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    Ralph Pootawn

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    Just The Facts

    1. Ralph is an adorable little green goblin dude with a brewski and a pipe, who spends his days quietly watching the denizens of Second Life have pretend sex.
    2. Ralph has quickly gained popularity among many trolls, with some of his pictures even making it to the number 1 spot on Reddit.
    3. Ralph is probably the first example of the decade of original content being driven into the ground by unfunny newfags.


    File:Ralphsfirst appearance.jpg
    Ralph makes his first appearance on the LUElinks forums in December 2009

    Ralph Pootawn was the brainchild of a well known LUElinks user named Potty Time, who created the Second Life account for Ralph in 2009 and posted screenshots of his trolling shenanigans on the LUElinks forums in that same year. Ralph's notoriety for spying on cybersexing degenerates in Second Life eventually grew too big for LUElinks and the meme soon found it's way to 4chan.

    Tripfags Ruin Everything

    Manlytears (as Montylol) attempting to rewrite Ralph's history.

    A year or two after Potty Time shared Ralph's exploits with his butt buddies at LUElinks, reviled /v/ tripfag and notorious cp collector Manlytears attempted to claim credit for Ralph's creation. Drama soon ensued as LUElinks users and others "in the know" stumbled over themselves, pointing out that Manlytears was lying through his teeth for e-fame.

    I'm an ETI user and i definitely remember the thread where potty time created ralph, and catalogued his inventory, abilities, and misadventures


    Pottytime is a legendary member of the LL community, and if shitbong ever did have an account he was a fucking nobody who just lurked and stole content


    —Outraged LUElinks user

    In an attempt to further his narrative, Manly claimed that the first appearance of Ralph happened when Manly posted the meme on /b/ (or /v/, depending on how he remembers it). He also went so far as to attempt to shoehorn himself into this very article (despite the fact that the article's previous edit made it clear that Ralph's origins lie with the LUElinks community).


    Second Life Hijinks About missing Pics
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    Ralph Fan Art About missing Pics
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    File:Knowyourmeme-favicon.png Ralph on KYM

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