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    File:Sonic recolour.jpg
    Move over Van Gogh! You got yourself some fucking competition!
    This one is just painful to look at

    Recoloring (Recolouring for the Commonwealth Fags) is a skill invented by Tartlets even worse than Tracing. It is essentially the process of defacing character artworks by drawing over them with the paintbrush tool on MS Paint. Artworks that were made by Recoloring are often created by 13-year-old boys, 13-year-old girls and 37 year old, basement dwelling asspies. Most of them are Sonic or Naruto fanart.

    How to recolor

    1. Open up MS-Paint (Windows XP and Windows Vista are suggested, as the paint-brush tool didn't have anti-alias back then
    2. Pick a character from a Video Game or an Anime
    3. Don't save, but copy the image and paste-it in Paint, then resize the canvas to fit the correct dimentions of the character-art
    4. Using the Paintbrush tool, draw new hair, clothing. skin-colour, facial-characteristics, and weapons
    5. Lazily rename the character, and save it as a Low-quality JPEG
    6. Put on Windows Movie Maker with shitty music and add text to make it a fanfiction. Make sure the text is reeeaaallllyyy slow
    7. Make sure the movie has the lowest possible render settings possible
    8. Upload to YouTube with a name like 'Sonic Hero Generations' or something equally retarded
    9. Go find a heavy, blunt object
    10. Bash yourself in the head with it until death


    25pxTIP! Use either American names like Haley, or cool sounding Astronomical terms like Galaxy for your characters

    25pxTIP! Photoshop works too

    25pxTIP! Don't worry about encouraging faggotry; Recoloring is still alive and well on YouTube eitherway

    25pxTIP! Archive the reactions to your art for maximum lulz


    See Also

    File:DevArtJournal.pngNew Pic!
    Journal Entry: Tuesday Apr 24, 2007, 9:36 PM
    Mood: Attentionhorny
    Listening to: Simple Plan
    Watching: America's Next Top Model
    Eating: Too much
    Drinking: Milkshake
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    5. PROFIT
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