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    Queen Of Dorks

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    What? This article needs moar screencaps of Queen of Dorks trying to sue everyone in sight and Gaiafag butthurt.
    You can help by adding moar screencaps of Queen of Dorks trying to sue everyone in sight and Gaiafag butthurt.
    Wait, what do those characters mean? ...Oh, right.
    Her character designs are so original.
    The only thing she'll be known for now in the eyes of Gaiafags, her target demographic.

    The self-described Queen of Dorks is an animu artist who shits out simple, colorful turds, and slaps kawaii faces on them. She is a DevianTARTlet as well as a Gaiafag who only signs onto gaia to accuse others of art theft and protecting the work she so adamantly works hard on.

    She takes much of her inspiration from places such as San-X, Sanrio, Gaia Online, Ragnarok Online, and many others.

    Her often slaved over work is incredibly complicated and shows an incredible amount of effort for this prodigy of an 18 year old. It is unfortunate that so many people steal her stunningly creative chibi animals and use them for their own selfish financial gain. Queen is clearly the victim in this situation and demands respect and understanding for drawing what noone else could possibly accomplish.

    While some might accuse her of only trolling for page view popularity or creating drama for the sake of getting people to pay attention to her, this is simply not the case. This poor bereft slip of a girl is not a lolcow in the least. She is only a humble artist trying to get by with concepts and ideas that are even more blase than Milhouse is not a meme. We can only hope that when the drama dies down, Queen of Lulz can rise up again from the ashes and resume her humble and fantastic life of being an artistic prodigy.

    In the end, no one gives a shit except for Gaiafags, anyway.

    OMG Someone's Generic Crap looks just like mine! ART THEFT!!!

    Clear evidence of...
    In the end, all Queen of Dorks got out of her lawlsuit was her name forever attached to the description of the item... and the searing hatred of every single Gaiafag. Yup, all 62 of them.
    ... a big fucking coincidence.

    On May 12, 2010, Gaia released a series of Food-related Cash Shop Items, including a sushi chef, a totally original blend of cupcakes and lolita wear, and the Bento Bunny, a cute onigiri bunny that nobody really cared about except it also came with some comically large chopsticks.

    On May 13, 2010, Queen of Dorks discovered that the Bento Bunny looked awfully similar to her own totally original onigiri bunnies, and declared a LAWL-suit, until Gaia decided to pretend that the Bento Bunny item never existed. It was only available on the site for a single day, making them the newest unattainable status item.

    Gaia makes a lot of knock offs of popular anime crap, and I know the concept of an onigiri bunny is not mine. However, the image is FAR too close to be coincidence, and now it's been confirmed by someone on the Gaia team that the staff knew it was a copy.


    Queen of Dorks, the reason why Bento Bunnies cost 3,000,000 gold

    The Bunny Returns!

    On May 14, 2010, the Bento Bunny returned to the cash shops, now "crediting" Queen of Dorks for her cooperation.

    Gaia says the entire incident was just a coincidence, proving how damn generic her ideas and art style are, and likely did it just to shut her up.

    Yesterday there's been quite a stir regarding the similarity between the Bento Bunny item on Gaia and the Onigiri Bunny design made by Queen Of Dorks. Before we looked into the matter, Gaia took the item out of the cash shop to ensure that we don't infringe upon anybody else's copyright. We have had a great conversation with Queen Of Dorks since then and realized that the original design happened to be a close co-incidence.

    After we chatted, Queen Of Dorks had offered us to re-release the item back on Gaia, and we'd like to take a moment to thank her for giving us the benefit of the doubt and seeking a friendly resolution to the potential issue.

    With that said, the item had been re-released, and for those who are interested, you can have your very own Bento Bunny!

    Bon Appetit!



    Wait a minute... that's OUR Generic Crap you're stealing!

    See? It's not theft when Queen Of Dorks does it!
    Totally original, see?

    Of course, those who live in glass houses should really know better than to throw stones... as Gaiafags around the world were eager to point out where Queen of Dorks was also, by her definition, stealing from Hello Kitty, Nintendo, and even Gaia Online itself!

    Some people have also pointed out that my mini wing items are very similar to gaia's mini wing items. Mini wings with a little swirl are a common design element found in just about any shoujo manga since the 80s, and is undoubtedly where Gaia picked them up.


    Queen of Dorks, trying desperately to explain how it's generic animu crap when SHE steals it...

    Of course, she took her mini wing lookalikes down just in case...

    ...which is totally different from Gaia taking down the Bento Bunny, because THAT was totally an admission of guilt, right?

    As well as her TOTALLY NOT RIPPED OFF stuff, Queenie's gallery is full of generic animu shit that anyone could have drawn. All her characters have heads and eyes bigger than your mom and bodies that are too small to conceivably hold them up. SO ORIGINAL!!1

    In response to the cavalcade of hate and lies, Queen deleted her own journal entry, and will most likely resume life as it was, convincing herself that she is true, honest, and original.

    Even after "taking down" that mini wing item to be nice to Gaia, turns out there were mutiple submissions of the stolen Gaia wing design in her gallery. One was left that also featured a Nintendo inspired mushroom necklace in the same image and was reported on Deviant art. A few weeks after the whole debacle in Gaia's Site Feedback Forum was over, The second deviation featuring the wing icon was removed by staff for art theft. When Deviant art mods stop wanking for two seconds and decide to look through the backlogged reports, they occasionally find another report against Queenie and delete the image, because her shit is so obviously ripped off even Deviant art can't deny it.

    Deploy the Fantard Legion!

    The fantards confer over "art theft". They must not look at Dork's gallery all that much, no?

    Queen of Dorks' fans are rabid little informers. Left to their own devices, they will actively search for ANYONE whose work smacks of Dork's ripped-off Hello Kitty bullshit and then report back to her with results. As you might imagine, since everything Dork draws is horribly generic and looks like every other retarded weeaboo on the Interwebs, this happens A LOT.

    Thus rallied, her entire horde of brainwashed, goose-stepping fantards will then attack the offender with full force FOR THE GLORY AND HONOR OF GREAT DIRECTOR DORK-SAN DESU.


    She says Lanzer apologized and they pulled the item just for her! She must feel so special.
    Wow, no wonder Queen Of Dorks thought Gaia was stealing her art... that's all she ever talks about on Gaia!

    If you go to Gaia Online's Site Feedback forum you will find over 9,000 topics of butthurt Gaiafags complaining about the item being made, then removed, then re-released with Queen Of Dorks's name all over it.

    Some Gaiafags are acting as white knights for Queen of Dicks, so troll them for great lulz.

    Also, May 13 is now officially Queen Of Dorks Day, much like Clementine Day except with fewer watermeats. Mark your Calendars!

    i can't believe you're PERMANENTLY removing that hideous bento bunny from the cash shop because some (as people say, generic) DORK is whining all around, claiming that she owns the pixels and it is copyrighted to her, screw her, and partly YOU.



    People putting fake Bento bunnies in their siggy and being bitchy about it is immature, while the girl in question has every right to talk about the situation in her journal and I see no whinyness to be honest.



    I once asked her what her inspiration for her art was and she never replied, however when I asked her about what she thought of her ED article she immediately removed my post and then bitched me out about it.



    I want the stupid bunny now just to say I was there for Lawlsuit day or what ever you call it now.



    I wish I could piss on your weeaboo face. Getting all hyped up over a design that isn't even yours.



    some little teenage tart, claimed that gaia violated a copy right infringement and they copied her bunny and I quote "pixel for pixel". This is a load of shit if you ask me.



    Ban her? Fuck, if we ban her, we should ban the people who are harassing her on this site. It's only 'fair', right?.



    She is being a Drama whore. For that, I will gladly troll the fuck out of her.



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