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    Note: this is an article about an Encyclopedia Dramatica user. For more information, please see the appropriate user page. To leave this user a message, please visit their talk page.
    Killhamster gets pwned after whoring for girlvinyl's shit website.

    Note: this is an article about a former Encyclopedia Dramatica user who assisted in selling out ED 1.0 to Jewcorp.

    Killhamster is a former ED sysop on .com who suffocates hamsters to death by firing them up his rectum. It has been speculated that the sheer amount of hamster carcasses lodged within the gaping expanse of his rectum has given him multiple syndromes. He is part of the group that sold out and created OhInternet; however, he has recently attempted to atone for this treachery by making improvements to the current and best version of ED. He has recently been spotted preaching the virtues of censorship and taunting the internet hate machine.

    He's also a retarded social justice warrior, hanging around Shit Reddit Says in the vague hope of fucking one of the other mongoloids there. A present or former Goon, Killhamster writes about goony things and that fake Internet money the young 'uns like so much.

    Killhamster's Hypocrisy


    <@killhamster>it is mature to try to destroy our website
    <@killhamster>very much so



    —Killhamster, thinking it's mature to attempt coup of ED.

    <@killhamster>i don't think you get it

    <@killhamster>it's annoying to have something i worked on taken down once a week because fake ED's little bitch leader is obsessed with us and throwing little skiddie tantrums


    —Said without a hint of irony.

    See Also

    Killhamster's signature emblem.

    External Links

    is part of a series on
    the former regime


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