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    You need moar clocks.

    Rainmeter is a performance meter that can display CPU usage, the mp3 you are playing, the porn you are watching, what your sister is doing, your hard drives, your IP address, the local news, your mom, what Google has to say about your mom, the latest changes made to your blog, your network traffic, where the best torrents are being uploaded, your CPU temperature, RSS feeds, funny pictures, your bandwidth, a WEP indicator, text that you want your desktop to say, HTML links, program shortcuts, and the time. Just because it can display all of these things, you will probably try to use them all.

    What Rainmeter Really Is

    I really need to see if it is raining or sunny outside...better check Rainmeter.
    Skinners will use other obnoxious applications along with Rainmeter. These include various dock software and Mac OS.

    Besides being a total resource hog, Rainmeter is a snobby application where the average Windows user can attempt to make his PC’s desktop look like a flavor of Linux. It is a total failure at it and the whole concept of putting various informational widgets on your desktop has evolved into who can use the most configurations of the skin called HUD.Vision on their desktop at once. Seriously, if you really want a bunch of shit on your desktop, why not use the Windows sidebar that comes with every installation of Vista?

    Using Rainmeter

    Skinners, people who try to modify the look and feel of their Windows installation, will post their version of their desktop in a desktop thread and then their post will be followed by at least three hundred requests for what kind of Rainmeter configuration they are using. This is usually followed by another three hundred replies stating that the OP is using HUD.Vision and that everybody needs to lrn2internet.

    Editing your Configuration

    Wow, this is a great skin...How can I make it actually show my town's weather? It's stuck on Stockholm.


    —Seasoned Rainmeter Specialist.

    Wait, but I don't actually NEED to know what time it is in Amsterdam, what my CPU ate for breakfast this morning, or where in the world I can find seventeen midget clowns fellating a pine tree glued all over with pages from obscure webcomics and painted black with red stripes.


    —Some tripfag on /wg/

    You are better off just downloading HUD.Vision and forgetting about changing your configuration files. Most retards that download Rainmeter are pretentious enough to think they can alter the way the files work and end up fucking stuff up anyways, but if you insist on hacking into the configuration files, this is what you will need:

    Gallery of Rainmeter

    See Also

    Links of Interest

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