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    A troll's brilliant fan art for ROTS.

    Realm-Of-The-Shadows is a Protestant fuckwit and a Nazi, and hates Catholics, as he believes them to be fish-worshipping satanists and Freemasons. He enjoys drawing lots of fail and preaching his batshit insane views to his little fuck buddies, such as DBoyWheeler and Sonicrocksmysocks. He is delusional and seems to think he rules over some kind of imaginary kingdom, as evidenced by his retarded username. His love of 'God' comes in second only to "the best in anime and manga ever!".

    A Totally Superior History of ROTS

    Kansas and ROTS

    Kansas, home to flaming homosexuals, potatoes and coon prick. Also, though not an often-discussed fact, Kansas holds the largest density per-square-mile of retarded, racist, inbred, homophobic, batshit insane conspiracy-theorist hillbillies known on the planet. Kansas holds many dark secrets in its fields. Many dark secrets.

    One of the dark secrets Kansas holds is ROTS, who once occupied Kansas, or rather, its fields rather than its houses, since the Totalitarian United States Government Illuminati Service have hundreds if not thousands of spy satellites in the fabricated propaganda tool known as space in geostationary orbit watching over every citizen in Kansas through their walls. It was in these fields that ROTS was raised until the vigorous age of 34 where he left the fields to warn the world of the perils and lies of the government.

    Prolonged Effects of Corn

    During his prolonged stay in the fields of Kansas, ROTS was subjected to mind altering corn, found the only book of truth and contracted AIDS after being consensually raped by a tractor after he mistook it for a pure virgin Christian tractor, which might explain his homophobia and his complete devotion to the true law.

    It might also because of the corn that ROTS (mistaking them for visions from God) somehow received a direct dream feed during Weeaboo Central TV, which might explain his ability to speak the language of the moon.

    Super Duper Weeaboo Powers!!!!111ONELEVEN

    Native speakers, beware!

    Realm-Of-Shit made up a Wapanese name for himself, Kazuma Mikage. As if that wasn't enough animu shit for you, he also pretends to know Japanese by writing it on his art. When people correct his butchering of the language, he of course throws a fucking hissy fit, complete with empty banhammer threats.

    He also has a running list of which animes and mangas are ok for his imaginary subjects. Basically his only criteria for something to be good is for it to be animu. However, if it has gays in it, watch out! It will be relegated to the (and I quote) "OFFICIAL ANIME AND MANGA BLACKLIST OF THE REALM"!!1

    Realm-Of-The-Shadows has also been known to post photographs of his amazing collection of otaku crap, in what can only be interpreted as some misguided attempt at being sugoi. The photos are complete with post-it notes describing his collection, as well as parental basement scenery.

    Run-Of-The-Mill Career Aspirations

    Like any good Wapanese, Realm-Of-Shit wants to move to Japan and become a famous mangaka. Little does he know that the Japanese mostly practice Shinto and Buddhism and not his one true religion. Here is his creative philosophy:

    And DESPITE my mental shortcomings of not thinking before i speak, i SHALL carry my ambition and resolve to use anime to inspire to the grave fulfilled and completed in all it was created to accomplish(by my hand of course) God bless you to ALL who show support!


    —Realm-Of-The-Shadows, on his mental shortcomings

    If your response was WTF, then there's a good chance you're not retarded.

    Realm-Of-The-Shadows's HUEG Ego

    Realm-Of-The-Suck thinks he is the best thing that has ever happened to the open internets. He honestly believes his art is in the top 10% of all art in the world and that he is a better artist than people such as Banzchan (LOL). As such, he has no qualms about asking people to watch him, asking people for money, and waving around his completely factual statements about everything.

    i created this ED account to counter my growing opposition stemmed from a page made about me as a result of the page 'Realm-Of-The-Shadows' created against me in the moment i shown weakness, i have had consistent disturbances both on my DA page and other places as a result


    —ROTS, during his arbchat

    Lol, Pwnt

    In the event that someone totally hands him his ass, he will hide their comments and block them because, deep down inside, he is really a pussy.


    Pope Hat Conspiracies and Other Delusions

    According to the following irrefutable proof, all Catholics are really Babylonians who like fish and probably also liek mudkips a little too much. This is the type of airing of grievances you would likely expect from fundies like Retard-Of-The-Shadows. However, it is ironic that the Pope's hat/Catholics-are-evil conspiracy is of utmost importance, while titties are perfectly ok and featured everywhere in his art. Retard-Of-The-Shadows must think that Jesus and God approve of titties more than fish hats. Their opinion of mudkips is yet unknown, but it probably says somewhere in the Bible that God and Jesus liek them.

    Realm-Of-The-Shadows on Catholicsm


    This, by the way, is not a single journal entry, but only part of the footer on every single one of his journal entries. Talk about tl;dr.

    Links on the journal: PROVEN, ABSOLUTE TRUTH!!!!1



    Atomic.gif Warning!
    Realm-Of-The-Shadows will crush you beneath his foot like he does to the devil everyday!

    In addition to his pope hat conspiracy theory, Realm-Of-Fail believes in the Gay Agenda, that Satan is a real person (he is, in fact, a furry), and that by being an annoying prick he can stop these things from taking over the world.

    Anything that Realm-Of-Crap dislikes or disagrees with is a tool of (insert some other name of Satan here). Someone doesn't like your shitty art? TOOL OF TEH DEVIL!!!1 Unpopped popcorn kernels? THEY ARE BEING CONTROLLED BY SATAN!!!1 Yaoi in your animu? TEH WORK OF BEELZEBUB!!!!11ONE

    Epic Journal Event

    We'll rue the day we "dragged his name through the mud"? lol wut?


    Retard-Of-The-Shadows almost instantly discovered this page and immediately proceeded to write a crybaby journal entry calling for the intervention of an e-lawyer. After a day of high-profile lulz facilitated by his journal's #1 place on the devianTART Today page, it appears Fucktard-Of-The-Shadows has decided to GTFO the internets for a little while. Faced with extreme butthurt, Fucktard-Of-The-Faggotry has deleted all his journals and art and has seemingly abdicated as lord of the Realm-Of-The-Shadows.

    In his quest to find an e-lawyer and to pursue an internet lawsuit, Retard-Of-The-Shadows went through many stages of lulz, starting with a hissy fit and the calling of waaaambulances and ending finally with him receiving some truly epic spamming on his userpage and journal.

    Lulz Harvested from the Event

    His Art (LOL)

    Made mostly of fail and AIDS, Retard-Of-The-Shadows's art is shitty animu with some ripoff and a dash of tracing. Since Retard-Of-The-Shadows is incapable of creativity and other forms of higher thought, he just takes art from old series with large hentai caches, such as Evangelion, edits it a little, and slaps some God on it to make it his own. He has been reported as an art thief, though a final verdict on this has not yet been reached.

    When given critique, he makes an excuse for it such as "I like it this way" instead. Since his art is mostly tracings from "How to Draw Anime" books, he can't go and do shit on his own. In some ways, he is similar to Snapesnogger since he does not take critique very well.

    Color is not part of his vocabulary, as evidenced by at least 100 crap doodles in his gallery. On the occasions where he remembers that art is usually supposed to have colors in it, he uses Photoshop and Illustrator to make eye-nukes with 255 red, green, and blue.

    Existing Examples

    Supposed Upcoming Series

    Retard-Of-The-Shadows draws the same 2 or 3 characters all the time. He continuously talks about some epic story he's been making for 10 years and plans on working on it for another 5 like it's going to be the next Lord of the Rings or something. Unfortunately, Retard-Of-The-Shadows is a 20-something uncreative Jesustard office bitch, rather than a linguistics professor at Oxford. When confronted with the high levels of fail in his characters and story so far, he mentioned Dragonball Z. This of course proves that the quality level of his story will be well over 9000.



    ROTS in mecha cosplay.

    His self-insert character that has no personality, a constantly changing name, and some kind of magical armor suit. He's supposed to be the main protagonist, but he really has no point. A good example of a Gary Stu.

    Skill(s): crying, tits.

    A whiny little cunt, Aina is Kazuma's girlfriend/wife. She has no point at all except to stand around and cry all the time because she can't do jack shit.


    Clearly, the epitome of evil.

    Retard-Of-The-Shadows believes that peace can only be achieved by war, much like virginity can only be achieved by fucking. This, as well as the fact that Retard-Of-The-Shadow is a racist, makes Gandhi a terrorist. This character is killed off by some unspecified character named Vegandarae.

    We should fear not the apocalypse, but the textwalling that will come with it.

    Satan. The generic supervillan-type badguy. Also a badass cd by the japanese noise band Boris.

    Coincidentally, it appears that Satan also grew up in Kansas, because he uses inbred yokel grammatical constructions such as "I do it so well that I don't get hardly any credit for it".


    See Bible.

    The Hall of Screencaps

    This section is reserved for luzy screencaps of crazy shit ROTS has said. All are welcome to add more, converge upon DeviantART and collect the lulz. A good place to start is his dA activity.

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