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    Major Attention Whore!
    File:Ranpha15 Real Life.jpg
    Her real life appearance.

    Ranpha15, (Kelly Keller) is another Etsukoajibana (aka Els / Etsucks) asskisser and attention whore who just thinks how to get more and more attention from the popular artists on DA. She has an OC which progressively began to look like a whore going along with the owner's decadence READY TO RAPE AND BE RAPED!

    Her OC is everything she would love to be: a cool tough bitch, who gains attention by just walking around. At first she had a normal hairstyle that was changed to fit all the Yu-Gi-Oh expectations since that hairstyle shape is the most common between the characters. Originality anyone?

    And as you can see, she seems to prefer editing traced doll bases instead of drawing. She has over 9 pages of edited traced doll bases and only around 3 pages of her actual drawings. Remember kids, editing traced doll bases into your character is REAL ART! YEAH!

    Her obsession for being the most viewed, loved and popular person drives her to act like a victim trying to look as a poor kind girl with no friends.


    This girl was friend (asskisser) of the world known art thief/tracer/bitch, Etsukoajibana who used Ranpha as the pathetic marionette she is. After being told by others (she would never been able to discover that alone) that Els was just using her she had a fight with Els and ended their "friendship". Poor Els lost a marionette and Kelly was loved by other popular people and was very happy. But then, the popular artists, who were now her friends, created a group where she wasn't a co-founder. This made the poor asskisser so jealous, she asked herself why she was kissing asses so much if they never though to make her a co-founder. Days later she decided to go back to her first owner, Els, and be a recycled marionette. Happy for this event she wrote a journal to let everybody know that she is a marionette again, trying to catch the attention of the popular founders. No one but Els asskissers commented it. Failing at this she wrote a note forcing everyone to know about her asskissingness

    "i wanted to say that els and me went talking and its okey now.

    we arent friends(just becasuse we dont trust each other yet.) but now we are okey and i wanted to tell my friends because well yeah.. your my friends

    els and me didnt felt like fighting anymore. but still again we arent friends."


    This needs changes to be correct:

    -we arent friends(just becasuse we dont trust each other yet.) this should be: we arent friends (just because we never were, I'm her marionette and she is my owner) -but now we are okey and i wanted to tell my friends because well yeah.. your my friends the correct form: but now we are okey and i wanted to tell my friends because well yeah.. I just want to look useful and make you all envy me -els and me didnt felt like fighting anymore (because Els almost got tired of my whining and I never wanted to loose her authority) but still again we arent friends because we never were, our relation is marionette-asskissing-owner's ass

    It's also probably note worthy that Ranpha seems to have an unhealthy obsession with Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh. Like how Etslutto has an unhealthy obsession with Yami Atemu. Her OC had a past life who had a romantic relationship with Seto Kaiba's past life and they have a romantic relationship in present day too.

    Be Afraid!

    Since discovering this article, she has repeatedly attempted to blank this page, as well as hidden ALL comments on her DeviantART. Are you afraid, Ranpha15?

    Sounds like the same reaction Etsucko had with her ED article. This kind of behavior only makes the person look even more guilty/suspicious.

    External Links

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png ranpha15
    File:Deviantart-favicon.png Her Fanclub
    Fb-favicon.png Facebook Profile

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