICA he lost: Due to the election of EBIL SATAN OBAHMA, REJEKT'S FAYETH STRENTHEND!!! Additionally, he got something to fap to as Proposition 8 got passed, thus making gay marriage no longer allowed in California.

    But nonetheless, Reject feels the end is near, as Obama MUST be T3H ANTI-CHRIST!!!111 Reject thinks that his one-way ticket to heaven has been secured even further due to his rejection of the Anti-Christ. Others who have his ticket are Xiao, DBoy, Jack Chick, and a few more, thus making that small group the only ones going to Heaven while everyone else burns in hell: Boy, God really is loving according to Reject, isn't he? Of course, not being with fundies isn't much of a threat.

    His Brain Got Broked???

    Babble sez no cursing!!1 It be a sin!

    On November 11, 2008, after getting pwned so many times by anyone with a brain, it appears that RejectedDreams has finally snapped. His behavior now consists of slinging around insults and going LALALALALALAALAL I CAN'T HEAR U!!!!!111!!!!one! and failed attempts at trolling back. It can be logically concluded that RD now no longer wishes to leave himself open to pwnage by trying to debate and force his close-minded beliefs on others, so he will no longer answer questions about his religion, even polite ones. In fact, their has been a huge difference between his DevianTART page of now than the one before this article was created.

    • He had the great Jeebus fish as his icon.
      • Now has dancing cat.
    • Quoted the Bible.
      • Now acts like a wanabe-badass.
    • Faved a bunch of religous stamps such as anti-gay stamps, anti-atheists and much more bigotry.
      • Now faves cats.
    • His information box said that God was his favorite artist.
      • Replaced his info box with lyrics from a crappy song.

    This has appeared to stop, though, because he's talking more Bible shit again.

    Reject is going to hell!

    You read this correctly. RejectedDolt had used Nostradamus as a source, which goes against his FAYTH. This has brought damage to his one-way ticket to heaven, and may mean he's going to hell.

    Moar Christfaggotry

    Just when you thought it was over.

    This spring of 2009, he posted a journal (now baleeted) about how he wasn't going to talk about the Bible any moar, and posted his photography instead. However, as made clear by this shitty stamp submitted August 3, 2009, he is back to his bible-thumping Christfaggotry, again bitching about homosexuality even though anyone with a brain doesn't give a shit about the buttsecks that the gheys have. Like any other deluded Christfag, he thinks he is actually helping the gays. Interestingly enough, Xiao-Feng-Fury also posted a journal bitching about the gays and how AIDS is their fault even though niggers actually have a higher rate of the spread of AIDS than gays, proving that Christfags love their clusterfucks. Until this point, Reject was generally perceived as being better than before, but then again, he probably couldn't handle being an evolved fundie.

    Fundies Say the Darndest Things!

    Some of RejectedDreams' wisdom has been included on the website Fundies Say the Darndest Things, such as his "I'm a Christian, but..." rant, all of which can be found by searching "RejectedDreams" on the site. Xiao-Feng-Fury quotes are also on FSTDT.

    No, religion isn't about trying to prove science wrong. The Bible itself is a science book, accurate in every way.


    —Accuracy at it's finest.

    [Referring to J.K. Rowling]

    Because she's a member of the Church Of Scotland, believes in God, and does a lot of good things? Sorry, that doesn't make anyone a Christian.


    —RejectedDreams thinking that he has the sudden right to pass judgment.

    I'll never understand why so many people actually want to be related to primates(or some other lower-life form)


    —RejectedDreams, the man who thinks his first ancestors were dust.

    If Creation is true, then there is a Creator to whom we are all accountable. Evolution is an enabler for atheism. Evolution gives atheists a basis for explaining how life exists apart from a Creator God. Evolution denies the need for a God to be involved in the universe. Evolution is the "creation theory" for the "religion" of atheism. According to the Bible, the choice is clear. We can either believe the Word of our omnipotent and omniscient God, or we can believe the illogically biased, "scientific" explanations of fools.


    —The man who thinks he's better than a scientist.

    The Bible describes real places, people, and events that actually happened. Doing unbiased research into it's fulfilled prophecy, archaeology, changed lives, and non-biblical accounts was enough to convince me.


    —Just like how a science book describes actual fact with sources.

    Sorry, but if your uncle(and his partner) are living a lifestyle that is in open defiance of the clear command of God-they are not Christians. There's no way around that.


    —O RLY?

    Oh they'll be awake all right, yelling, screaming, and cursing at the God they chose to ignore. Once a person takes their last breath here on earth, the rules change. Then it doesn't matter what your science textbook says, what the popular opinions happen to be, or who your friends are. When you stand before Jesus, a person is either saved or they are lost. (RejectedDreams is demonstrating how butthurt God is Jew people who aren't part of his fan club)


    —LOL WUT

    Out of the many comments made on his idiocy, this one is perhaps the most winnage:

    The short version:

    If you say "I think even slightly differently than RejectedDreams", then you are not a Christian.


    —FundieBasher on RejectedDreams' "I'm a Christian, but..." rant

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