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    What? This article needs moar article including Internets reaction to this breaking news story.
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    Please note, that this game involves incest and rape. This is not so out of the ordinary when dealing with Japan ... rape and incest is like saying "Good Morning" to them.


    —Well good morning to you too, 'from TPB


    Rapelay is a Japanese game that allows players to indulge in a bit of light raping on a subway train. Shockingly, the game has drawn criticism from community groups who believe that simulated video game rape somehow encourages actual rape. This kind of circular logic is the exact reason why Japanese game developers waste no time or money on focus groups, plowing ahead boldly with their awesome gaming ideas with no regard for the consequences. This works 100% of the time and has earned the Japanese a reputation for providing some of the most wholesome and family-focused interactive media in the world.


    The Plot

    You play the role of Masaya Kimura, the son of a powerful politician who, like all men, occasionally enjoys molesting women on subway trains. Unfortunately, the dawning of the age of equality meant that this practice is actively discouraged in Japan, and you are sent to jail for perpetrating some harmless groping an underaged girl named Aoi.

    Obviously, the logical course of action is to stalk and rape every female member of her family to exact your revenge on her whilst committing a spot of rape, the one truly victimless crime left in today's crazy modern world. Using your mouse, you perform actions which include groping the women on the subway train, stalking the women, unwanted pregnancies, multiple partners, and the whole reason you bought the game: Rape, rape, rape.

    Essentially, the plot is: grope girl, get bail, stalk her even younger sister, undress her, jizz on her and take a picture. The next day, find her mother, take her clothes off, jizz on her and hand her over to a gang of men for some mandatory multiplayer sexy time. After a few more days of needless plot, capture all three girls and get down to raping.

    "SURE it's not as good as real rape, but at least you can learn very much from it to rape people in real life!"


    —A comment on its Pirate Bay torrent by hansvonstoffeln at 2009-01-11 04:14 CET.

    File:32763 448x rapelay-11.jpg
    What is this I don't even

    Game Modes

    There are six modes of gameplay for your enjoyment:

    • Nozoki mode, which involves praying to god to perform actions like blow the girl's skirt up, blowing their pants off and inserting vibrators.
    • Chikan mode involves groping the women on the subway train, and removing their clothes.
    • "2P" mode involves intimately raping the girl one on one.
    • "5P" mode involves sensually pack-raping the girl with three other guys. You know, real macho stuff.
    • Shippo involves having sex with two or more of the girls at once.
    • Neko-Kappa mode involves tying the girls up and raping them.

    "Well, it’s good to know that learning to kidnap and repeatedly rape women is at least supposed to be amusing."


    —Boy, is it ever!


    • Masaya Kimura

    You are Masaya Kimura, the son of a powerful politician who molests a loli (Aoi) on a train and gets caught by the 5-0. After being bailed out of jail by your father, you make it your mission to stalk and rape every member of the Kiryu family. With your guidance, Masaya will succeed.

    • Yuuko Kiryu

    Matriarch of the Kiryu family, your job is to protect your children from rapists. She has the biggest tits of the family, and if she wears glasses, she makes virgin/nerd sound effects.

    • Aoi Kiryu

    Aoi is the teenager of the family, who does things typical 16 year old girl do, such as going to the shops, wearing her school uniform everywhere, and getting raped by some mouth-breathing sick fuck.

    • Manaka Kiryu

    Did we mention this game features a 10 year old you can make into your sweetheart from the ground up? FUCK NO! Only in Japan would they produce a successful rape-sim which allows you to molest a 10 year old girl. Oh, and she wears cat ears.


    To show us that rape is not funny, and that we shouldn't fap to it, the producers of this game feature two different endings. In the "black" ending, you impregnate one of the girls and then get pushed under a train. In the "red" ending, Aoi stabs you up whilst you are indulging in a spot of light raping. Of course, by then your socially maladjusted character has had all of the fun he could ever wish to have so it really is not so much a punishment, rather a way out of doing time in virtual jail.


    A smörgåsbord of fun

    Naturally, a game who's main drawcard is rape will attract some delicious drama. This ranged from British politicians, to concerned mothers, to the Japanese themselves.

    "Leave it to the Japs to create a hentai game where you go around raping people. What other sickfuck country could make such a creation?"


    Something Awful enthusiast

    In June 2009, Japan banned all violent video games due purely to reaction over this game. [1]

    In April, 2010 some slowpoke hack at CNN stumledupr0n RapeLay and proceeded to BAAAAAW and get all shocked & appalled over this fantastic piece of Japanese pop culture.

    Shortly thereafter, CNN's sister network HLN, the self-styled News & Views network and home of all things shocked & appalled including Nancy Grace, Jane Velez-Mitchell and "faith and values" talking head Mike Galanos- swarmed the story like flies on shit, inviting their perpetually butthurt viewers, Facebook friends, shitter followers to chime in via Internets comments, email, text message, phone calls and yelling out the window. This turned a year-old story into BREAKING NEWS and SERIOUS BUSINESS -a matter of immediate concern to the very fabric of our civilised society and the safety of our delicate, vulnerable children.

    It also alerted said vulnerable kiddies, to the fun new game which naturally spiked interest, increased demand and swamped servers offering downloads (like this one) and online play.

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