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    lol, douchebag

    Ravpup, aka Rav^, is a fucking obvious Ausfalian law enforcement agent from Sydney. He is a 32-year old frequent chatter in efnet #phrack, a few hacker-oriented silcs, a twitter user, and a friend of fellow known fed Hepkitten. He has never done anything funny or useful.

    So, I (as in weev) am approached by Rav one day and he asks for my phone number. Since I rotate prepaids every week or so I am like, sure whatever, and I give him my number. He dials my phone and is instantly immediately talking about totally illegal shit unencrypted. I say like, whatever, I might be able to help you, or at least hook you up with someone who can but please don't say this shit over voice or plaintext. Hit me up on AIM with OTR.

    After a couple repeated phonecalls where he tries to get me to admit to doing illegal shit over the phone, later he aims me TOTALLY UNENCRYPTED and insisting that "My connections are encrypted". Either this guy is an idiot, or a fed. I'm betting the latter. Fuck this dude.

    Quotes from Rav

    04:30 <&Rav^> i wish this girl would use a strapon and fuck me up the ass

    04:31 <&oaks> oh is that a fact

    04:31 <&Rav^> yer dude

    04:31 <&Rav^> sometimes.. when she's really dominating me.. i just want to be fucked in the ass by her

    04:41 <&Rav^> im not gay

    04:41 <&Rav^> it's just a fantasy of mine

    <Rav^> i met an ASIS agent yesterday

    <Rav^> for beers

    <Rav^> but i have lots of friends in the intelligence industry


    —Rav himself

    From TOW

    Rav (Heb. רב) is the Hebrew word for rabbi. The term is also frequently used by Orthodox Jews to refer to one's own rabbi.



    Ravpup literally means Rabbi's little dog. This guy is a fucking fed Jew.

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    5:33:57 AM RaVPup: Yo
    5:34:23 AM RaVPup: What's up!
    5:42:37 AM RaVPup: You there?
    5:49:24 AM weev: yo
    5:49:27 AM weev: do you have OTR?
    5:49:35 AM weev: can you please use OTR when you talk to me?
    5:50:41 AM weev: http://www.cypherpunks.ca/otr/
    5:51:25 AM RaVPup: On a mobile device
    5:51:30 AM weev: i am here
    5:51:30 AM RaVPup: I just use voice and plain text
    5:51:37 AM weev: well, i dont fucking use voice or plaintext
    5:52:15 AM weev: if you call me again to discuss your criminal desires via voice i cant speak to you anymore. that shit puts my entire business at risk
    5:52:21 AM RaVPup: My connections are encrypted
    5:52:24 AM weev: ....
    5:52:27 AM weev: this connection is not encrypted
    5:52:30 AM weev: this is plaintext
    5:52:33 AM weev: flowing across fucking AOL
    5:52:46 AM weev: when you call my cellphone, that is openly surveillable
    5:52:54 AM weev: by any fucking law enforcement authority that has a warrant on me
    5:52:59 AM weev: so get OTR
    5:53:01 AM weev: and we can talk
    5:53:45 AM RaVPup: Its hard ti explain
    5:53:49 AM weev: well
    5:53:51 AM weev: im telling you now
    5:53:53 AM weev: this is PLAINTEXT
    5:53:56 AM weev: i dont care what you think is encrypted
    5:53:59 AM weev: you either get OTR to talk to me
    5:54:01 AM weev: or we dont talk
    5:54:02 AM weev: ok?
    5:54:27 AM weev: glad we have an understanding
    5:54:52 AM RaVPup: Srsly I've had enough of your bs
    5:55:10 AM weev: lol
    5:55:12 AM weev: i run a business rav
    5:55:13 AM RaVPup: You're a fuckubg spammer
    5:55:20 AM weev: fuck off
    5:55:29 AM weev: you have never ever done any business with anyone i know
    5:55:33 AM weev: youre probably a fucking cop
    5:55:46 AM weev: youre fucking calling my fucking cellphone to discuss your fucking shit?
    5:55:47 AM weev: fuck you
    5:56:00 AM weev: either get OTR to talk to me, or dont
    5:56:04 AM weev: but dont sit here and whine
    5:56:57 AM RaVPup: Nat not getting otr. Get a real infrastructure
    5:57:01 AM weev: lol


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