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Ray William Johnson

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What the fuck is original content?


—Ray William Johnson

He even makes rule 34 disappointing

Gay William Johnson is an unfunny midget faggot who enjoys making videos in his shitty 1BR apartment. He has three channels, all of which are total crap. His main channel, which consists of him stealing other people's content and making money off it. His second channel, where he uploads weekly vlogs, and his third channel, where he makes shitty animated music videos, that only spastics enjoy and fuck faces delight.

Ray is constantly making insults about himself due to his low self-esteem for being under 5 foot. In most of his videos he will insult a race, then he’ll say that he’s “only kidding” so that minorities won't invade his house and beat his short ass down. He obviously used to fuck his old gay roommate Will, but trys to avoid anyone else thinking of it by constantly hanging around with his friend Meekakitty. He always makes vlogs supposedly “Goin’ out to da bar!”, to avoid anyone thinking that he is a lonely scum… plus, he is anti-social due to his Asperger's Syndrome. He is kind to gays because he is a fudgepacker himself.

“What’s happ’nin’ forum! Ray William Johnson here, and THIS is a funny page on African Americans! Whoa! I guess that’s why they call it BLACK comedy! Now check out THIS page on fat people! Overweight people are really funny, and I can get away with making fun of them, because I’m flaw free! (BRB shaving eyebrows again).”

RayWilliamJohnson is Sxephil’s white-bread Pakistani cousin, infamous for using other people’s work in his own videos to get views and make money. After each stolen clip, he recites a cheesy 1990’s burn, usually involving somebody’s mom, and then an oh so cool DJ sound effect plays.

When Ray isn’t making unfunny sexist jokes that have little to do with the video he comments on, he expresses his love for balls and makes up his own inside “jokes” that not even retard’s find amusing, such as “squirrel AIDS”, and “two camels in a tiny car”.

He also dated the gold-digging feminist whore by the name of Anna Akana, who broke up with him after he helped her get over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube.

For some inane reason, Ray’s fans actually think he cares about their opinion. At the end of every video, he’ll get everybody to reply to a question with text or video, thus getting himself more money from YouTube. Ray is also know for being a failed condom.

Ray’s fanbase

Pretty much sums up RayWilliamJohnson, all the way down to the public bathroom
RWJ imposter making even RWJ look silly and immature when it come down to who the most subscribed channel game. Lesson to RWJ and other big Youtubers: You got to keep your fans in check.

Fake and Gay

After getting a high, well-earned fan-base, he attempted at making a forced meme, as he always uses them in his videos. So he made a typical episode of his shit show using the typical misleading thumbnail and title, but then, knowing he’d becoming the laughing stock of the internet if he ever attempted this on /b/, he used his crap example of a troll to create THE WORST MEME EVER. Nowadays, you can’t go on any staged/seemingly staged/ video without seeing at least 1 comment posted by a 13-year-old boy or a 12 year old girl saying “LOLOLOL FAEK ADN GAY!!!1” or some unfunny variation of it.

Video Structure

  1. Gel up hair
  2. Lose sense of humor
  3. Put on a shit eating grin
  4. Provide shit commentary on shit videos
  6. Call Borderlands Boring lands...
  7. ???
  8. Profit!

RWJ Freaks out and bails on Maker Studios

Sometime around winter of 2012, Ray went awol on his production partners Maker Studios. Of course the fight for =3 was over money, and Jewtube politics.

Rwj lolcow makerstudios.jpg


RayWilliamJohnson smexy.jpg

It’d be an understatement to say Ray doesn’t have an eyebrow problem. In every video, the shape of his eyebrows change, presumably because he doesn't know what to do with them. His most famous style was the “obviously-shaven-right-down-the-center” look in late 2009.


With a guy who writes “I’m paid to clean the urinals at the local strip club” under his occupation on YouTube, you just KNOW you’re in for a hoot and a holler! The majority of his fans are 12 year old girls. It’s enough motivation for him to keep making videos (especially when video responses come into play). Unfortunately, that means the reception left on YouTube isn’t the same as what the majority conclude.

Lame/Sexist/Unfunny Jokes

His “talent” for joke telling can only be surpassed by the little 12 year olds who constantly jizz on their keyboard just wanting more of his unoriginal, scripted and retarded jokes. Any dumb fuck would dare look at his production team or whatever and find that they make up all the jokes because any fagcunt guido like him just wouldn't be fucking smart enough anyways. Heres a snippet from his channel: About New episode every TUES & FRI. I'm an alcoholic garden gnome with a taste for comic books and hip-hop music. I've also been known to produce a few good shows....- Thats a funny motherfucker right there. Watch at least one of his videos and you will see his try-hard attempts at trying to make his “audience” think that he is somewhat funny or witty, but as we all know children, guidos can’t be any of those things.

His Mother

In early 2010, Ray's very own mother advertised his e-show (titled "=3" for some perverted reason) on There were mixed reviews; from terrible to suicide-inducing.

Terrible...just terrible.


—Nerd #1

Ban for being shit.


—Nerd #2

can i please have the time back i just wasted watching the start of that video?


—Nerd #3

Watched half that video. Holy balls that guy is contrived and extremely irritating. :mad: He'd be one of those guys that chimes in with something that sounded awesome in his head, but everyone ignores him because he eats shit.


—Nerd #4

The guy shaves between his eyebrows


—Nerd #5

Ha ha ha! Just kidding, guys. He's not really my son. Yeah, that guy sucks.


—RayWilliamJohnson's Mom

Show RayWilliamJohnson to any sane person over 12, and they’ll come to same conclusion…

It’s terrible. I wipe my ass with it.


Irate Gamer

Ray Jewilliam Johnberg

After Ray went to record his album. The Judaic media mafia took over the show with two unfunny Jews hosting it.

Anna Akana

Ray HAD a girlfriend/feminist named Anna Akana, whom he was a beta fucker to until she dumped him for more fame, such as appearing in the new Ant-Man film. She's appeared with no clothes on a couple of times also.

Trolling Ray

  • Tell him, “America’s Funniest Home Videos called, they want their show and lack of humor back!”
  • Tell him that he steals others peoples videos to get more money. Note his fans will nerd rage “U JUST JEALOUS!!!111”
  • Call him out on his blatant racism and sexism as he constantly hides it by saying, "Naw I kid the _______," so that nobody in New York City finds him and beats the shit out of him.
  • Tell him to quit shaving his eyebrows.
  • Tell him, “Jersey Shore called, they want their filthy, greasy Guidos back.”
  • Call him a pedophile as all his fans are twelve and under.
  • Remind him that he doesn’t have any friends at all. Not just because they “don’t want to be on film”.
  • Tell him to come out of the closet, as he clearly fucks his roommate Will, and tries to clear the homosexual accusations by filming himself with MeekaKitty all the time.
  • Remind him that he’ll never make it in show business because he’s a fucking douche pump and has no on-camera talent, regardless of how high he raises his shaved eyebrows. He relies too much on jump cuts due his lack of oratory skills. Too bad he can’t have any jump cuts when performing live!
  • Remind him of what a shitty rapper he is:

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