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    Encyclopædia Dramatica (ED) registered in Nevada as Encyclopedia Dramatica LLC is a homophobic racist troll wiki that documents Internet culture, memes, and "drama" for the lulz. ED documents everything it thinks is wrong with the Internet, and proudly does so in a style that exemplifies the very things wrong with the Internet.

    ED loads slowly as half of the page advertises for pornography, sex adverts, and browser hijacks.


    —RationalWiki on ED

    The RATionalWiki™ (RW™) is a far-left feminist, SJW rip-off of Conservapedia where SJWs, Atheists, and trannies go to have a circlejerk and talk about how oppressed they are and how bigoted cisgenders and Trump supporters are toward Muslims.

    RationalWiki used to be a (sort of) funny troll parody of the Republicans who got banned from Wikipedia and created Conservapedia because they hated President Obama. Nowadays it's devolved into a place for euphoric atheists that are enlightened by their own intelligence (probable SJWs), Social Justice Warriors (aka SJWs), PZ Myers fanbase circlejerks (definite SJWs), and other low life basement dwellers to go rant about everything that triggers them, and is over 9000 times as bad as Conservapedia ever was. From feminists who think that fart is rape, to evolutionists who think that being smarter than Kent Hovind and flat-earthers is actually an accomplishment. It's so much of a circlejerk that it puts Reddit to shame. Not surprisingly, one of RW's founders and top sysops is that supreme Usenet and TOW troll, David "Slutty Vampire" Gerard.

    Today everyone just calls it the IrrationalWiki.

    These SJW faggots think they're special shit contributing immensely towards existence since they have some shitty Anita Sarkeesian book on their shelf and the leet skills to run a wiki. Suffering from the aforementioned superiority complex, these Jews will spend their time extensively debunking extremely important thinkers of our times like David Icke.

    The site is on so far on the regressive far-left fringe that it frequently turns against itself against its own for not being on the fringe enough for its own editors. Thereby hastening it's decent into complete irrelevance.

    TL;DR version

    Their god. Oh wait... if they don't believe in God, they cannot believe in Satan either. Or could they?

    Originally RW was to CP what SASS was to SA. That is, a site solely devoted to making fun of and trolling another site. It used to revolve around obsessing about every single edit Conservapedia editors made and nit-picking every single thing it's creator (Andy Schlafly, who is not a SJW) does - right down to criticizing the buttons on his shirt), which was sort of pathetic. But nowhere near as pathetic as running a wiki supposedly revolving around objectivity and humor, while simultaneously writing humorless feminazi propaganda, giving admin privileges to folks like Ryulong (who was banned from TOW for accepting bribes to edit the Gamergate article) and Laurelai (a real life rapists who tried to get their victims to kill themselves).

    Jerking off to Andy Schlafly is normal.

    Today the site's original userbase of trolls and science-obsessed nerds has left it to be replaced with hysterical gender studies graduates and Freethought Blogs followers; the only time they talk about "CP" anymore is when defending Sarah Butts' pedophilia. And the site is now a humorless lolcow fallout shelter for biased SJW cuck retards who got banned from Wikipedia for being too radically-left even by TOW standards. (Half of them only ended up on RW in the first place when both TOW and ED banned them for writing shitty hate articles about conservative nobodies they were mad at).

    RW articles no longer even attempt to be funny, and are instead either 100% serious opinion pieces about social justice bullshit written in a way TOW wouldn't let them get away with, or personal attack articles about people who dared to criticize feminism or promote "crank science" (such as the notion that drinking GMO-free milk is healthier for you). Like Conservapedia, 99% of the RationalWiki's articles are crap, like this fucking shit, however unlike CP, RW attempts to simply bypass this awful truth by throwing a few "goat" memes and penis jokes into its articles and claiming it's all just "humor" when called out on their bullshit.

    While the humor copout works with websites like ED which don't pretend to be anything other than misanthropic satire (with the occasional grain of truth)— it runs completely contradictory to RW's mission statement as a skeptic wiki dedicated to "refuting crank science and authoritarianism". RW wants to have its cake and eat it too: claim it's "satire" to avoid admitting it's poorly written SJW propaganda, while at the same time allowing its brainwashed members to believe they're on a mission from The Flying Spaghetti Monster to warn the masses of the dangers of homeopathy, birthers, MRAs, Donald Trump and "steaming vagina", wtf. Hell, even Conservapedia never tried to use their articles to bully people off the internet like an Encyclopedia Dramatica for leftists but driven by butthurt and zero self awareness.

    Some examples of the shit that passes for rationality at IrrationalWiki:

    • Monsanto's Roundup is safe for humans to drink! And if it ends up in breast milk, it's safe for babies to drink too! And btw typical PC shittery like



    One should analyze these creatures with great caution, lest they burn you at a stake like the raging hypocrites they are. If you ever encounter a editor of the RationalWiki IRL, please don't touch the poor creature (you can get diseases from them, since they're obviously just a bunch of evolved monkeys) and refer them to the nearest mental hospital available (a church is fine too). Just troll'em good (you fuckwad!) until they become an heroes. Returning to the main topic, all of the RationalWiki users are required to be at least five of the following:

    About RW

    In summation:

    PROTIP: If you're going to start an Encyclopedia Dramatica rip-off, don't use it to preach your political and/or religious agenda. If you do, YOU FAIL.

    So anyways, RationalWiki (more like CRAPtional DICKy, amirite?) appears to be staffed by a bunch of elitist, pseudo-intellectual douchebags who attempt to use internet/4chan culture to appear "witty" and "edgy," apparently to appeal to *channers and other people like me and ensnare us in their little anti-religious crusade.

    The true motives of RationalWiki?

    If they stuck with bashing the Christian and Muslim fundamentalists then I'd be fine with that, but hell noooo, their main focus seems to be wiping out ALL FORMS OF SPIRITUALITY off the face of the earth. I grew up spiritual and not religious, since my mom was one of those New Agey types - I learned pendulum dowsing (divination,) guided meditation, herbal remedies, crystal therapy, and other staples of the "crackpot" New Age practitioner..RationalWiki labeled all that stuff as "woo" and thus in their "bullshit" category.

    That and I am an otherkin (I believe I am a halfblood angel - yes, I actually believe that and I don't care what you'd say) so you can imagine atheists would all cream their pants at the opportunity to tear me down with their sarcasm. This amount of disrespect and snark sure doesn't make atheism look all that good to us theists, now does it?


    Even furfags hate the RationalWiki


    The site is said to have been founded in response to Conservapedia by some dude named Trent Toulouse; he claims to have degrees in biology and psychology. Toulouse seems to have more or less abandoned the site, having made less than 40 edits in 2015.

    The RationalWiki 1.0

    Ironically all of the original RW editors were originally banned Conservapedia editors. In 2007, several wiki-obsessed evolutionists from Wikipedia felt that they could gain acceptance on the CP. They, of course, were completely wrong. Eventually, these former Conservapedia hopefuls were banned or provoked into ragequitting. These Conservapedian rejects were gathered up and the RationalWiki was formed.

    The first incarnation of the RationalWiki was a invite-only site. Rational 1.0 was a hidden hive of liberal freethinkers and have mostly used for Conservapedia-related discussions. They often discussed their vandalism of Conservapedia. Unfortunately, while the RationalWiki users were discussing the CP users' stupidity, stealthy Conservapedia ninjas learned the secret the RationalWiki handshake, infiltrated the wiki, and exposed all of their secrets.

    RationalWiki denies Jesus, amazing
    More properly, SJWs.

    The RationalWiki 2.0

    Realizing that ceaselessly moaning about christfags made them look as retarded as the very christfags they were moaning about, the RationalWiki did the first rational thing by banning most of its members. After the infiltration and the banning of several the RationalWiki members from the RationalWiki, the sysops decided to take the wiki in a new direction. They reset the wiki and started over from scratch. The wiki has now open to everyone and their contributions. Of course, this doesn't mean that RationWiki 2.0 is open to everyone's thoughts, especially the ones deemed "irrational".

    December 2015 saw the second largest amount of supSJWpressions within a given month in RationalWiki's history.
    lol libtards can't even get views

    The Userbase

    The RationalWiki's contributers consist of a typical autism sideshow made up of exiled Wikipedia editors, latte-sipping hipsters, sexually confused teens, feminist BBWs, "male feminists" with a Norman Bates complex, virginal Star Trek fans, 4chan neckbeards, weaboos, NAMBLA members, and other untermensch, and is usually indistinguishable from the cast of an episode of To Catch A Predator. It's also home to many Nazi Bolshevik-wannabe admins who have emotional and social intelligence no better than that of a literal neanderthal (or Wikipedia admin, whichever's worse). RW admins' communication skills typically consist of telling members to "fuck off!" or YELLING IN ALL CAPS any time someone has the nerve to disagree with one of them. Worse yet, several of them are actual sociopaths, and one of them (Laurelai) is a rapist (the real kind, not the "regretting sex a week later = rape" kind - as the article will explain shortly). Having antisocial personality disorder actually boosts one's odds of becoming an admin on the site.

    Ever had an atheist come up to you and say that he hates your guts for being Christian IRL? I sure as hell don't. Maybe it is just because I'm rich and beautiful.


    Proving that bitchfights over religion are not limited to JewTube teenagers, some RW admins, like Trent Toulouse and Ames Grawer, infiltrated Conservapedia with honorable intentions, but they were detected and banned for life by the clueless pedos that run CP. They failed hard. CP sysops Brian Macdonald and Andy Schlafly launched some legal threats to Trent and Ames, yet they never materialized. Schlafly, despite that he's been online for more than ten years, is still oblivious to the inner workings of the internets, and that flame wars are futile.

    The Administration

    Even these guys are fed up with Ryulong.

    The RationalWiki has a liberal approach to promoting users to sysops. Just about any active, "good-faith" contributor can become a sysop. Even you can have sysop rights there. A full list of sysops can be found here though it won't ever be checked, since no one wants anything to deal with these faggots. But kind /b/, prove me wrong.

    As already mentioned RationalWiki is a rather wretched hive of scum and villainy. With RW's cult-like mindset and easy-to-gain administrator privileges, the website is home to many little Stalins who failed even to meet Wikipedia's low standards of adminship and have no joy in life other than bullying newbies and threatening bans (likely overcompensation for all of the playground beatings their pimpled faces received during HS). For real, most of the site's admins' behavior would get them banned as trolls by the standards of nearly any other community on the internet - even bottom of the barrel sites like Stormfront. Yet the sheep who patronize the website ignore and condone it, knowing that calling out these punks would mean excommunication from their favorite social outlet.

    Read it and weep, and ask yourself if you really want to contribute to a website where people too ill-bred to even serve you a Big Mac at McDonald's are given admin privileges and elect themselves to the site's prestigious "Board of Trusteees".

    Comrade Admin exiling traitor to Siberia for daring to criticize Margaret Sanger.
    Admin list
    • Ace McWicked
    • AgingHippie‏
    • Avengerofthe Bon
    • Bicicle Wheel
    • Bongolian
    • Brxbrx
    • Castaigne -- got triggered, left site
    • David Gerard
    • DiamondDisc1
    • FuzzyCatPotatoe
    • GrantC
    • Hipocrite -- got triggered, left site
    • Krej
    • Laurelai
    • Messah of Doom
    • Mona
    • Nerd
    • Nutty Roux
    • Owlman
    • Pbfreespace3
    • Plutoniumboss
    • Proxima Centauri
    • Raysenn
    • ReverandBlackPercy
    • RobSmith -- token Trump supporter
    • Ryulong
    • Scream!!
    • Sprocket J Cogswell
    • ScepticWombat
    • Tmtoulouse (Trent Toulouse)
    • Weaseloid

    Mission Statement

    The true intention of RationalWiki: being the coolest kid on the block.

    RationalWiki™ is a grimdark place of pure, unadulterated dread and misery. For the utter despair of all, packs of manboobed individuals roam the land, yearning to add the latest speck of fail to their collection of rubbish. Horever one should not be surprised, since every major wiki on teh Internets is just like that. Assuming you believe those faggots, their intentions are:

    1. Analyzing and refuting pseudoscience and the anti-science movement.
    2. Documenting the full range of crank ideas.
    3. Explorations of authoritarianism and fundamentalism.
    4. Analysis and criticism of how these subjects are handled in the media.

    By "pseudoscience" and "anti-science", RationalWiki users generally mean Creationism. RationalWiki consider any scientific idea not taught to them by their high school science teacher to be irrational nonsense.

    How to Troll RationalWiki

    Ever had an atheist come up to you and say that he hates your guts for being Christian IRL? I sure as hell don't. Maybe it is just because I'm rich and beautiful.
    File:Straw Man.png
    How the mods engage in straw-manning Thomas Sowell in his article (nevermind the cherry-picking of many of his works, a hasty generalization, denouncing personal statements while making personal statements about people themselves, a falsely-attributed fallacy and even a broken link).

    Please don't link to ED from RW, it falls under doxxing.


    —FuzzyCatPotoato, telling ED users what to do and not do, and right on ED itself too.

    As with all fundamentalists, trolling them may not be as easy as it may first appear due to their inability to listen to anything they do not agree with. Fighting fire with fire may be the best method.

    Proven by SCIENCE:

    • Copy paste sections from Metapedia.
    • Add {{cn}} to article text after stupid SJW narrative bullshit that doesn't have any science to support it because it's just postmodern feels. This makes [citation needed] appear and it triggers them off because you questioned their narrative.
    • Tell them that irrationality and logical fallacies are not inherently wrong (the fallacy fallacy).
    • Inform them that if you have to constantly put forward the idea that you're "rational", the likelihood is that you aren't really rational.
    • Remind them that 99% of the articles on the site are chock full of logical fallacies, particularly ad hominiem (which is considered the lowest form of rhetoric in formal debates) - they even have article categories such as "internet kooks" and "batshit crazy" while at the same time decrying other websites like Conservapedia for their use of ad hom and other fallacies.
    • Find every reference to 'Ether' ("Luminiferous ether") and Einstein's relativity, and edit this link into the page with the comment that even Einstein believed in the ether theory and didn't debunk it with his relativity. This one will generate sustained amusement as they simply cannot cope with this fact to such an extent that they will revert every such edit, proving that they are in denial about something incontrovertible, which is of course not at all 'rational' of them.
    • It's fucking easy to refute creation science. A goddamn four-year could do it, seriously, get a life, people.
    • The RationalWiki can also be quite heavy-handed in opposing what it considers to be "authoritarianism", which is the quality they apply to American conservatism. Although some conservatives seek to shrink the size of the government and the amount of money people are forced to pay into it, and defend the right to own guns, RationalWiki users somehow believe that conservatives are seeking to have the government control everything. Not to mention on RW libertarians and Christian theocrats are lumped into the same camp as "far right wingnuttery", despite being polar opposites on many issues. "Authoritarian" basically refers to "anything RW doesn't like".
    • Remind them that they may claim to be above the "childish" humor of ED, but love to photoshop cocks on everything and troll new users.
    • Become a parodist (just as bored RW members gloat about doing on Conservapedia). Subtlety add as much over-the-top content to articles as possible to further degrade the quality of the content. Write about how George Bush killed babies and masturbated to images of Gitmo, how all marriage is rape and all men are either rapists or wannabe rapists, or how Kent Hovind feasts on the corpses of atheist babies - once it's lingered for a few days it will be to stay because anyone who dare remove anything negative about a subject that RW's admins despise will be accused by the paranoid admins of being a "right wing apologist".
    • Tell them Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson aren't real scientists.

    Petty grudges and online bullying - RW: The ED for butthurt leftists

    Basically, one writes an RW article by:

    1. Write an article on TOW to slander someone
    2. Get banned from TOW
    3. Going to ED
    4. Trying to start an article about them here
    5. Getting told that nobody cares about some republican faggot pissant
    6. Getting banned from ED
    7. Going back to RW
    8. Being accepted with open arms and writing your shitty attack article

    Site staff essentially misuses RW as their own ED or Ripoff Report to try and sling mud at people they are angry with for editing over them on Wikipedia. There are only two real differences between ED and RW which are that we're a comedy site that bullies everyone for being lolcows and causes them butthurt, while RW is a site of lolcows that only try to bully conservatives out of butthurt, then attempt to pass it off as humor, while being incredibly butthurt about comedy sites that aren't shit, and the other difference is that we're actually good at it.


    Here are a couple of RW's more lulzworthy incidents:

    Conservapedia Obsession

    WIGO pages

    Criticizing Conservative Christian sites is one of the RationalWiki users' favorite pastimes. They host several What is going on at...? (WIGO) pages. This is a sure sign of spending too long on the internet (no shit, Sherlock). Of these, the ArchiveToday-favicon.pngWhat is going on at CP? page is the largest and most popular. In fact, that page is the second Google search result for "rationalwiki".

    RW users would waste hours of their lives DISREGARD THAT, THEY DON'T HAVE ANY watching Conservapedia's RecentChanges for any little piece of dirt that they can get their hands on and display them on the WIGO page. The RationalWiki even has a ArchiveToday-favicon.pngbunch of custom extensions for the WIGO pages in order to "enable" the obsessions of RationalWiki users. Because the little turds tried to vandalize Conservapedia for years systematically, and failed. Andy's far crazier than even that low-rent vampire Gerard.

    Deconstructing Andy

    Their favorite pastime: raping this man on a daily basis.
    Do you think she calls him "assfly" in bed?



    —RW's Human, on Andy's wife (ArchiveToday-favicon.pngWIGO's talk page)

    His shirt is ill fitting, cheap, and he didn't bother to remove the extra buttons on his cuffs....



    —RW's Nutty Roux, in a micro analysis of a photograph (ArchiveToday-favicon.pngSauce)

    I think he is wearing one of them Watch/Calculator things.



    —RW's Ace McWicked, going deeper and deeper in the matter (ArchiveToday-favicon.pngSauce)

    To say that RationalWikians focus all their energy on every single stupidity that comes out of Andy Schlafly's head is an understatement. They have dismantled Schlafly's mind, body, and soul; analyzed and psychoanalyzed his personal and professional life, his debating tactics, his concerns and his obsessions; and even imagined how the asshat behaved as a kid.

    Add to that dozens of essays, anagrams, games, and poems; a comparative study of Schlafly and Black Jesus; daily wikistalking; a rock opera (written by RW's resident gays); and endless, massive ridiculing directed at Andy himself and his cronies. What you have is a morbid fascination with a guy who is, plain and simple, a fuckwit who does not deserve the slightest attention.

    RW & ED: SNCA

    Actually try it out and see how fast you get banned.

    RationalWiki doesn't have a good relationship with Encyclopedia Dramatica. Contrary to popular belief, ED isn't just a liberal stronghold. In fact, ED is home to many conservatives, libertarians, republicans, fags, dykes, and kikes. No, we're indeed all jew-hating, fag-burning fat basement dwellers. On November 17, 2007, some butthurt fag named ArchiveToday-favicon.pngPyroPython ArchiveToday-favicon.pngcreated the RationalWiki's ED article (not a surprise considering that the entire wiki was created by banned users). On February 3, 2008, the article was ArchiveToday-favicon.pngrewritten in a more neutral tone. Before the rewrite the article had the following text:

    Encyclopædia Dramatica is a Wikipedia "parody" that tries desperately to be funny. Despite all of their attempts (which almost invariably consist of belittling others on the internet and attempts at "shock humor"), they fail to understand that goatse and porn don't make people laugh.

    In many ways they are like USENET's alt.tasteless gone completely out of control.

    It might be one of the few websites worse than Conservapedia.

    Update: ED may yet redeem themselves, to a degree, as an active contributor in the war against Scientology [1].

    Sadly the "new and improved" article isn't as funny as the above text, but it did succeed in hiding their inner butthurt selves (well, at least until you view the page history or this article).

    Although RW has inspired the expansion of our very article on Conservapedia and the creation of the article on Andy Schlafly, as well as the ongoing investigation on Ed Poor's pedophilia, ED's Urban Space Cowboy actually created the CP article on February 21, 2007, whereas RationalWiki 2.0 was founded by some guy named Colin on May 22, 2007, with the help of Trent Toulouse.

    Urban Space Cowboy left our dimension in 2008.

    RationalWiki, however, still contains trace amounts off butthurt over their ED article, especially on the talk page.

    There is a fine line between "raunchy entertainment" and silly childish rubbish. Most of what ED has is not really of the former and a lot of the latter, so I see no point in emphasising its rarity at the expense of its common. I personally think most of the "jokes" here should go if they can be replaced with quality material, but that is another conversation.

    In other words, when ED makes jokes, insults, and admits that it's a satire wiki, it's shit and childish rubbish. Yet when RationalWiki makes jokes, insults, and admits that it's a biased wiki, that doesn't mean the wiki is bad, it means that there's room for improvement.


    The un-Critical Thinking of RationalWiki

    Ironically enough, RW's people actually think that they're rational. Although the RationalWiki proudly sports the word "rational" in its name; nothing could be further from the truth. The contributors and editors of the wiki are hopelessly irrational and butthurt and will stop at nothing at proving they're the biggest flamers on the internet. Known as hipster-pseudo-intellectual-fags, the operators of the RationalWiki are trapped in the mind-slog which is their critical thinking skills. This may partly explain why the site is now overrun by a cabal of inbreds which includes many disgrunted Wikipedia editors; said folks were likely fed up with WP's policies on neutral POV and reliable sources: preferring a socialist echo chamber instead.

    The best part of the RationalWiki is the genuine belief each of their contributors have of their own critical thinking skills. Like a six year old who discovers they can blow bubbles with bubble gum, the cogs of the RationalWiki have discovered that they can criticize and rebel against their parents. Unfortunately for many of them, they lack the balls to confront the people they know in real life with their rebellious beliefs. Instead, they spend all day being angry and creating barely comprehensible, raging anti-Conservative/Religion manifestos in the guise of wiki articles.

    To avoid seeming completely one sided and agenda driven, RW very occasionally has articles bashing extreme "moonbat" (AKA left-wing) subjects such as PETA and eco-terrorist groups; nevertheless this doesn't change the fact that this is a site which considers Dawkins too "far-right" because he disagreed with some feminist on Youtube. The site is like Rush Limbaugh occasionally dropping a negative quip on the air about the KKK or some far-right group which everyone hates, immediately after having claimed that liberal public schools brainwash your kids into shooting heroin and joining ISIS.

    For that matter, sourcing on RW is a joke in every circumstance. No really, the site accepts sources from anybody; Cracked; TV Tropes; even crank sites RW has articles mocking like globalresearch.ca are used as sources. Not even just as extra reading, but sources. RW is willing to accept crap like this as sources so long as they agree with the site's POV while ignoring legitimate sources used in points to the contrary, proving that any idea of objectivity or rationality is a farce.

    Kevin Martin

    Worse yet the site serves as a platform for rejects to pursue off-site grudges over dick-measuring disputes. After some petty insanity Kevin Martin had a shitty RW article created on him, accusing the guy of being a "pseudoscience and woo" promoter (simply for being an autistic weatherman wannabe), with old and out-of-context blog comments and Wikipedia posts being used as primary sources.


    One day, when the Yids were comfortably abusing their control over the internet, a user named -Mona- appeared and fucked up ArchiveToday-favicon.pngtheir ArchiveToday-favicon.pnggay ArchiveToday-favicon.pngshit for the lulz. When the Jooz attempted to stop the white hero from spreading the truth, she threatened to expose the site to her journalist peers and caused great butthurt and rage quits amongst the Kike mods and their shills, leading to claims of anti-Semitism and clashes with self-proclaimed Zionist Avengerofthe BoN. Mona later admitted to being Twitter-favicon.png Mona Holland, after negatively tweeting about the site which resulted in the Jewish mods becoming irrationally angry that someone dared to resist their hebe dominance, and then attempting to ban her.

    Mona, you're an insufferable holier-than thou bitch.[...] Ryulong (talk) 06:50, 9 December 2015 (UTC)

    Ryulong, triggered weaboo Juden

    Her trolling resulted in many pages being mod-locked, and incited a Ratwiki civil war with well-known users clashing in an ultimate display of faggotry not seen since Hipocrite, resulting in accusations of trolling by the Jewlord agents. Eventually the Goy realized she was in way over her head, and attempted to bury the shitstorm she had created by ArchiveToday-favicon.pngdeleting all the writing on her talk page.

    Indeed, the State of Israel probably would not have come to exist absent Zionist terrorism.

    Mona, trolling the Filthy Kikes

    To the outrage of the Jews (besides the fact the Holocaust did not happen), on September 18 the goyim was made an admin. This did not stop angry Kikes from claiming -Mona- was using sockpuppets in their Chicken coop e-court which ended in an epic fail for the Zionists, where the tranny mods ArchiveToday-favicon.pngdid not accept the wild claims of the Jews, causing the raving Hebrew's balls to shrivel up into dust and blow away in the wind, a defeat for the Hebrews and a victory for the world.


    Of course, this is why the RationalWiki is so humorous. The contributors of the wiki are completely unaware that what they write is anything but rational. They also legitimately believe what they write but think they can get a pass by using outdated, forced, garbage humor. Remember that one kid who was an insufferable know-it-all who tried to fit in by telling awkward jokes while also talking about how "knowledgeable" he was? The crew manning the RationalWiki are like that minus several hundred IQ points. They're smart

    Gallery of SJWs on The Rational wiki About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    enough to realize that there are cookies in the cookie jar but too stupid to unclench their fists to allow procurement of said cookies.

    Making an enemy out of Vordrak

    In late July 2015, Ryulong added entries about anti-pedophile blogger Vordrak to RationalWiki's "Timeline of Gamergate" page, and in early August, Ryulong learned of Vordrak real name from the GamerGate Wikia and added Vordrak's middle name to the page.

    Sam Smith's middle name was found on the Gamergate Wikia, so I considered that fair game as being a "neutral" zone that doesn't host dox (I've found the Gamergate Wikia presently doesn't list Zoe's name at all) and because they mostly adore him. I've also done this for Sargon (his name is in the caption of his interview with David Pakman) and Izcer (her name is in a puff piece on Breitbart and she uses it on Twitter now anyway). This is vastly different from let's say Breitbart (or Ralph's website your pick) listing Zoe Quinn's (former?) legal name, Sarah Nyberg's deadname, or Gamergate's conspiracy theories about Brianna Wu's gender identity.


    Ryulong added additional entries about Vordrak to the page later that August and in October.

    On December 10, 2015, Vordrak joined RationalWiki and made some legit complaints about Ryulong's revisions, including the addition of his middle name, but was then banned on sight by Gooniepunk (although Gooniepunk wrote "on site" in his official explanation).

    Bluntly put, Vordrak, a known Gamergate troll has shown up and I have decided to permablock them on site. This is because, while I have little interest in Gamergate, their antics on Wikipedia are very familiar to me. While it is generally the practice of this Wiki to ignore peoples' lives outside from RationalWiki, I know from my experience with them on Wikipedia that nothing possibly good can come of allowing them here and, indeed, we'll only have lots of harassment of editors to come. As such, I made the arbitrary decision to ban them on site. If anybody has a problem with that, please look up their antics on Wikipedia and see for yourself that they are repeating that behavior here. If you still have a problem with it, then we can discuss it. But just know that I am very much acting in the best interests of my fellow RationalWikians here. Thank you.


    I've dealt with Vardrak before on another site, and the guy is, im my observation, the definition of a professional internet asshole. Honestly, not that it'll happen, but the pro-Gamergate circles on places like Reddit would be much easier to sympathize with if they didn't embrace him as one of their own and instead disowned him. Oh well.


    On the 11th, Vordrak published his first blog entry about RationalWiki, and "Elaine Morland" told Vordrak and his readers all about Shouniaisha and other funny business.

    On the 16th, an user named "Seriously" brought up the timeline's use of Vordrak's middle name on "Talk:List_of_Gamergate_claims". Only then did Ryulong realized that he might've fucked up:

    HOwever, I've found that the entry on the Gamergate Wikia was posted by someone who put up the same page on Wikipedia to have it deleted as an attack page so perhaps I made a mistake in judgement because I never bothered to see who put that page up.


    Carpetsmoker responded to the discussion by removing Vordrak's middle name from the timeline page, and on the next day, addressed an additional concern from Vordrak, but Typhoon, being the sourpuss that he is, added the word "blackmail" to one of the Vordrak timeline entries.

    Shouniaiasha saga, part 1

    Shouniaisha's first revisions to RationalWiki; covered up over a month later.
    What one can expect to experience when trying to report a pedophile (Note that Matthias Huess / Mr Burton doesn't go full troll until after the "dear sir" block).

    On November 13, 2015, a pedophile created an account named "Shouniaisha" (Japanese for "pedophile"). Two days later, he made his first revisions to the wiki: suggesting that RationalWiki's article on "online pedophilia activism" should cover Newgon.com.

    On November 15th, Shouniaisha created an userpage where he admitted to being a "(self-diagnosed) pedophile and a hebephile". Rome Viharo-obsessed sockpuppeteer Krom saw Shouniaisha's userpage, created a fresh sockpuppet named "Matthias Huess", and demanded that RationalWiki ban Shouniaisha.

    Matthias Huess was a sock of mine. Note that they also banned my other account, Mr. Burton for a comment I left there. At that time on Rationalwiki I was editing something else on Rome Viharo's entry on another sock, then I saw that paedophile which was just created and I made another sock to complain in the community portal about him.

    Kroms, recounting his experience on RationalWiki

    On the 18th, Ymir alerted big boss David Gerard to Shouniaisha's pedophilia, but Gerard didn't do anything besides expressing some pessimism.

    On December 1st, Shouniaisha's posted pony porn on an user's talk page.

    On the 7th, Shouniaisha took a break from RationalWiki.

    The Right Stuff

    Arisboch and the creation of SecrentAgentoftheMods

    On December 20, 2015, RationalWiki user "Arisboth" joined Kiwi Farms as "systemlord_baal" (a Stargate SG-1 reference) and asked "yes or no" questions ("Does anyone know?" / "[Do] you know anything about it?") about the rumor about Queex being doxed "out of of idle curiosity".

    On December 22nd, Gooniepunk created "Category:Anti-Gamergate_slate" and Gooniepunk added it to his userpage in "a statement of defiance". Arisboch, -Mona-, and co. began arguing on the category's talk page and -Mona- accused Arisboch of not showing enough compassion on Kiwi Farms. Arisboch responded by saying that behaving like a moralfag on Kiwi Farms wouldn't change anything.

    Late on the next day, -Mona Emailed Gooniepunk, presumably about Arisboch's presence on Kiwi Farms. Within an hour of that Email being sent, the "SecretAgentoftheMods" account was created and granted advanced moderator privileges, including the ability to suppress content and logs. Gooniepunk's NoiseBot then suppressed all logs related to the creation of the account and who granted it advanced moderator privileges. In order words, the account was made for cowards who wished to avoid accountability. The account's first action was to block Arisboch for alleged "off-site doxxing and harassment", then hide the log so that the blocker can't be held accountable for the block. By "off-site doxxing and harassment", they mean those "yes or no" questions he asked at Kiwi Farms, even though those questions didn't instigate the doxing in the first place, as Queex was doxed on the previous day, as the thread they apparently used as evidence even acknowledges. Oh, and by "doxxing", they mean participating in a thread that links to Queex's public LiveJournal profile. They also ignored the fact that Arisboch himself is (by RationalWiki's definition) a "victim" of Kiwi Farms "doxxing".

    Even RationalWiki's sysops know that Arisboch's ban is bullshit, yet they still cover it up.

    After the SecretAgentoftheMods account finished its business, Gooniepunk left an "olive branch offer rescinded" message on Arisboch's user page.

    Late on the 24th / early on the 25th, "Sorte Slyngel" lowered the duration of Arisboch's block to three months, with opposition, especially from -Mona-, who appears in be in on what happened. Gooniepunk tried to defend the banning of Arisboch by throwing words such as "consensus" and "unanimous" around, even though ArchiveToday-favicon.pngthere were only three moderators at the time, and finding "consensus" among three like-minded (RationalWiki is a leftist wiki) individuals isn't a difficult task at all. Plus, only a mere 37 and a half minutes passed between -Mona- sending sending the private complaint and the creation of the SecretAgentoftheMods account, and given the online environment, that means that there couldn't have much investigating or deliberating, especially if a portion of that 37 and half minutes went into deciding whether the SecretAgentoftheMods account should be created in the first place. And, of course, none of those 37 and a half minutes went into obtaining Arisboch's side of the story.

    On 27th, Gooniepunk once again defended the ban, reinstituted Arisboch'd permaban, and hid the blog log entry with his bot.


    On the 30th, the SecretAgentoftheMods account removed Ryulong from the vandal bin and then suppressed a portion of the log entry pertaining to it. FuzzyCatPotato later took credit for this action, although he may be covering for one of the another moderators.

    On the next day, FuzzyCatPotato renamed the "Shouniaisha" account to "Aisha" (Japanese for "lover"), but a spoiled sport used the "SecretAgentoftheMods" account to rename the "Aisha" account to "Collingwood" (Vordrak's middle name). The comments of a pedophile were attributed to Vordrak's middle name for fourteen hours, when FuzzyCatPotato and Weaseloid undid the actions of the "SecretAgentoftheMods" account.

    Possible identity of SecretAgentoftheMods' operator

    Nobody knows who the operator of the SecretAgentoftheMods was. The high-profile drama it was involved it demands that we speculate, and frankly, someone ought to pay. What do we know about the SecretAgentoftheMods account and the events:

    This all points to Gooniepunk being the operator of the SecretAgentoftheMods account during Arisboch's ban and the renaming of the "Aisha" account to "Collingwood".


    Despite undoing the account's actions, they avoided taking action against the account and it's operator. That changed when users began questioning the existence of the "SecretAgentoftheMods" account a couple of days later, forcing FuzzyCatPotato to desysop the account, yet they refused to take action against the account's operator and tried blocking the person bringing up legit complaints as a "concern troll".

    Gooniepunk has since left the site permanently. :hmmmm:


    SJWiki was Created by Laurelai and other RationalWiki splitters for whom RationalWiki wasn't biased and SJW enough.

    But the worst of an already bad lot may be Laurelai, a narcissistic, openly man-hating pre-op transgendered "female" who split from the site to found the even more horrific SJWiki; testimonies from people she/he knows IRL have come forward claiming "her" to be a real life raper of women (yes, as in rape with her penis) - resulting in Laurelai launching an online crusade against her detractors, including this website - complete with stalking, fake suicide claims, and bogus legal threats.

    Oliver Smith

    Cultural Marxism

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