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    REDDOG7 is a furfag on the shitty-ass website Sheezyart. All day he sits around jacking off to his friend's artworks, then faves them no matter how shitty they are. Also, his sprite comics suck bad. Normally they focus around one of his ugly-ass sprites on the computer WHEN SUDDENLY THEY GET SOME FAGGOT ON THEIR SCREEN. And his artwork is the worst piece of shit ever, with a twist. He loves to submit it OVER AND OVER AND OVER, but with different and blatantly stolen movie dialogue every time. They are total shit. Oh, but don't tell him that, or else you'll suffer a large B&. Srsly. Many have tried to bring him down but he kisses the mods asses so they faced some severe BANNINGS. He is a coward, and if he keeps up being an emo fag, he may soon become an hero, and many people will lawl.

    What Reddog looks like irl

    His fans

    Srsly. Somehow, even with his shitty artworks, he has LEGIONS of ass-licking fans who do whatever he says. They eat his shit, they do anything if they find something that offends him. They fap to Naruto yaoi and their only reason in life is to a big a faggot as REDDOG himself. He runs Sheezyart with his fucking fans, and the mods love him too. They don't care about the reasons, they immediatley kiss reddog's feet and PERMABAN all who oppose. If you so much as THINK about telling him that you don't like him, you will automatically be attacked by his legions of furfag fans. Seriously, you're as good as fucked if you mess with him, because his fans will spam you with un-readable shit. Good for you most of them are too stupid to know if you are making fun of them, thus increasing the lulz.

    His Amazing! Art.

    His Gallery

    External Links

    REDDOG7's SA profile

    His DA account

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