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    Reitanna-Seishin = infected with GOTIS
    You can help by not giving her any attention.

    Edginess in all of it's rightful glory.

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png Reitanna-Seishin, or Kara, is a 25-year old emo attention whore whose known for her shitty rip-off of a My Little Pony fan-fiction and a Invader Zim yaoi comic that nobody really cares about. Rei has a strong, edgy internet ego. Basically, she'll block anyone who gives her criticism in the nicest way possible, then delete the comments and post a NEW comment to make that person seem like the bad guy. This becomes a never ending cycle, and Rei drags in new blind sheep everyday that end up agreeing with ANYTHING she says, and if anything is said against her, you can guarantee that a white-knight\hardcore 11-year old fan of hers is gonna defend her ass right away.

    Rei uses her manic-depressive disorder as an excuse for anything, even when given critiques. Even in serious situations, she'll use that card as an opportunity to make things about herself, then turn around and bitch about it. Because of this, most of her gallery and journals consists of the usual emo-suicidal-edge.

    Rei's Strong Case of USI

    Half of her gallery contains uncredited, traced shit like this.

    As previously mentioned, Rei basically CLAMORS for attention. Whether it's about going to the doctor for her happy pills, or BAWWWing about how people on Youtube give her shit about her videos, Rei always has SOMETHING to complain about. It doesn't matter what it is, because it seems to always ruin her day and trigger her maniac-depressive-bullshit disorder.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    On deviantART, faggots like you have the ability to give people critiques. Usually, most of the time, the users will usually either BAWWWW about it, or they'll take your advice, depending on how well you word it so you don't seem rude as hell. Rei is the percentage who throw bitch-fits and take the critique out of context, resulting in lulz such as this:

    File:Really just seriously by altheripper-d9n9cyu.png
    Nothing mean was said at all, yet Rei still caused a lulz-fest in the last response, which is below.

    Take notice how the user was polite to her. Rei made it seem like Al just shoved a huge stick up her ass.

    But...what was this all about? Welp, to put it short and simple, it was about Rei's Mary Sue race, "Lotrids":

    Lotrids are a species that resulted from decades of experimental genetic mutations in humans, creating a subspecies. These experiments began in the 16th century in early Wayward City, which at the time, was known as the Wayward Land. The experiments finally resulted in the first Lotrid in the 19th century, which led to the creation of more. However, experimentation halted when the scientists realized Lotrids were dangerous, so there are only sixteen that exist.

    They are stunningly beautiful and physically perfect, having increased strength, speed, intelligence, and all five senses are heightened, to the point where a sixth sense has been created. This sixth sense is weaker in fifteen of the Lotrids, but is very strong in the very first one created. It allows them to read brain waves, but the weaker fifteen can only read human brain waves, and not each other's. On the other hand, the first Lotrid's sixth sense is so strong, it can read brain waves from any species, including the other Lotrids, and it boarders complete mind reading. Lotrids also have an extended life span, being able to live for many centuries at a time, and as they age, they never lose their good looks or become weaker. They also cannot have Others because mental disorders are nonexistent in their genetics.

    Female Lotrids are called Queens, and males are called Kings. The first Lotrid, the leader, is known as the Master. Both Kings and Queens dress provocatively, showing off as much of their perfect bodies as they can. Even though the Kings are just as gorgeous, the Master favors his Queens, making sure they have everything they need to successfully attract people. However, if they displease him, it does not make their punishment less harsh than for a King.

    The Lotrid society is based solely on beauty, power, and sex. Within their community, no one has a specific partner, for it's normal for everyone to sleep with anyone, no matter the gender. Inbreeding does not produce children with medical issues, so it is completely acceptable. Outside of the community, they show themselves off, attracting different people to "spend some time with." There are some complications because the Master prohibits cross breeding, even though their main purpose is to court. If a Lotrid and another species have sex, and one gets pregnant, the Master instructs the Lotrid to kill the child. If they refuse, he kills the child instead, and the Lotrid gets punished for disobeying. If the Lotrid attempts to hide the child, it and the parents are killed. Also, falling in love is not common for a Lotrid; the relationship is always physical.

    These creatures act innocent, sexy, alluring, sweet, and overall seem like gods, but they are not. In fact, the reason they must court people from other species is simply to bait them, for the Master's goal is to "clean up" Wayward City. This means that a Lotrid will act weak and helpless when interacting outside of the community so that they attract rapists. They will allow themselves to get raped, enjoying the sex itself, and then taking out their attacker with the strength they had hidden. This causes no guilt, for Lotrids aren't ever interested in emotions, they just like intercourse. The Master usually doesn't get involved in these plots himself, unless the target seems to be hard to bait. He is so perfect, if he appears in public, anyone who sees him is sure to persue him, even if they are a straight male. Otherwise, he remains in the Lotrid Castle located in the Dead Forest (it's called that because all of the trees are dead) in the furthest part of Wayward City. He usually calls on specific Lotrids to sleep with, which is considered an honor by them.

    Interestingly enough, the only way a Lotrid can die is either by old age, which is very old, or getting killed by another Lotrid. The exception to this is that they are able to be taken by Collectors, but they are strong and fast enough to fight or escape them. No other species, not even Others, can kill them, and they are unable to get illnesses, starve, die of thirst, burn, or suffocate, and drugs and other toxins have no effect. The only sure fire way to kill a Lotrid is if another Lotrid pierces their heart with their bare hand. Despite this, Lotrids can receive ordinary injuries, but they heal much quicker. Example: A broken arm can take six weeks for a human to heal, but only takes two weeks for a Lotrid.

    Not a lot of people are aware of how dangerous these creatures are because they rarely come out into public. When they do, they simply look like extremely beautiful humans, so it's hard to tell the difference. This is why baiting rapists is so easy. In fact, the mere existence of Lotrids is considered an urban legend by a majority of Wayward City, and a pure myth in the other two habitable quadrants. They do exist, though not many people live long enough to tell their friends they met one. Sometimes, if a Wayward sees a beautiful human, they will point them out to a friend and say, "I think that's a Lotrid!" They have an eighty percent chance of being wrong.

    Lotrids [Some were created in the lab (°) and some were born into the community (*)]-

    Bobby°: He is the Master. Though his name sounds innocent, he is cruel and ruthless. Still, all of the Lotrids adore him, even if they're terrified of him. Bobby is tall, thin, pale, and has messy, medium length black hair that's very straight. His eyes are such a dark grey, they almost appear black as well. He usually wears a black trench coat, though underneath wears a plain t-shit (either black or dark grey), and very tight and low riding jeans (again, either black or dark grey). Bobby also prefers black boots to any other kind of footwear. Since he is the very first Lotrid, he has characteristics the others don't have, such as being able to morph his teeth at will. They will become razor sharp, but he can also force grow multiple rows like a shark. He does this either to frighten someone, or when attacking. Just like his teeth, he can also morph his nails into long, sharp claws. Another thing is, he seems to outlive any other Lotrid, and there's a rumor in the community that he might actually be immortal, but there's no evidence to support this. Bobby's personal life is a mystery to the other Lotrids, for he keeps to himself most of the time.

    Maribelle*: She is the youngest Queen, appearing to be nine years old. Of course, due to extended life spans, she is at least in her thirties. Her appearance as a child does not keep her from demonstrating sex appeal, wearing makeup and skimpy clothing. Bobby uses her to bait pedophiles. Maribelle's wavy hair is a rich caramel color, and her eyes are a dull green, though shine magnificently. Her eyelashes are long and thick, nose small and cute, and her lips are puffy, making her look like a doll. Her skin is a sandy color, a bit darker than Bobby's. She's a bit more conceited than the other Lotrids because she is able to lure certain people without having breasts or a developed figure, though the Kings argue that they can do the same thing. Her favorite color of lipstick is a very shiny scarlet, but wears natural colors of eye shadow, always metallic. Maribelle's clothing is also more natural in color, but the greens, browns, and tans don't take away from her appeal. Her hobbies revolve around performing, such as singing and acting.

    Charmin* (shar-mihn): The youngest King, appearing to be sixteen. Bobby uses him to appeal to pedophiles who prefer older children, or to bait teenagers that exhibit sexually abusive behavior toward others. He's actually naturally shy, always getting flustered when people compliment his looks. If it weren't for his obvious anatomy, he'd look like a girl at first glance because of how feminine his face is, and he wears makeup. However, his clothing proves his gender, for it's tight and revealing. Charmin has near-white blonde hair that's asymmetrical, the long side draping over one side of his face, falling to his chin. His eyes are clear blue, and just like Bobby, has a pale complexion. He prefers to wear lighter shades of blue, but likes his clothes to be made from metallic or shimmery fabrics. Charmin likes to paint, but not on canvases or paper. His room is covered in paintings, on the walls and some objects such as furniture. When he gets bored of them, he will photograph the paintings, and then paint over them to start over. He rarely shows his work to the others, being embarrassed when praised. Interestingly enough, he enjoys being sexually abused, craving to be beaten during activity.

    Ruby°: A tall, curvy black Queen with a lot of confidence, but also a lot of sincerity toward the others. Her curly hair is short and bleached to a orange-brown color. Her eyes are a stunning hazel that are lighter than her skin, and they are almond shaped, making it hard to look away from them. She's pretty laid back when it comes to stressful situations, always keeping a cool head no matter what, and never gets angry, not even when she has to kill. The others think she's unable to be affected by negative emotions. This makes Ruby useful to Bobby as a sort of "second in command." As long as he has her, he rarely has to step in, which is good for him, since he's lazy. Ruby likes to wear high heels, adding to her height extremely, making her taller than any of the other Queens, and nearly reaching the tallest King. She actually prefers tight pants and shorts over skirts, as well as strapless shirts. Her favorite colors for clothing and makeup are golds, metallic browns, and whites. Ruby is also one out of three sewers in the community, making clothes for the other Lotrids. However, she is the only one allowed to make clothes for Bobby.

    Angelo°: An extremely pompous and narcissistic King. He has perfect black hair that he slicks back, tan skin, and brown eyes. He is also the most masculine of the Kings, having sharp bone structure, and prefers to wear wife beaters and blue jeans. He's used to bait female sex offenders. Angelo often speaks by elongating and over emphasizing his words, sounding like he knows much more than anyone else, and that his opinion is law. The other Lotrids know, however, that he "turns into a little bitch" around Bobby. When it comes to hobbies, he doesn't do much except flirt with all of the other Lotrids, except for Maribelle and Charmin because he says they're too young for his tastes. The others aren't impressed by his behavior, but will give in to him just to shut him up.

    Darlene°: The oldest Queen. After scientists had perfected Bobby (known as William during that time), they told him to go find a human female so that they could see if the experiment would work just as well with the opposite sex. She was seventeen, and a very devout Catholic with blue eyes, her long blond hair being kept in a bun, and wearing dresses that covered up most of her body. However, she was very beautiful, and caught the eye of Bobby straight away. She lived in Clearwater Park (during that time, it was known as the Sea Side), and as soon as she saw Bobby, was captivated enough to want to do everything he said. She followed him back to the Wayward Land, where she was locked up and experimented on, which she did not like. Even so, Bobby always told her it'd be alright in the end. When the end finally came, and the scientists had ceased their experiments on their multiple subjects, the Lotrid community was formed, and Darlene became the mother to the first born Lotrid. Still religious, Darlene wanted Bobby to marry her, but he explained that her life was different now. He took her out to meet with known criminals in the Land, and told them to rape her. Not believing violence solved the answer, she wouldn't fight, but begged Bobby to make them stop. According to him, he was doing this for her own good. Apparently he was right, for she finally saw Bobby's intensions, discovered her thirst for sexual encounters and violence, and became a completely different person. She chopped off her hair to a bob, colored it ice blue, and started wearing colorful, skimpy clothing. She still sort of has feelings for Bobby, and Bobby tends to baby her a bit, so the others think he actually cares for her as well. Her hobbies revolve around beauty, being the hair stylist and makeup artist for the community.

    Kaden* (kay-den): The first born Lotrid, and Darlene's son. Of course, the concept of "family" doesn't exist in the Lotrid community, so none of the Lotrids are referred to as son, daughter, brother, sister, mom, or dad. As mentioned before, inbreeding is natural for Lotrids, so "family" is something they don't understand. Even the created Lotrids lost the meaning not long after their transformation. Kaden had black hair like Bobby, but he colored it dark purple with electric blue streaks. He inherited Darlene's blue eyes and skin color, which is less pale and more healthy looking than Bobby's. He likes to wear dark makeup, but changes things up by wearing colorful clothing like Darlene. Unlike Darlene, his colors are much darker shades, so the others call him the "Dark Rainbow." Kaden hates this nickname. He is pretty feminine in appearance and behavior, but is usually the dominant one when engaged in activity, except for with Bobby; Bobby is always the dominant one. Kaden's hobbies usually revolve around reading, but he also enjoys sparring with the others for no reason but entertainment.

    Poppy*: This Queen is known as "the cute one." Appearing to be in her early twenties, she is rather short, but very curvy. Her medium length hair is colored lavender with pastel yellow stripes, and she wears them in pigtails that she curls into short ringlets. Her green eyes are very big and sparkly, and her sandy skin is riddled with faint freckles from spending too much time in the other two habitable quadrants. Bobby punishes her whenever she sneaks out of the city, but she never learns. Her favorite colors are pastel purples, blues, yellows, and oranges, and she loves mini skirts and leg warmers. Though displeased by her rebellion, Bobby likes her because she looks so innocent, she is easy bait. He tells her to act dumb and naïve to enhance her attraction. Poppy's hobbies are centered around pure creativity, doing everything from creating sculptures to decorating the castle. She also makes jewelry and accessories; if someone needs something, chances are, Poppy can make it.

    Scotty*: Nicknamed "Butterscotch" by the others, Scotty is the King that everyone wants a piece of. He colors his semi-long hair neon orange, and has honey colored eyes. He's a bit more tan than the other Caucasian Lotrids, though not darker than Angelo, and he wears very subtle makeup. He likes to wear girls' pants and cut-off t-shirts, as well as plastic bangles and rings of various colors. Scotty's clothes are usually in whites, light greys, and silvers. The reason everyone wants him is because he's not just sexy, but smooth talking, cocky, and "talented in the sack." Bobby likes him for this, but he also likes him because Scotty has developed into an expert killer that shows no remorse. Scotty will often ask Bobby if there's a job he needs to do, and Bobby likes the dedication. On top of everything, Scotty is also an excellent cook, and has a passion for playing multiple musical instruments. When you live that long, you have the time to learn to play more than one.

    Victoria°: Goes by "Vicky." She's not very friendly, often picking verbal fights with the other Queens, and insulting anyone she can. She's even said bad things about Bobby, which resulted in her punishment. Vicky has dark, ashy brown hair that falls to her waist, and though it's straight, she curls it at the ends. Her eyes are dull blue-grey, and her facial shape is a little bit sharper than the other Queens', though still beautiful. She likes to dress in elegant skirts and dresses that are long, though parts of the fabric in her clothes are sheer to show off her body. She is the second tallest Queen, and the second sewer. Vicky once got pregnant by a human, and refused to kill her baby, so Bobby tore the unborn fetus out of her belly and ate it. He says that a half-Lotrid would be inferior and flawed, so their species must remain pure-blood.

    Tanner*: Nicknaming himself "Tenebrus," he is the black sheep of the community, following gothic fashion. He's also the tallest King. His hair is long and black, and his brown eyes are circled in heavy eyeliner. Tenebrus also has three lower lip rings, two eyebrow piercings in each eyebrow, and five piercings in each ear. He is moody, likes to stay in his room, and speaks very low. The others tell him to grow up and stop acting like a rebellious teenager, but just like a rebellious teenager, he says, "no one understands me." Why he's stuck in this phase, no one knows, but Bobby sees it as an opportunity. Using this "emo" kid is perfect to bait others who enjoy similar fashion, which is pretty common in Wayward City. Tenebrus is also a sado-masochist, so he does cut himself, but for pleasure, and not depression. In fact, he's not so much depressed as he is angry, though he expresses it in a melancholy way. If he's the dominant one during sex, he will definitely hurt his partner, but if he's the submissive one, he demands they hurt him. Tenebrus' hobbies consist of reading, writing poetry, and testing to see how much pain he can endure, which is actually partly masturbation for him.

    Yulie* (yoo-lee): This Queen never speaks unless it's absolutely necessary, so she's "the quiet one." Her short hair is naturally red, and is pale like Bobby. Her eyes are a greenish-blue. She's a tiny bit chubbier than the others, but not enough to be unappealing in any way, but in fact, makes her even more sexy. Yulie wears skimpy versions of school uniforms to make herself look underage, baiting people who have a uniform fetish. Her favorites are the Japanese school uniform, and the Catholic school uniform. One of the only times she speaks is to tell her target, "thanks for the fuck," before she disposes of them. Yulie is also very good at stalking, able to move anywhere without making a single sound. She helps Scotty with the cooking.

    Cecil°: Another more masculine King, though his clothes are more sophisticated than Angelo's. His hair is a sleek chocolate brown that is parted to the side, and his brown eyes are serious and true. His clothes often consist of a very low cut, long sleeved shirt with a button up vest over it, and plain slacks with dress shoes. His chosen colors range from blacks, whites, and greys, to navy blues, burgundies, and maroons. He also wears a necklace with an opal pendant that was given to him by his girlfriend he had before going under experimentation. He never saw her again, but keeps the necklace as a reminder of her. Cecil is not one of Bobby's favorites, so he's rarely called on to spend time with him. He is the third sewer in the community.

    Felicity°: A Queen who worked as a prostitute before experimentation, so being a Lotrid is almost nothing new to her (the exception is the murder). Her extremely long hair is bright blonde, but she colors the ends violet, and styles it in a variety of different ways with Darlene's help. Her eyes are a brighter grey, and she loves cool-toned colors when it comes to makeup and clothing. Instead of wearing actual clothes, she will simply wear lingerie, fishnets, and boots. Felicity will also wear fingerless gloves that match her stockings. This makes her perfect bait. With not many interests or hobbies, Felicity will usually be lying around, looking sexy and flirtatious until someone calls for her.

    Jung-soo°: A King that was originally from Korea. His black hair is very stylized, and is streaked with neon green. He has dark brown eyes sitting behind oval framed glasses, and he has a black lotus flower tattooed under his right eye. Jung-soo usually dresses as a cyber raver, and does his makeup in interesting designs. He is also incredibly skinny, but well shaped. He's the "techie" of the community, as he loves taking technologic devices apart and putting them back together. With the internet being a basis for predators, Bobby uses Jung-soo as online bait, or will let him bait at clubs where he'll most likely be given a date rape drug. Of course, drugs don't affect Lotrids, but he's pretty good at pretending.

    Nina*: The Queen that's known as the trouble maker, and also known for getting punished by Bobby more times than anyone else. Nina's pixie cut hair is colored cherry red, and she likes to wear goggles over her hazel eyes. She has the same skin tone as Darlene, but she has a lone freckle on the left side of her upper lip. Nina dresses more like a tom boy, though still radiates her sex appeal with her large breasts and curvy hips, showing off her midriff with belly shirts. She also has a gold belly ring. Nina spends her time pranking the others using reckless methods that end up breaking something, but she'll also refuse jobs, run away for days at a time, try to bring people to the castle (who get killed as soon as they're discovered), and has been pregnant multiple times. She will even refuse to meet with Bobby when he calls on her, which makes him angry, and the others think Nina's crazy because... well, who would refuse Bobby?

    Take notice, this whole race is ALSO VERY FUCKING EDGY with their appearance. Hell, the same user that critiqued Rei ran this race through the Mary Sue Test:

    It scored way higher than it should have.


    While most of the time, it's hard to validate whether a person is telling the truth or not about their suicidal tendencies, or getting raped by five different men at once while your creepy mother watches, it seems that the only way Rei handles something like this is by being very aggressive, despite having the depressions and suicidal shit herself. Going as far as to tell the person that they get what they deserve.

    The journal in question.

    File:Being Agressive totally gets your point across.png
    Rei thinks that everyone is like her and gets aggressive, only to get told to STFU.

    ...Only to open her stupid mouth one more fucking time.

    Rei then pounded her chubby fingers on her keyboard to rant to those about how she tried to help:

    File:Such Hypocrisy.png
    You didn't try to do shit. A normal person would've called the cops for her, but that's just me.

    Rei Likes to Characterize Disorders, A lot

    Out of all the retarded things to come out of deviantFART, characterizing disorders and being proud to flaunt hers around like an award is one of Rei's favorite things. In her brilliant mind, someone's PTSD isn't just memories that are triggered by certain events, but rather, they take appearance of a super fucking edgy person, which she likes to call "Others".

    File:Rei Says Your Disorders Have Edgy Apperances.png
    I wish I was making this all up. I wish.

    And if that wasn't bad enough, there's pictures of these things:

    Disorders in a rainbow of colors About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Of course, this whole Others race is just another card to hide behind for Rei so she can flaunt off her many "disorders".

    Her Artwork

    Going on her gallery, expect lots of edgy shit, pony vectors (and recolors sometimes), porn, and dumb animated gifs of herself and her fucking rats.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Fanbase (Whiteknights, too)

    Reeks of Goth.

    Rei's fanbase consists of two groups of people; young kids who join dA because they like her work, and then there's people who are just as super goth and edgy as Rei is, and they're willing to defend their goddess hambeast at all costs. One of her major white knights is File:Deviantart-favicon.png Disappointed-Gastly whose so fucking edgy, its seen everywhere on her profile. Just like Rei, she too also bitches about anyone and anything that upsets her poor little feelings. Another white-knight also worth noting is File:Deviantart-favicon.png LichKingOzma, who wants to lick Rei's pussy so bad, he literally will give out death threats and try to troll people by using shitty Undertale memes if they dare mess with his precious 'Princess'.

    Below is a gallery that contains screenshots of her white-knights at their finest.

    An ever growing Gallery of BAWWWWW About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    See Also

    One of these codes is WRONG. I'll give you a hint, it involves being truthful.

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