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    Race Card

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    You can unlock the race card in Solitaire with a GameGenie.
    RaceCard, approved by Jesse Jackson.

    According to white people, the Race Card is a foolproof way for niggers to get away with anything. It is a well known fact that EVERY time a whitey doesn't like a black it is due to racism, and the insult will never be forgotten.

    According to black people, the Race Card is a tactic used by honkies to get away (not unlike Robert Blake) with being racist by crying like butthurt faggots about "reverse racism" and "discrimination against whites by black people going unpunished" (as if that would ever happen) until everyone gets sick of them crying and drops the subject so they will STFU.

    The race card is a low blow and instead of being a last resort, the niggers whip it out at the first sign of oppression. Whether this oppression being in the form of saying that a black person stole a whitey's watermelon or to a simple hate crime.

    The Technique

    When a black person is accused of something, or just wants some attention, he or she will play the race card, which basically means declaring their enemy a racist without any shred of proof or evidence whatsoever that there is racism involved. Naturally, it works in every case because if a black man calls a white man a racist, the aforementioned white man will be despised, scolded, beaten, dragged, lynched, tarred, feathered, and set on fire.

    Don Imus, Dog the Bounty Hunter and Mark Fuhrman from the OJ Simpson case all learned the power of the almighty race card the hard way.

    It is also used by Whites as a way of scaring other Whites by reminding them of a Black person in a position of power's insufferable, scary blackness such as the connection between Obama and Rev. Wright or a White politician having a black lovechild. Whites can also preemptively use the accusation of playing the race card to make rampant bigotry A-OK, as in, 'Will you endorse my calling you a lazy nigger, or are you gonna play the Race Card?'


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