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Abbreviation for "Read the Fucking Manual" and kin of lurk moar RTFM refers to the manual pages (or "man" pages, after the command used to display them) contained in *nix variants and has mutated to refer to reading any help pages or FAQs. Typically used as a response on mailing lists and in chat rooms when a newbie asks questions for which the answers are readily available from other sources. Even then, some people are too retarded to bother. It is expected that if you want to play in places like [email protected] that you have already done your homework, or RTFM'd.

While the word "read" is a verb, the entire acronym is often used as a verb as well. Ex:

<n00b>How do I set up pf to do ALTQ?
<Theo>Dumbass, man it. 
<n00b>omg, *cry*
<Theo>You're lucky all I did was RTFM you.
*Theo sets mode : +b *[email protected]*

A common alternative to RTFM is to stop using Linux and move out of your parents' basement.

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