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    Same shit; Different colors.

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png Raimyu joined deviantART to show off her piece of shit animu art which within weeks made her OMG POPULAR. Obviously an attention whore, she continues to consistantly produce the same picture every time refusing to improve and in fact getting worse thanks to her enablers/fans. Raimyu is TOTALLY ORIGINAL GAIZ and is a real artist. Raimyu gets SO ANNOYED at those who call her Amuria. All of her accusers are retarded as she's totally got a different style and isn't shiny desu @[email protected]


    Raimyu wants MOAR giftart from her hated fans.
    Raimyu expresses her love. <3

    People, who actually like my art but who's just stupid?



    Raimyu hates her fans and has little respect for them. The very people who got her popular in the first place with their kawaii desus mean little to nothing to her. Her fans praise her coloring style and ability to draw yet she throws it back in their faces by disabling comments and essentially telling them to fuck off and die when they still note her with praises. It seems Raimyu can't take compliments.

    We're sorry Raimyu that dA annoys you so much and your watchers are so idiotic when they praise you. We're sorry that they think you're omg-so-special. Enjoy your AIDS. Check out Ramy´s old images and notice the same hair shading as Raimyu, odd I do not think so. :D

    PS: Screenshot the hell out of her before she deletes fucking everything.

    The "Ar"'

    Wut? They're srsly different!
    With commissions like this, even KawaiiNekoGirl could sell shit on Gaia.

    Raimyu through her shiny shit has become more and moar popular on DeviantART. How to do shiny @[email protected]:

    • Draw a bullshit sketch. Better yet trace a previous one, only just change a few details. Your idiot fans will never notice.
    • Line it sloppily with no skill whatsoever. After all who cares about how it's drawn. It's about SHINY.
    • Color in quickly, use some shitty gradients and then put them all on overlay for EXTRA SHINY. Overlay is the new dodge @[email protected]
    • Don't forget the shitty patterns! It's useful for when you're even too lazy to add your shitty ass shading!
    • Rarely draw anything lower than the waist. If you do you're spending too much time and you've gotta put out two shitty pictures per day amirite?
    • Always make your artwork look the same and never improve. Who cares about artistic worth when you have SHINY.

    Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

    Unfortunately, the admins are incredibly retarded. So retarded that they gave Raimyu a DD for her shiney diarrhea. How in God's name did this happen??

    I wish I could hug Optimus Prime too, that's why My hero by *Raimyu got into my heart, and of course the care in details that Raimyu put into this picture. Soft and Shiny!




    seems Rai is my OC (original character) now <3 In real life I wear most of these purple/lavender+green stuff so she's kinda ME o.o But not at all!! She's "how I feel of myself"... yeah, so lame



    Raimyu like all other animutards believes she is this beautiful, magical, perfect girl. Hers of course is a purple haired marysue named of course Raimyu. She's totally like her because she has purple hair too! OMG!

    Transformers: More than meets the desu @[email protected]

    Not this shit again.

    Being the sick fuck that she is and many weeaboos are Raimyu decided to rape the fandom of Transformers. Instead of being machines she has "transformed" them into humans and raped the characters to death. This means constant yaoi to be able to get her jollys. This is includes but is not limited to constant Bee and Optimus Prime yaoi, implying sex, Bee crossdressing, and the ever common kissing pictures.

    The Fuckbuddy

    And the cavalry is called in.

    Of course on deviant one hack loves another. This being the case of Celestial-Heaven and Raimyu. If anyone touches her emo lover Celestial-Heaven will defend her without fail no matter if the commenter is flaming Raimyu or not. If someone disagrees with how Raimyu acts of course it's "OMG YOU DUN KNOW RAI-RAI". As more people comment on her page expect more lulzy defending from Celestial-Heaven her "NUMBA 1 FAN!!"


    Upon telling Raimyu that her shiny weeaboo garbage looks like every other animu and giving her work serious critique, one can see the true intelligence of her fanbase. Go ahead and try it yourself, avoid Ad hominem and insults, make a clear concise comment about how generic and derivative her work looks, sit back and watch the pretty fireworks. Here are some prime examples of her fucktards defending her.


    Whether it's Raimyu herself (in a desparate plot for pageviews), one of her disenchanted little fanlings, or just some ED-ian who finally got up the nerve, Raimyu's been 'hacked'.



    It is now confirmed that Raimyu's previous online alias is "Only Dust" on gaiafag. See for yourself!

    It is confirmed that Raimyu is from Russia.

    How to troll Raimyu's Gaia (copy and paste the following a thousand times).

    [size=24]SUP ONLY DUST?[/size]
    [size=24]SUP RAIMYU?[/size]

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