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    Moar info: Ravda .
    "Universial Furry"

    Realalover is a batshit psychotic furry civil rights leader alter-ego of Ravda , who joined the fandumb in order to "leave her humanity behind" and get in touch with the nature around her and leave the greedy heathen hyoomuns off to perish in "their own Armageddon". In between posting her socially conscience YouTube vlogs, she enjoys dragging her neighbors to town to enjoy some furfaggin' and making Gorillaz movies with sockpuppets.

    c'mon trolls, c'mon troll me!


    —she did ask nicely...

    Butchers, the Lot of Them!

    File:Card the dryad-wall.jpg
    This is what Realalover actually believes.

    Infuriated by the greedy, unnatural human process known as "brush removal", Realalover grabbed her webcam and videotaped the woodland rape while expressing that such this very rape of Mother Earth was the reason she is not a human but a furry. Which is totally different.

    Expressing sheer terror at the fact that someone would find it at all conceivable that getting rid of a tree that consistently shat hundred plus pound branches over their homes, Realalover expressed that, because of her belief in Dryads and magic, that the lumberjacks were literally torturing and killing a sentient being, in the process starving innocent woodland creatures. Pointing out that "trees and termites have been around since the dawn of time" and seemingly unable to comprehend why any disgusting human wouldn't want that shit caving in their homes, Realalover gives up and proceeds to talk about how how wolves eating their children is beautiful and keeping the natural order and how Sarah Palin wants to kill all of them, because humans feel compelled to "just mess with shit" and that furry is the only way to escape the insanity.

    Because of magic.

    Taking It To the Streets

    Not content with just fighting the good fight online, Realalover eventually decided the needed to take the fight straight to the enemy, and headed off to the Target.

    Deciding that screaming at customers was the only logical way to gain respect, Realalover and the gang shouted at several people before jetting away from the scene and relishing the days activities.

    I hope it did get people thinking, because , you know, we got a lot of bad raps


    Let's Get the Neighbors Involved

    Feeling the need to share the excitement, Realalover figured a screaming match with Target customers was the best way to socialize with her neighbors. Who evidently agreed.


    Because when you go out screaming with furfags, you're gonna wanna tell people.

    Gorillaz Faggotry

    In between raging, Realalover likes to ease back, shove her hands into her crusty socks and have fun with her bestest buds the Gorillaz.

    Feel Good Inc.

    In The bathroom

    Don't Feel Good


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