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    Rachel Bruno

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    File:Factcat seal of approval.gif This page relies entirely on facts.
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    Rachel Bruno ABC7.jpg
    File:Rachel Bruno.jpg
    Rachel at home

    Rachel Bruno, aka "Nasty Rachel," (now 25 yo) is the granddaughter of State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno. She was reported missing back at the end of July, 2006 when she'd failed to show up for work at a day care center. She was found wandering Times Square on August 2nd, approximately a week later, and was returned to her parents custody. It was later reported that she was supposedly kidnapped by some greasy fuck she met on MySpace and a great deal of attention was given to her "kidnapping".

    All this would have remained just another meaningless blurb in the news had footage of her "activities" with one of her captors not popped up on the interbutts. Rachel was essentially a neglected, anorexic, and troubled young white girl with political connections who was pimped out/coerced into sexual relations by John "Jazzo" Savage - the 30 yo captor/drug dealer/pimp she met through MySpace.

    Her "captor" was Caucasian and not surprisingly the media gave a great amount of attention to her story during, and following, that entire week. Somehow details have remained sketchy on what, if anything at all, John Savage was charged with following her return (other than the outstanding charges he had from previous crimes).

    John Savage

    John Savage's Myspace page was essentially an over-the-top and less than subtle method for him to elicit young girls for IRL prostitution. (Unfortunately, the page has since been deleted)

    My name is Jazzo and my interests in myspace is to meet beautiful young women that want to travel and get down wit a playa.


    John Savage, a quote from his now deleted Myspace

    Senator Joseph Bruno's Reaction

    Senator Joseph Bruno: clueless

    A quote from the a NYTimes article following the "kidapping" sums up Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno's thoughts:

    At a news conference in Albany, Mr. Bruno said that his granddaughter had an eating disorder and emotional problems and that she had left her upstate home after meeting a man on the Internet, an encounter that may have put her in danger."


    —From The NYTimes article

    The Outcome

    Rachel Bruno comparison.gif

    Rachel got access to Savage's cellphone during the "kidnapping" and called home on August 1st to talk to her parents, only a day before she was found walking through Times Square. Unfortunately for Savage the police and feds traced the call and promptly apprehended him not long after she returned. It still remains to be seen whether Savage was, in fact, actually charged with anything, other than the outstanding charges he had from before the kidnapping.

    As to the reason(s) Rachel decided to hook up with some creepy weirdo on the internet in the first place...well no one really knows. But if her Myspace still exists, Anon has yet to find it. The issue of whether Rachel was, in fact, a true victim of raep, or whether she was simply a naive young woman whom was exploited and degraded by some sick fucks she met online, has continued to be a point of controversy for anons who have discovered the truth about her.

    Incidentally, as a very late reaction to what happened, on February 4th, 2008, Senator Joseph Bruno announced his intentions to "crack down on sexual predators on the internet".

    Anon Copypasta

    she is actually being tortured.
    this chick was kidnapped (from my town) maybe a year or two ago. she was found on 
    the streets of NYC when this guy had had enough fun with her. she's the neice of 
    Joe Bruno (a google search will net you a couple pics of her, i'm sure) you can 
    see all her pics (and a video, where she's repeatedly crying while getting ATM'd)
    it's a torrent named 'Nasty Rachel'
    so... it's kinda not cool.
    but once you know it's an actual kidnap and forced degradation... well... it's a little like a 
    car accident, ya know? can't look away?
    wtf ever


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