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RFJason CL Experiment

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The bait for their ad... read on!

RFJason (Jason Fortuny) and Lj-favicon.png demure conducted an experiment. They posted an ad on the Seattle area Craigslist to see what kind of responses they could get, although it is strongly suspected by some faggots that the entire project was used as an attempt by Fortuny to fuck Lj-favicon.png demure in the ass (success rate undetermined.) A similar scientific study was done on the Portland Craigslist by another person who is not Jason Fortuny.

In the end, the experiment proved that a lot of guys OTI are into kinky sex with hot chicks. STOP THE FUCKING PRESSES.

The Experiment

Here is the ad verbatim, with pic:

i have everything that i need at my place....that is where we will 
exceptions............. we will play at my it??????????
i fuckin hate yuppies [ iam one].... pretty boys suck......i fuckin hate them all......all they can do is cum for 2.2 seconds and go 2 sleep..........looking 4 ruff man, harley rider.
it drives me krazy 2 get tit fucked, cuffed, ass spanked with welts and bruises [never any marks on my hands or arms], i have a leg spreader, crop, cane and metal cuffs. spit on me, verbally abuse , and cum [i don't give a fuck about the size of ur cock, as i like small ones]on my nips and face. pull my hair. i don't get fucked in my ass since my hole is tite..........don't even try or think about it.
i am 27 yo sexy str8 woman, 5 ft 7 in, 145 lbs [tennis player] long brown hair, small tits with eraser sized nips and d/d free, safe and sane.
dom fucker, get this..........u better be fuckin tuff enuff 2 handle me and a fucking bastard who thrives on giving safe word is code blue. i need it extreme/edge, that is the only way......if this isn't ur bag.......then fuck off.
i am looking 4 a white or latin only, str8 brutal dom muscular male 30-35 yo who is arrogant, self-centered, nasty, egotistic, sadistic who likes 2 give intense pain and discipline and wants pleasured who is d/d free, safe and sane.
i demand an expert muscular man needs who demands 2 get serviced by this hot kinky professional woman........this is not a fuckin portal site, so if u get paranoid on me, fuck off. send ur stats and a face pic and i'll return mine to you. don't fuckin spam me, or i'll cut off ur balls.

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Once it was posted, they sat back and enjoyed the responses. The original thread is available on livejournal.

From small prank to huge debate

Originally just a small prank by RFJason and demure, the entire thing exploded to the point of being old meme. Fortuny's LJ entry received hundreds of comments fast, then it was picked up by From there it went on to Wired. From there it went on to Fark and the BBC and countless other places. A New York Times article is in the works.

Ethics 101

The replies to blog postings have ranged from Jason Fortuny is a jerk (he's even been called sexist, don't ask us on this one) to the men deserved it to both. Lj-favicon.png demure's involvement in the whole thing has been ignored by the bloggers and the commentors for the most part. Perhaps the reason this whole thing has gotten so big is because of all the debate snowballing this into a net phenomenon.

The ethical debate continues to rage. The Associated Press consulted the Craigslist CEO, an Oxford/Harvard law professor, and an EFF staff attorney for their wire piece. Regarding Fortuny's postings, "It's one of those questions that could find its way onto a law school exam because it is comparatively new territory," [law professor] Zittrain said. Fortuny's liability under Washington state law, [EFF staff attorney Kurt Opsahl] said, rests on whether the disclosures are of legitimate concern to the public. "As far as I know, they (the respondents) are not public figures, so it would be challenging to show that this was something of public concern," Opsahl said.

It should be noted that everyone who responded with personal information/cock pics/from a work address should return their internet. Ted Stevens is looking for a new one.

Impact on ED

Encyclopedia Dramatica has been mentioned in some sources by name, some as just a satire site hosting the images with no link. An AP wire story BALEETED says "Fortuny then posted all the replies on a Web site devoted to parodies and satires online." An MSNBC piece featuring ED and is available on YouTube, by clicking here BALEETED. The piece shows a user scrolling through ED while blurring out the images, additionally, in the browser's address bar "ENCYCLOPEDIADRAMATICA.COM" is digitally added in large, black, bold letters. MSNBC apparently uses a new kind of ie only available to news stations. The local Seattle television news went so far as to interview one of the respondents. Firas Hazimeh who refers to himself as "Nate" is interviewed on the Komo station and talks about his experience. See the clip

ED's alexarank peaked at 1246, receiving tens of hits every second. The server strain caused the need to turn off logins, most images, and edits after much downtime. The article received 90K views before being deleted and restored. You can see the current amount of views at the bottom of this page.

Click Here To See The Replies

Fallout and Speculation

Euphrasie & Monty Burns

Initial Speculation: Denial

It is speculated confirmed that Monty Burns is the husband of Lj-favicon.png euphrasie, mod of Lj-favicon.png seattle. This is sweet justice because RFJason is banned from that community.

File:Cmburnswantsthecock.jpg File:Wantthecocckletter.jpg File:Euphrasiewantscock.jpg

Oh Noes: Acceptance


Response From RFJason's Bitches


Email Responses

The Saga of Jerry and "Wife"

Jerry has already contacted me by e-mail, demanding I remove all traces of him from my post. This appears to be an anonymous reply from him in my LJ:

Jerry claims he has an open marriage. Can anyone confirm/deny this?

Edit: Update. Jerry and his "wife" contacted me on AIM

Part I: Email conversation with Jerry

From [email protected]
> You will remove the pictures of me from your stupid craigslist experiment.
> My wife and I have an open relationship, don\'t believe me? Contact her and
> ask her. But you will remove me, you have no right to post this kind of crap
> without first knowing the full details. Here is the bullshit i want you to
> remove:
From Jason
Why should I?
From [email protected]
Because I would appreciate it, because my wife and I have an open relationship
and I would never "cheat" on her. Because we play with others to enhance our
own relationship. Because she is fully aware of what goes on. And again
because I'd appreciate it.
I don't want to fight this out with you, I understand why you're doing
this - to husbands that actually cheat, however, I wouldn't do that - my wife
and I are fully participating swingers, now please remove the thread.
From Jason
Well, if anything, this should help you meet MORE people.
From [email protected]
And it's not the way I want it done. So you have no intentions of removing it
then? That's fine, I'll ignore it and move on with my life.
From Jason
Wait, I thought you were going to sue me?
From [email protected]
I'll look into all my options, and if I choose legal recourse, it
wouldn't be a
lawsuit. It would be a criminal case, if that didn't work, then I imagine I'd
have to settle for a civil suit. But either way, this is the last time I
communicate with you. I have nothing more to say - by even responding in the
first place I gave you what you want, and that was foolish of me.

Part II: IM Conversation with Jerry

[10:29] JrITadmin69: Just the man I was looking for.
[10:30] RFJason: Hi Jerry. I just replied to your e-mail.
[10:30] JrITadmin69: and i replied to yours
[10:30] JrITadmin69: Look, I understand what you're trying to do with your experiment.
[10:31] JrITadmin69: And I don't take offense, other then that you didn't attempt to get the whole story, and jumped to conclusions.
[10:31] RFJason: I didn't jump to any conclusions.
[10:31] JrITadmin69: And I learned my lesson as well, don't include my face anymore, assuming my wife and i decide to continue with our lifestyle.
[10:31] JrITadmin69: Sure you did, you assumed I was cheating on my wife without her knowing what was going on.
[10:32] RFJason: I don't really care what lessons you learned.
[10:32] JrITadmin69: So then all you really do care about is hurting people.
[10:32] JrITadmin69: Gotcha.
[10:33] RFJason: I don't think I'm hurting anyone.
[10:33] JrITadmin69: You don't think slandering my name isn't hurting me, or my wife?
[10:33] RFJason: How is this slader?
[10:34] JrITadmin69: by saying i'm cheating
[10:35] RFJason: When did I say you're cheating?
[10:35] JrITadmin69: it doesnt matter, I'm not going to give this any more attention.
[10:36] JrITadmin69: My wife knows the truth, and thats what matters to me
[10:36] JrITadmin69: the rest, I just don't care
[10:36] JrITadmin69: that thread is full of unverified crap
[10:36] JrITadmin69: i love my wife, she loves me - thats what matters
[10:37] RFJason: For anyone who has said "unverified crap", you may respond to them directly. Please point out where I wrote "unverified crap" about you.
[10:39] JrITadmin69: The mere fact that you posted pictures of me without my permission - and then assuming that i'd have a "skank" pretend to be my wife
[10:39] JrITadmin69: the entire post is meant to infer that i'm cheating
[10:39] JrITadmin69: you're facilitating the entire process
[10:39] RFJason: But where did I actually say you're cheating?
[10:39] JrITadmin69: look it doesnt matter, you can pretend to be innocent in the entire thing
[10:40] JrITadmin69: you may not have directly said it yourself
[10:40] JrITadmin69: but what was the purpose of your experiment in the first place?
[10:40] JrITadmin69: But honestly, I may have to contact my attorney
[10:40] JrITadmin69: Just to see if I have any legal recourse
[10:41] JrITadmin69: Since you did post pictures of me without my consent.
[10:42] RFJason: go for it.
[10:42] JrITadmin69: And if I do.. I can gurantee my wife would be standing next to me in any court appearances.
[10:42] RFJason: ok.
[10:42] JrITadmin69: All I asked was for a simple thing, remove the thread
[10:42] RFJason: You let me know when that lawyer thing happens.
[10:42] JrITadmin69: Is that really so difficult?
[10:42] RFJason: You have no idea.
[10:44] JrITadmin69: Whatever, I'm done with this. Have fun continuing your fucked up crusade.
[10:45] RFJason: Hey thanks!
[10:45] RFJason: What's your lawyer's name and number, just so I know to pick up the phone or sign for his letter?
[10:49] RFJason: Jerry, do you even have a lawyer lined up, or is it an empty internet threat?
[10:51] JrITadmin69: Before I get to that, I have a few other options available to me
[10:52] JrITadmin69: such as contacting livejournal, I'm not even sure if they allow nudity
[10:52] RFJason: You'll want to check the TOS.
[10:52] JrITadmin69: I will.
[10:57] JrITadmin69: You agree to NOT use the Service to:
Upload, post or otherwise transmit any Content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive to another's privacy (up to, but not excluding any address, email, phone number, or any other contact information without the written consent of the owner of such information), hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;
[10:58] RFJason: Looks like you have some work to do, Jerry!
[10:58] CMAITGuy:
[11:00] JrITadmin69:
[11:00] JrITadmin69: so it does appear that you're in violation
[11:00] JrITadmin69: looks good to me, time to hit the phone
[11:00] RFJason: I'm glad you feel empowered.
[11:00] JrITadmin69: all i want is the thread removed, but if i even have a chance to have your account banned, then hey, cool.
[11:01] RFJason: So why are you still here talking to me? GIT R DONE!

Part III: IM Conversation with Mrs. Jerry

[10:30] Trinity069: this is heidi, the wife of jerry...
[10:30] RFJason: Yes, I'm sure it is. Pls stand by while we independently verify Jerry's status.
[10:31] Trinity069: who are you and how do you know either of us
[10:37] Trinity069: who are you?
[10:37] RFJason: Oh, I'm just a gigolo, and everywhere I go, people know the part I'm playin...
[10:38] Trinity069: how do you know us...why would you start this forum
[10:38] RFJason: Paid for every dance, selling each romance. Ooooh what they sayin?
[10:38] Trinity069: respond with a real answer
[10:39] RFJason: That's about as real as it gets, since your identity as Jerry's wife cannot be verified here. You might be Jerry for all I know.
[10:40] Trinity069: well its Heidi, whats your number and I can call you later this evening, my cell doesn't have service right now
[10:42] RFJason: Oh hi, "Heidi". That will not help me independently verify Jerry's marital status.
[10:42] Trinity069: how the hell do I prove im his wife
[10:43] Trinity069: I really want this to stop
[10:43] RFJason: You don't. That's why I keep using the word INDEPENDENTLY.
[10:43] Trinity069: well than what can I do
[10:43] RFJason: Pretty much nothing.
[10:43] Trinity069: nothing...
[10:43] RFJason: Jerry says he's going to get a lawyer.
[10:43] Trinity069: can I ever
[10:44] Trinity069: cant you just delete, it isn't your life
[10:45] Trinity069: you are being such a jerk.....
[10:45] Trinity069: and very difficutl
[10:46] RFJason: No, it's really simple. When Jerry's lawyer comes around we can begin the year long process of deposition and pre-trial hearings. I'm sure Jerry's photos will be very old meme by then.
[10:47] Trinity069: just delete it, what the hell do you get out of it by being such a jerk
[10:47] RFJason: I don't know. Love?
[10:49] Trinity069: love..?
[10:49] RFJason: I really have no idea. I just took a blind guess.
[10:50] Trinity069: whatever
[10:51] RFJason: Yeah, pretty much.
[10:51] RFJason: It was nice talking to you "Heidi."
[10:52] Trinity069: well it wasn't nice talking to you...people like you are...
[10:53] RFJason: trying to independently verify Jerry's status.
[10:54] Trinity069: what good will that do, you don't believe me anyway
[10:55] RFJason: Yes, that's why we're INDEPENDENTLY verifying Jerry's status.
[10:56] RFJason: Heidi, can you define "independently" for me?
[10:56] Trinity069: no I dont' know what it means!!!!!!
[10:59] RFJason: Ah. That would explain why you're having a hard time understanding me.
[10:59] Trinity069: all of you go to hell, jerry and I will move on from this, because none of its true, and besides hurtful words, you have not succeded in anything by your damn forum you felt you had to start and feel the need to keep...
[11:00] RFJason: Wait, does this mean you're not going to sue us?
[11:01] Trinity069: no didn't say that
[11:02] Trinity069: im done talking to you, im getting no where no matter how hard I made your point, you contacted me on myspace and are even talking to me, and still won't delete it so you are just a total jerk and must get a thrill out of hurting people
[11:02] Trinity069: good people
[11:02] RFJason: I never contacted you on myspace.
[11:03] Trinity069: oh well two other people did, someone sent me the links of jerrys ad and your damn forum
[11:03] RFJason: Ah. Good internet soldiers, they are.

Edit: Update 2: Jerry, you sent cockpix from your address. WHOIS says that domain is the "REDACTED". YOU SICK FUCK!

Edit: Update 3: here is Jerry's e-correspondence with me. He is going to seek criminal charges.

Part IV: E-Court with Jerry and RFJason

Jerry is now going to sue RFJason in e-court. Judge Lollercaust will preside.

OMG I just talked to Jerry on the phone. Oh how I wish there was a way to record phone conversations on my cell phone. Let's just say Jerry is freaking out. He wants all of his stuff removed, but he's already filed a complaint with LJ_Abuse, but he wants all of his stuff removed. His lawyer is Mr. Smart out of Yakima. Jerry will contact Mr. Smart shortly and Mr. Smart will send me some kind of registered mail, I'm sure. Jerry has also promised that my publicly available information will remain ... publicly available. Yeah. It was a very pleasant conversation. Jerry's a nice guy! We're just having a little disagreement over what should be done next.

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